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Warm All Over [MultiFormat]
eBook by Starla Kaye

eBook Category: Erotica/Fetish Erotica/Romance
eBook Description: Warm All Over is one of 10 short stories in the Her Cowboy's Way anthology from Black Velvet Seductions. Making promises and holding to them is important. Brandi really meant to run the small errand Colby had asked of her. She'd meant to stick to their agreed upon budget when she'd gone shopping. She'd meant to stick to the speed limit. All the "meant to's" didn't cut it with him this time. Still, after he'd "warmed" her up, she brings out something special she'd bought for loving her husband and the night gets even hotter.

eBook Publisher: Black Velvet Seductions Publishing Company, Published: 2010, 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2012

Warm All Over

"Brandi, will you pick up that book I ordered at Barnes & Noble while you're in Topeka today?" Colby asked from the bathroom where he stood shaving.

Brandi stretched like a contented cat on the king-sized bed in the adjoining bedroom. She was taking a day off from work, a much needed one. A day to do whatever she wanted, even go shopping in Topeka...as long as she paid strict attention to their budget. She wrinkled her nose at the annoying thought about anything to do with a budget. After their splurging on the recent trip to Las Vegas and all the shopping she'd done there, Colby had insisted they create a budget and stick with it.

"Just for clarification, that book of yours isn't coming out of my miscellaneous spending money, right?" She understood the idea and need for staying within a budget, but it sure was a downer.

He popped his head into the doorway, and she enjoyed the delicious sight of her well-toned husband in nothing but tighty-whities. "No, it's part of my money."

She flipped onto her stomach, inhaled the scent of their lovemaking from only minutes ago, and smiled. "No problem then."

His eyes darkened as he took in her still naked body. His nostrils flared. But she watched him resist coming back to bed for another round of oh-baby-it-feels-so-good! Darn it. He'd already told her that he was running late and his men were waiting for him to get started on some project that she'd already forgotten. She felt a little disappointed, but he'd done all the right things already this morning. He could be forgiven. That didn't mean she wouldn't be extremely pleased if he shed those tighty-whities and delayed leaving a little bit longer. Her body tingled with anticipation. She wiggled against the mattress, looking at him with a hint of longing.

To her annoyance, he failed to get the hint. She sighed in resignation. "You know, Best Buy is right next door to Barnes & Noble." Blast it all, she was still horny. Focus. You're not getting him back in this bed. Focus. "Do you want me to check on a replacement cell phone for you? You said yours has been acting up a lot lately."

"Sounds good. Nothing too fancy. No iPhone. I don't need all that extra stuff." He barely glanced at her. He looked as if his mind was already miles away from her as he moved back into the bathroom to finish shaving.

She scrambled off the bed and headed for the dresser, found a pair of bikini panties and a bra, then tossed them on the rumpled bed. "Your money again, right?"

"Actually, that will come out of the ranch's expenses." He strolled out into the bedroom and took a second to admire her as she walked toward him, headed for the shower. He reached out and lightly swatted her bottom as she passed him. "You must have big plans for your spending money. Best be careful, darlin'. Remember what will happen if you go crazy with your credit card."

The soft little pat on her bare backside had only served to ratchet her frustrated desire up another notch. Then he had to ruin the experience with the not-so-subtle warning. She gave him a withering glance. "Yeah, yeah, I know. Go crazy, get my butt burned."

Generally when he hinted at spanking her for some breach of their agreed upon list of rules, it filled her with a sense of dread. Going over his knee with her bare bottom exposed to feel the hard slap of his hand, was not a pleasant experience.

She felt ashamed at letting them both down. She felt embarrassed. And it plain hurt like the devil. But sometimes, when she was horny--like now, the idea didn't bother her as much. She knew he got turned on heating her bottom, seeing it turn pink, watching her squirm. Once the pain eased, he was all about their making up. Right now, she wanted that 'making up' time. A lot.

"It's such a pretty butt, be a shame to turn it red." He'd followed her into the bathroom to brush his teeth.

She shivered and tried to push aside the thoughts about the spanking, about the hot 'making up time.' "Let's not go there, okay. I'll behave, pay strict attention to my budgeted free spending." It was hard to stay irritated at him when he kept looking at her with such heat in his eyes. Or was it her seeing him with heated eyes?

She reached into the shower and turned the water on to heat up, wondering if she shouldn't have just left it cold. Even more frustrated, she looked at him, but he was only half-paying attention to her as their gazes met in the mirror. He'd picked up his toothbrush and started putting toothpaste on it. Still, she sucked in her stomach and hoped he didn't notice the bit of extra cushioning there since she'd stopped watching her diet quite as well lately.

"Besides, I've got plans for tonight," she said, putting as much huskiness into her tone as she could. "Something... Well, I'm not going to tell you. You'll just have to wait and see."

Now she had his attention. His eyes widened with interest and he stepped closer, reaching for her, still holding the toothbrush. "You're a naughty woman. Teasing me this way."

She shifted away so that he couldn't quite touch her. Pay back for not coming back to bed when she wanted him to stay for round two. "Yes, but you love me."

"Damn right I do." He glanced down at the hard ridge beneath his undershorts. "Look what you've done, devil woman. I'm hard all over again, but I don't have the time to do anything about it."

"Sad for you." She giggled at his problem and stuck an arm into the shower to test the water, purposely wiggling her bottom at him. "You'd better take some extra vitamins with you as you leave, because you're going to need the energy later."

He growled low in his throat, which did some amazing things to her body. Heat, shivers, heart palpitations.

"You'd best get in that shower before I..."

"You're running late, remember?" She stepped into the shower stall and closed the door to his frustrated curse. Yes, pay back was very good sometimes. She hoped he had a hard-on for hours.

"Fine. Be that way." The angst of unsatisfied need echoed in his voice. "Don't forget my book. And the phone."

She stepped under the rain of warm water. Jeez, she'd already forgotten about the errands. But she would never admit that to him. Her thoughts had been focused on the fun she wanted to have tonight, and on the sale at her favorite mall in Topeka. "First thing, honey, I'll go to those places first."

"Good." He was moving away from the door when he added, "Enjoy yourself today, but behave. We sure wouldn't want to spend precious time tonight discussing some violation of our rules."

Well, not much time on that anyway. "Don't worry about my behavior today." She reached to turn the temperature up a bit more. "Worry about keeping up with me tonight."

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