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Unchain Me! [MultiFormat]
eBook by Powerone

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: Four women find their idyllic lives turned upside down one day. At first the four rebel but they are outnumbered. For thirty days they perform sexual acts that they could never have imagined participating in before. Their defenses fall, and the four do the only thing they can. They seek to immerse themselves in the erotic pleasure of the acts. Suddenly they are free, their bank accounts filled with staggering sums meant to buy their silence. The four women wonder: Should they seek punishment? Or take the money and live a normal life? But, different as they are, each secretly wonders if she can resist the powerful sexual desires their experiences awakened, or if she should seek out men who could fulfill her new hunger? Unchain Me is a tale of lust and power, domination and submission that only Powerone could bring to life.

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2012

3 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter 1

Today--The Beginning of the End

It had been three months to the date. There was no way that Natasha and Kelly could forget. It became deeply ingrained in their heads, life-changing events with no possible way of going back to the way it was.

Kelly was twenty, Natasha twenty-three years old, but their experiences went far beyond their age. Three months ago, they were nursery school teachers in a city over a thousand miles away, struggling to start their lives. Today, they were roommates and business partners, both of them owning their newly established nursery school. It was doing well, almost half full, and each week word spread of their abilities; each week, new students were enrolled, so many that they hired their first assistant, a similar job to the one they had three months ago.

They owned a small two-bedroom condo they recently purchased, paying cash for it. They were financially secure, each having come into $100,000, but that was another story to tell.

They had a fake ID for Kelly, going to the crowded bar on the other side of town. It was Saturday night, the line long, but with their looks, they were ushered through the velvet ropes in minutes; the man that guarded the door eyed their bodies as they walked by as his hand ran over their asses. They didn't say anything about the fondling hand; it was the price they paid for their looks. There was always a trade-off in life.

Natasha was taller and older, dark black hair made her stand out in a sea of blondes, but that drew men's attention to her as their eyes gazed at her body and olive skin with lust. Kelly was shorter, blonde and young looking, but she had the body of a woman. Her soft, purring voice could almost make a man cum.

They walked into the bar, the music blasted loudly, the dance floor packed with men and women, their bodies gyrated to the torrid beat of the DJ's music as though it was a ritual-mating dance. It almost was, hips ground in mock fornication, hands high in the air, the women made sure their unfettered breasts danced as erotically as their hips. Men moved in close in the hope of grinding on the erotic bodies of their partners, masturbating their erections on her until he could get her alone somewhere and consummate the night.

They hadn't even reached the bar before men mobbed them, Natasha being picky for the both of them until she found exactly what she was looking for. The men looked to be about thirty, well dressed in expensive clothes. Their hair was neatly cut, clean-shaven, and had bodies that were trimmed at the gym each week. They wore enough jewelry--watches and rings--to show their wealth without being gaudy. Natasha shoved the others aside with disdain until only the two men were in front of them.

"Can we buy you a drink?" Scott looked at her, but his heart and cock was on the small, compact blonde next to her. She had an innocent face, but a body that said fuck me hard.

"Thank you, you're such a gentleman. Two Dewar's and soda." Natasha ordered for Kelly. It was Natasha's turn this week to take the lead, next time Kelly would be in charge.

Scott got the attention of the bartender with a fifty-dollar bill, even though it was crowded. They picked up the four drinks, leaving without asking or expecting change. Natasha let him lead them over to a quieter side of the bar, but the din of the music was still in the background. They sat down in the booth, Natasha on one side, Kelly on the other.

"I'm Scott, this is Davis." Scott sat next to Natasha; Davis managed quickly to take the seat next to the blonde.

"I'm Natasha, that's Kelly. What do you men do?"

It was a typical question for Scott. "We're stockbrokers. We've been here for about three years, we love the city life." They shared a condo on the upper floor of a condo high rise, quite impressive to all the women they brought there. They had yet to find the right girl, not sure what she would even be like, but they did enjoy bedding all the others that vied for their attention. They were handsome, wealthy, young and from what they were told, good in bed. "How about you?" Scott took a sip of his drink, put it down, so his hand could go to her leg and rest it on it. Her skirt was short, so all he found was a naked, lean leg. It was a fifty-fifty proposition that she would push it away, but Natasha barely acknowledged it.

"We've been in the city for a month now. We started a nursery school and it's doing exceptionally well." The hand felt good on her leg, but she knew there would be no pleasure for her tonight. The hand began to move, but slowly and sensuously as though it was in time with the music. She let her leg relax.

Davis looked at the beautiful girl next to him. She hadn't even said a word, but he could feel the heat of her body next to him. She smiled so sweetly at him, he watched as she took a sip of her drink, her lips moist and glistened so erotically. His cock was hard at the thought of bedding her tonight. "That's pretty impressive that you have your own nursery school. You must be very successful, Kelly."

"Yes, we do very well," Kelly, purred to him in her soft voice. "We are talented."

Davis's cock grew harder when he heard her voice. He watched her lips move as she spoke, but all he could think of was her mouth opening as his cock slid over her silky lips, a soft, muffled protest coming from her mouth, but her lips enclosed the head of his cock and her tongue began to lavish attention on the swollen head. He hoped her talents including sucking cock.

The conversation was short before they started to dance. Scott was a little jealous of Davis, his eyes drawn to Kelly's body, the petite girl knew how do dance, her whole body one continuous, erotic movement. His gaze went back to Natasha when she saw his eyes move away from her, she moved closer until her ass began to slide sensuously against his growing erection.

They took many breaks from dancing, the four of them grew sexually excited by the closeness of their bodies. Not even the cold drinks could dampen the heat of their growing arousal. They made small talk; Scott's hands grew braver as he rubbed the inside of her thighs without protest.

Kelly spoke little, but she never protested anything he did. When his hand went to her leg, he pushed up her already short skirt and felt the muscles of her soft, inner thighs surrender. She didn't utter a word of protest as he talked to her and fondled her leg. On the dance floor, he pulled her body against his; one hand on her hip urged her to grind her ass on him. Her lower body moved as though he controlled it. His cock jerked in pleasure when her buttocks slowly slid over his cock, punctuated by contractions of her muscles. She might not speak much, but Kelly let her body do all the talking.

They left the club together, still early in the evening, but the sexual tension was high. Natasha agreed to follow the men to their condo. Kelly pulled their BMW behind the Mercedes SL, both of them speeding off. It was only a couple of miles before they pulled into the underground parking lot of the tallest building in the city. Offices and stores took up the first ten floors, but the next ten floors were some of the most prestigious condos in the city. Natasha was impressed. They pulled into the parking spot next to the men. "You ready?" Natasha questioned Kelly.

"I'm not sure what to do, Natasha." Kelly's voice was nervous. This was the first time they did this, the first time they had been with a man since they came to the city.

"You don't have to do a thing, Kelly. You've done it a hundred times or more. It's just like before, only this time we choose or at least I will choose." Natasha couldn't wait for her turn, but tonight it would be all about Kelly.

"Okay," Kelly tried to breathe a sigh of relief, but all she felt was nervousness in the pit of her stomach. She was going to do something that a month ago she thought she would be free of. She didn't know whether it was nervousness or anticipation.

Scott and Davis walked the two women to the elevator, taking it to the ninetieth floor, not quite the penthouse, but it was the closest thing to it. He opened the door for them, stepping back so they could see the dramatic view from the entrance. If they had any doubts about going to bed with them, the condo would lay them aside. It was the ultimate bachelor pad and the ultimate aphrodisiac.

Natasha and Kelly had never seen such a view before. The whole back wall was glass that opened up to the bright lights of the city below. They walked into the massive living room, modern furniture giving it a minimalistic look, but it suited a bachelor lifestyle. Scott touched a button and the lights dimmed, the music soft and sensuous, the fireplace came alive with a soft glow of gas flames. He opened the patio doors, sliding them all the way to the end so that the patio became an extension of the living room.

Scott fixed drinks for everyone as the women explored the condo. They weren't shy, going down the hallway and turning the lights on in the two bedrooms. They walked back into the living room just as Scott brought their drinks. There were two large couches and a couple of chairs, but Natasha and Kelly sat on one couch, leaving enough space between them for the men to sit on each side of Kelly.

It would be a little crowded on the couch, but the men didn't care, the leather couch sank back, so that their skirts pulled up high on their thighs, but they did nothing to pull them down.

Kelly felt pinned between Scott and Davis, Natasha was on the other side of Scott. She felt the heat of the men's hips against her skin.

Davis didn't waste any time, reaching over to Kelly, his hand under her chin as he forced her head up, his lips waited to capture hers. He felt the electricity jump across their wet lips as his tongue pushed into her mouth. He was greeted by her tongue, the two of them lashed out at each other as their lips mashed.

His mouth devoured Kelly, but it was his hand that moved quickly as it cupped one of her breasts with confidence, his fingers dug into the abundant flesh until she moaned into his kiss.

Scott kissed Natasha, but their kiss was short, Natasha moved away as she stood up. Scott felt neglected; Davis kissed the women that he had desired, the other one rebuked him. He watched as Natasha moved behind the couch.

Kelly was already in an embrace, but the minute that their lips parted, Natasha spoke. "It's Kelly that you desire, Scott. Kiss her, Davis won't mind, you're good friends."

Scott was shocked by what she said, but she was correct, Davis moved away from her face. Scott looked to see his hands leave her breast.

Natasha leaned over, took Davis's hand, and placed it back on Kelly's breast. "No need to do that, I am sure that Kelly loves what you are doing to her. Don't you?" Natasha looked down at Kelly. "Arch your back and push your breast into his hand," she ordered her.

Now, it was Davis's turn to be shocked. His hand was thrust onto Kelly's breast and she pushed it deep into his searching fingers. At the same time, Scott took her lips; his tongue plunged almost down her throat as they kissed passionately. It was strange to feel up the woman that your friend was kissing, but Natasha stood over them as though she was directing this whole thing. It was so depraved and yet exciting.

Kelly had two men to contend with, one kissed her so passionately that she almost choked on his tongue, but she was used to that. Her breast was fondled with a heavy hand; fingers searched out her nipple and pinched it into a painful hardness. When Scott's kiss was broken, her head was turned, and Davis possessed her mouth again. This time, Scott's hand went to her other breast; both of them fondled and teased her as if the men were in a contest with each other.

The two of them worked her over. Not only was she kissed and fondled, but her neck was bitten and sucked. She was never without a man taking her fully and completely. She squirmed on the couch; her short skirt rode up high as she clenched her thighs to stifle the rising pleasure between her legs.

Natasha leaned over Kelly; her hand went down to the front of Kelly's blouse. She began to open it up for the men, her naked breasts slowly and erotically revealed to her two lovers. "Kelly has big tits that love to be abused, and big nipples that beg for the bite of teeth or sharp fingernails." Natasha grabbed Kelly's wrists and pulled her arms up and over the back of the couch. It forced her naked breasts to stick out farther, making them look much bigger.

It was their lucky day, Kelly's breasts bared for their pleasure, helpless as her arms were pulled over her head. They couldn't believe what Natasha said about pinching and biting her nipples, but they soon found out. Scott bent over and sucked one of her large, brown nipples into his mouth. His teeth found the base of the nipple and ground together until her back arched higher and she moaned. Davis found her other breast with his hand; softly caressed it at first, but as he heard her moan and knew that Scott was biting it, he became more aggressive. His fingers pinched her nipple as he felt the rubbery flesh compressed in his powerful grip. He twisted it as he looked down to see the perfect nipple gnarled and twisted by his fingers.

Natasha watched as the two men worked over Kelly's breasts. Her hand slipped down between her own legs to rub against her pussy as the wetness grew. Natasha sat back down on the couch next to Scott. Her hand went to his lap until she found his hard erection. The minute she touched it, it came alive, jerking and shuddering beneath the tight confines of his pants.

Scott turned to Natasha when he felt her fingers curl around his cock. Did she grow jealous? He turned to her, ready to explore her body, leaving Kelly for Davis.

"No, no," she brushed his hands away from her body. "Play with Kelly. Look at those lovely legs and the dark mystery between them. Don't you want that lovely pussy? I'll keep you hard." Her fingers curled around his cock again as he turned away. She began to rub it.

Kelly's blouse was pulled off her arms until she was naked from the waist up. She looked down at her breasts, the nipples wet with spit, tiny red bite marks on them where the men had abused them too harshly. Even though Natasha had released her arms, she kept them over her head submissively. She saw the way that Natasha stroked Scott's cock, knowing that she would have to do more than that. She looked down as Davis grabbed one of her thighs and pulled on it until her leg was forced over his. Scott joined in, grabbed her other leg and propped it on his leg. She looked down; her skirt no longer covered her panties and the thin, silky panties pulled so tight over her mound that her lips were clearly outlined in them, as well as the wet spot revealed so vividly.

Natasha didn't even expect it, but the men became more aggressive. Kelly's panties were ripped from her body; the fragile garment just a puddle on the table near them. Both men stared at her pussy, her spread legs pulled her pussy lips back and revealed the pink, wet inner lips so lewdly.

Hands attacked her pussy as soon as it was naked, her skirt pushed out of the way. So many hands grabbed her pussy lips and yanked them in opposite directions as if they were having a contest. Sharp nails dug into her lips, pinching at them, then suddenly, Kelly found her pussy impaled with a thick finger, Scott beat Davis inside her. Kelly felt it move in and out, then a second finger pulled on the other side of her pussy and stretched her. She looked down to see Davis with a finger inside her pussy, both of them attempted to open her up wide. It felt like a giant cock was inside her, Kelly knew that feeling well.

Scott watched as Natasha opened up his pants, her soft hand slipped into his shorts until they curled around his erection. It felt so good. Her fingers pulled it out until it was free; her hand stroked it as it stood up high. She opened the button and belt on his pants, and she slid them and his shorts down until he was naked. Scott looked at Kelly, but besides staring at his cock, there was no shock in her eyes.

Davis felt how wet she got, two men fondled her pussy with immunity, her legs spread lewdly.

"Why don't you eat her, Davis? I'll take your cock out while you do it." Natasha saw the disappointment in Scott's eyes. "Don't worry, Kelly will take care of your cock."

Natasha and Davis got up from the couch. Natasha went over to Kelly, made her stand up so she could take her skirt off, until she was left completely naked for the men. "Don't you love that body?" Natasha paraded Kelly for the men; Scott's hand stroked his neglected cock. "Lay down, Kelly."

Kelly lay down on the couch, Natasha arranged her until her head was beneath Scott and his erection. She knew what she would have to do. One of her feet was thrown high over the back of the couch, her other foot on the floor. It left the full plane of her sex open and available; Davis took advantage of the situation without being told. He kneeled between her legs; his wet kiss on her inner thigh made her wetter, his hot breath blew on her sex that sent a shiver through her body. His tongue lapped up her thigh until it got to her pussy. She gasped from the first touch of his wet tongue on her pussy, but it was stifled quickly by Scott.

Natasha took Scott's cock and pulled him down lower, her hand on Kelly's face to turn it. Kelly gasped from the tongue that began to lick her. "Stick your cock in her mouth. Make her suck you off." Natasha urged Scott. He required little encouragement. The minute her mouth opened to gasp, he thrust in until her lips captured the head of his cock.

"Suck it, Kelly. Lick the head," he ordered her. Scott never felt such power before, the two of them taking this lovely woman, her naked body spread out on the couch. There were unlimited possibilities of what they could do to her, never having the same woman together sexually.

It came back to her quickly, the minute the hot cock entered her mouth, her tongue instinctively began to wash over the head, as she tasted the leaking cum and the salty essence of the thick crème that filled her mouth. He wasn't that big, she had taken much larger cocks in her mouth. Her hips arched up from the couch as Davis began to lick and eat her pussy, almost devouring her, his teeth bit into the soft, puffy lips of her pussy and yanked on them until they stretched wide and painfully. His tongue felt like a tiny cock, his fingers keeping her lips open so it could plunge in the tight depths of her pussy. He sucked and bit her pussy, sending her from pain to pleasure then back again. All the while, she had to contend with Scott's cock in her mouth. He became more aggressive, Kelly's mind drifted to the pleasure in her pussy, neglected the cock in her mouth. He began to thrust in her, as though her mouth was a pussy. The cock drove deeper and deeper until it smashed against the back of her mouth. She gagged, her lips opened wide as she choked, but his cock never left her mouth.

"Don't pull back, make her take it all, Scott," Natasha encouraged Scott. She kneeled next to Davis, her hand sought out his cock. Her fingers found the lump in his pants, bigger than Scott's, but not by much. It took her only seconds to get his pants and shorts off, her fingers curled around his cock as she stroked him.

It was still surreal to Davis, never expecting anything like this to happen to him. He was eating the pussy of a lovely woman, while another masturbated his cock with such skill and agility. He couldn't believe this was happening to him and Scott was doing just as well, bent over Kelly's face, his cock split her lips as she sucked him.

"Eat her ass hole, Davis, you'll never get another chance to do that," Natasha urged him.

Davis had never done such a thing, never even considered it, but the way she was arranged on the couch, his eyes drew farther back between her legs and gazed at the tiny brown, wrinkled hole of her anus. It was so small and defenseless. He should have thought it disgusting to lick her there, but Natasha was correct, no other girl would allow such a thing. He licked all the way down her crack until the tip of his tongue found her anus. He made his tongue stiff as he fluttered it over the tiny hole. He could feel it come alive beneath his tongue, the muscles went into gentle contractions as his tongue became more demanding.

She swallowed his cock at that very moment, not because Scott forced her to, but because she gasped so loudly when the tongue pushed into her anus. She hated when men touched her back there, but she never had the choice to deny them. The tongue licked her back there, shamed her when her anus went into uncontrollable contractions from the lewd, wet tongue. She gulped and swallowed more of the cock in her throat, her throat muscles almost in sync with the muscles in her ass.

"Get on the floor, Kelly. It's hand and knees, doggy style for you." Natasha slapped her ass when she didn't get up in time, seeing the white skin turn red.

It was the most demeaning position to be in, her breasts hanging down like ripe fruit, her thighs and knees forced so far apart that she was opened up from her pussy to her wet anus. The men followed Kelly to the floor, Davis behind her, Scott in front of her; both of their cocks wanted her attention, both of them would cum in her before she was finished.

Davis was the first to mount her, his hands on her hips as he aimed his cock at her wet pussy, but his eyes gazed at her anus, and the thought of taking her there crossed his mind. He put it out of his head, feeling the head of his cock engulfed in the tight, wet flesh of her pussy, as he shoved hard inside her, her wetness making it easy to almost fully impale her with as much of his cock as she could take. He pulled out, feeling her muscles clench on his cock, the first time a woman had done that so quickly. He shoved back in, this time, the head of his cock banged into her cervix, driving her forward. Scott smiled brightly as he pushed his cock into her mouth when she drove forward by Davis's thrusts in her pussy, his head reared up in pleasure as she was forced to take him in.

They began to double-fuck her; Kelly took the hard thrusts that drove cocks into her front and back. It came back to her; Kelly sucked and squeezed her pussy and mouth on the twin cocks to pleasure the two men at the same time. They drove their cocks into her for their own pleasure, but Kelly felt a deep-seated pleasure from satisfying two men with her body, a pleasure she thought she had forgotten. Her breasts swung back and forth from the battering she was taking, her mouth filled with Scott's cock, his leaking cock reminded her of the cum that would soon fill her belly.

Natasha got behind Davis, gripped his balls gently in her hand, as she squeezed them, the balls tried to escape her fingers, elusive to her touch. She began to milk his balls until she forced him to shoot off and bathe Kelly with his hot cum.

Scott needed no encouragement, his hands on Kelly's head, finding the domination of a taking a woman in her mouth all the encouragement he needed as he forced her to do things with her mouth that he never had before. Her throat wasn't spared; Scott's balls tingled with excitement when he heard her choke on his cock, a man's dream to force a woman to take his too big of an organ in her mouth and choke and gag on it, yet make sure she was unable to pull away.

The men battered Kelly's body for long minutes; Natasha left Davis alone so he could bring Kelly off. Natasha knelt next to Kelly's sweat-drenched body as she was rocked by the frantic coupling; her hand pinched a nipple until it swelled with pleasure, another hand slipped between Kelly's legs until she found her clit. Kelly didn't move away from the touch, too familiar now; instead, she let her body succumb to the skillful masturbation that only a woman could give to another woman.

Scott was the first one to blow his wad, straight into her mouth. He couldn't hold it back anymore, Kelly sucked and licked his cock with such unbelievable expertise, her innocent face hide her true nature from the world. He held her head tight, his body going rigid as he cried out in ecstasy. He never shot so much cum out at one time; feeling like it would never stop. Kelly's tongue worked over the tip even as it spewed cum into her mouth. It was as though she relished it with such gusto. Most women accepted the fate with hesitation, but Kelly continued with enthusiasm. She didn't spit it out; Scott watched her throat move and heard her muffled gulps as she swallowed his cum. It was the first time a woman had swallowed his cum, his balls shot out more as if he wanted to continue to fill her belly.

Her hips moved from side to side, her pussy muscles felt like they nipped at the head of his cock when he pulled out, but his cock never left her, her hot, tight, wet pussy too good to neglect. He shoved his cock in deep; the first jet of cum shot out before he hit her cervix, his organ slid along the slippery passage, shoved his abundant cum to the depths of her pussy. He pulled out, another load of cum jetted out, her muscles clenched and unclenched rhythmically on his spewing cock. The cum already leaked out of her pussy before he was finished, but then, he felt the change come over her. Natasha had made her cum, Scott never saw girl-on-girl sex, but Kelly and Natasha had a special bond between them, not even sex separated them. It was strange that Natasha didn't get any pleasure from this, but from the look on her face, she enjoyed the roll she played in making Kelly do anything Natasha wanted. It had to be a special bond for a woman to submit to two strange men take her at once while her best friend watched and directed the whole thing. What kind of past did they have that sealed this passion?

"Kneel up, Kelly." When the two men pulled out of Kelly, they backed off as if ashamed of what they had done to her. Natasha put Kelly in position, kneeling, her sticky thighs parted wide so that her wet, battered pussy was exposed. Her back was straight, her large breasts erect and firm, the white flesh showed the red marks of abuse. "Ask them, Kelly."

She gulped on the last drop of cum in her mouth and licked her lips. "Can I clean your cock with my mouth? Both of you." They almost tripped over each other to get to her first; both of them rubbed their cocks on her lips at the same time. There was no shame or strangeness between the two men as their dicks touched each other's, jumping from her hot breath and silky lips. She had to open her mouth real wide, Natasha pulled her head back by her hair as the two men stuck their wet, semi-hard cocks into her mouth at one time. It was a tight fit, her lips stretched so wide that she thought they would tear, but she did it. She took two cocks in her mouth at once, though she could barely move her tongue to lick them, but the men didn't care. Kelly felt a perverse sense of proudness. This was one act that she had never experienced before. She didn't mind that they kept their cocks in her mouth for a long time; finally, she had to spit one out as they began to grow harder. She went to work on each one, polishing it with her spit until they were shiny and clean.

It was a bit awkward for the men when they were finished, but Natasha and Kelly were just in as much of a hurry to leave, as the men were for them to leave. They gave them their numbers, but they all knew they weren't the correct number. Kelly felt the cum still inside her as she got into the car, satisfied at what Natasha had made her do. Next time, Kelly would decide, Natasha wouldn't expect what she had in mind. It made her wet to think of watching the men they would pick up and their reactions to Kelly's suggestions. No man would dare turn them down, an once-in-a-lifetime proposition that they couldn't resist.

Their life had taken a dramatic twist that they could never have fathomed, but it was too late for regret. They had to make what they could of what happened. As they drove home, Kelly remembered what life had been only three months ago. It was so vivid, but not as vivid as what they had been forced to perform. Kelly still couldn't believe that there were people in this world that had such depraved lusts and desires or that they would force innocent woman to indulge in them.

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