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The Declaration [MultiFormat]
eBook by Goeffrey Knight

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Gay Fiction
eBook Description: On the night before his draft of The Declaration of Independence is due, Thomas Jefferson sends his trusted servant boy Jasper to fetch more writing supplies. It is a task Jasper jumps at, knowing he'll be able to spend a few last precious moments with Myles, the stable boy, before Jefferson and his staff leave Philadelphia in the morning. But just as their love begins to fully blossom in the lantern-lit stables of the Graff House, the drunken stable master threatens to end not only Jasper and Myles' romance, but their lives as well. Can the love of a black servant and a white stable boy overcome hatred and cruelty? And will their declaration of love be enough to give Thomas Jefferson the inspiration he needs to finish writing one of the most important documents in human history?

eBook Publisher: MLR Press, LLC/MLR Press, LLC
Fictionwise Release Date: July 2012

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


June 27, 1776

The lanterns burned bright on the second story of the Graff House as the sun melted into the western horizon.

Loaded with a tray of tea and shortbread, young Jasper Hemings entered the parlor to see his master pacing, relentlessly circling the table upon which sat his portable mahogany writing desk, tilted slightly upward and littered with sheets of parchment.

"Excuse me, Mr. Jefferson, sir. I thought I'd bring you some tea. You've barely eaten this past week, sir."

The thirty-three-year-old pacing the room stopped and looked up. He hadn't even noticed his servant enter the room. "Thank you, Jasper. That's very thoughtful of you. Please set it down on the side table."

As Jasper put the tray down, Thomas Jefferson seized a piece of parchment, already half-filled with words. Frantically he wrote something--like a man desperate to pour his thoughts down before they fled from his mind--before scratching out the entire line and throwing his quill down in frustration.

"Damn it!" he cursed.

Jasper looked at his master, concerned. "Sir, is everything all right?"

"It won't be if I don't finish this damned draft by tomorrow. I've already promised the committee that we'd have something ready to present to Congress, but it's missing something, something vital, something strong. I need to give the people something to remember, something that will make this nation stand proud and united. But by God, I cannot find the words."

"I wish there was something I could do to help, sir."

"There is," Jefferson nodded urgently. "I've written and re-written this document so many times I'm on my last piece of parchment. I've already used up every sheet in the house, but I'll need more before this night is out. Mrs. Gilmore will have some. She lives at the other end of Market Street. Take a horse, and fetch me as much as she can spare, quickly."

"Yes, sir," Jasper beamed. "Right away, sir."

His heart raced as he ran from the parlor, thrilled not only by the thought of helping his master--but also by the thought of the young man he would see in the stables.

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