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Boredom = Trouble [MultiFormat]
eBook by Starla Kaye

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: Brandi has fallen into a b-o-r-i-n-g rut and needs a change. Colby doesn't like changes except when it comes to making love with his wife. He doesn't like it when she veers away from the same old breakfast every morning, basic meals of meat and potatoes, and making sure the ranch's accounting is kept up, and household chores done. Above all, she is to leave cleaning up the garage to him. But she's bored and he never seems to have the time so?

eBook Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions Publishing Company, Published: 2011, 2011
Fictionwise Release Date: July 2012

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Boredom = Trouble

Brandi glanced out dining area's window of the big country kitchen and barely managed to spot the sun peeking through the clouds. She yawned and started to reach for Colby's breakfast dishes. It was too damn early for a sane person to be up. As soon as she got her usual morning kiss before Colby walked out the door for the day, she was going back to bed. Then, as she thought about it, she realized what a rut she'd fallen into lately. A b-o-r-i-n-g rut.

So what was she going to do to change things? Not get up at the crack of dawn to make her husband breakfast? He'd be unhappy about that. Go back to bed right after breakfast and put the dishes in the dishwasher later? Oh, yes, big exciting change of routine that would be!

She could fix his breakfast, not eat with him and go back to bed instead, and miss that morning kiss. He wouldn't like any of that, either. Even if they seldom said two words while they ate breakfast, he'd told her he liked having her there with him. And he took some kind of pride in kissing her each morning on his way out the door. He'd be upset about that change of routine, too. Besides, she liked getting that kiss, even if it was usually little more than a quick brush of lips. Even that part of her life had become sadly boring.

Sighing, she felt boredom weighing even heavier on her. She was so lost in her troubled thoughts she missed hearing Colby walk up behind her. Just as she bent to reach for his plate, he snaked an arm around her and clamped a hand onto her left breast, giving it a good squeeze.

Startled, she jerked. "When did you get to be so quiet?" Her heart pounded against his forearm. Her breast was enjoying his attention, almost swelling with pleasure. The nipple beneath his palm hardened, demanding equal notice.

"You were far away, darlin', off in la-la land." He massaged the breast again and thumbed the nipple. Then he brought up his other hand to play with her other breast. "Sure do love these sweet handfuls."

Brandi felt quivers all the way to her core. On a breathless moan, she said, "These sweet handfuls love you, too."

He chuckled and kneaded her breasts harder. She savored the intensity of his touch. She only wore a short satin nightgown but wanted even that much clothing off. It had been days since they'd made any kind of love. She'd take whatever she could get. Even a quickie.

Still holding her breasts, he nibbled her neck behind one ear. "What were you in such deep thought about?"

She tilted her head so he could go back to nibbling her neck. She was eager for any kind of touch, any kind of kiss. Okay, not just eager, desperate. "Thinking how bored I've become. What a rut we seem to be in lately. Me, mainly," she admitted on a sigh of longing.

"Bored, huh?" He continued molding a hand over her left breast and shifted his other hand lower and around her until he cupped her mound. "'Pears my bored little wife is wet and ready for action."

The nerve endings between her legs were going nuts. She moved against his hand. All it had taken was one quick squeeze of her breast and her body had responded.

"Maybe not so bored at the moment." He trailed his fingers along her wet folds. They pulsed in reaction. "Oh, God, yes!"

She felt his heat now as he pressed closer, felt the hard ridge of his shaft against her buttocks. She wanted that shaft inside her. She needed it ramming deep. She started to straighten, intending to drag him with her to the bedroom...or maybe push him to the floor right here.

"No, darlin'," he said in a husky protest. He stopped her from turning around and gently pushed her down so she put her hands on the tabletop. "I'm taking you right here."

Taking you right here. Her stomach fluttered at the declaration. She had no problems with that. "Okay, stud boy, I'm willing any way, any how, any time." She pushed her bottom out in invitation. "What's mine is yours." And what's yours is soon to be mine

"Stud boy? I kinda like that." He shoved her nightgown up, jerked her bikini panties down and smacked her bottom lightly. "I'm good with the 'any way, any how, any time' thing, too."

She trembled in anticipation. The light spank had only served to light her fire a bit higher. Her body throbbed for him. If he didn't...

Her desperate thoughts were cut short as she heard him walk away toward the pantry. "Stay put."

Her heart raced in curiosity. What had he gone after? Surely not the punishment paddle he kept hanging behind the door. What? Then he opened a drawer to one of the drawers of miscellaneous items, but she still couldn't figure out what he'd gone searching for.

She craned her head around and watched him return with a tube of lubrication that she'd forgotten he'd decided to store there for "emergencies." She knew moisture beaded her muff. He'd even mentioned it. "I'm pretty sure that's not necessary."

"Trust me. Now turn back around."

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