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Hunting the She-Cat [MultiFormat]
eBook by Jacki Bentley

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: Years ago little Misha is left alone, raised by Native Americans, now by day she rules her office like a kingdom, at night the streets are the playground of her cat form. The alien Lugar has been tasked to hunt her down and remove the danger of her for the powers that be of their world.

eBook Publisher: New Concepts Publishing, Published: 2012, 2012
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2012

Misha stood in the cabin's third story master bedroom and watched Lugar from the expansive window panels.

Gix sat by her feet with his tennis ball in his large, out of proportion to the rest of him jaws. The mouth was the largest part of him for sure. He wanted her to play but she could not tear her eyes from watching Lugar.

She'd planned the view for security reasons. The efficient room took up half of the A-frame of the cabin. The ceiling was heavy beams with tongue and groove cedar planks.

'Judge me by my actions', Lugar had said. "Excellent advice," she whispered and leaned her forehead against the cool window pane. She would try to overcome her instinctive over the top defensive response to him. And moreover, she'd do well to fight and overcome her dramatic sensual response to him too. Her responses to him were anything but normal and tame.

His actions since the day he walked into her office had been clear. He was determined she return to Eliava with him, to the home of her parents, but a place she knew nothing of. And her every instinct roared that she didn't want any part of it. An old scary memory tried to edge into her mind but she banished it with long practiced mental words. I did the best I could. I was just a child. But she knew she'd been much more than the average child.

And, Lugar, who said he came here to escort her back to their homeworld, scared her more than the memory, more than anything or anyone she'd ever encountered. How could she trust the rest of her life to a stark and brooding stranger?

Be careful of our kind if you ever meet them, Misha. Those were her mother's words of warning, long forgotten before now but maybe she'd remembered on some subconscious level. Maybe that accounted for part of her stark raving fear of Lugar. That and what he might mean to her in bed ... a threat of a very different kind.

Lugar made a thorough job of his rounds, working harder than he had to do. Narrowing her eyes, she saw him loping easily as he prowled the hills beyond. Even though he was in big cat shape, his attitude reminded her of the secret servicemen, the ones who guarded the president and other dignitaries -- alert and all-seeing individual ready to die to carry out their duty. As she watched, he crouched and leapt to a high rock ledge then surveyed the valley below. From there he could see miles around. The leaves had fallen weeks ago affording her a good lookout over the valley. If he had the keen eyesight she possessed in cat form, then absolutely nothing, no movement would be beyond his sight.

Every line of his conformation was unadulterated sex appeal. In that moment she knew she wanted him more than anything. She could have him once. Tonight. Then send him back to his alien world without her. Just once, that's all she wanted.

He stalked his way back to the cabin now. She soon saw him disappear around the cabin and heard him enter the mudroom. Within minutes of that, she heard the shower in the guest loft just below her. Her breath froze in her chest.

As soon as she lay down in her large comfy bed her cell rang. "'lo?"

"You said call if I can't find something."

"Yes, I did."

"I can't find you, megisha," he rumbled the words, low and thrilling, inflaming her more.

She closed her eyes as her entire body reacted to his voice from her phone. From her house. "I'm here. Straight up above you."

He laughed softly. "Of course you are. You would be. Do you have a magnificent lair up there, sweet one?"

"Pretty magnificent. Great bed. Great panoramic views."

"You watched me prowl the night?"

She gasped. He guessed. He could not know it.

"You did. I felt it." He laughed again a delighted masculine chuckle. "Your eyes burned me the entire time. Distracted me like hell."

He clearly enjoyed that she'd watched him. Crazy male, er, man, she meant man, of course she did. In spite of the fact that she'd been a cat shifter for most of her life, albeit she'd always fought the temptation to shift more often, when she thought herself the only cat that took human form, she could pretend it had all been a dream.

"Why haven't you mated with Brandon?"

"Bronson, his name is Bronson. Nosy beast. That is so none of your business."

"I make it my business."

"Who says I haven't?"

"I say it."


"Sleep well knowing I am here to defend you."

"Hnnh," she gave an inelegant snort at that. But she realized he spoke the truth. She would sleep well. She pushed the little red button cutting him off. Yep, no denying she would sleep now, knowing he was safely back.

As if driven she dialed him back, calling her own land line. "Lugar?"


"Come join me. Up here."


"Is that what you want, my she-cat?"

"Yes. I'm sure. I can't agree to go back to your world but while you're here in mine ... I want --"

"You will use me for your own devices?"

She smiled at his joke. "A female has needs. Yes. I admit I will use you."

"I will allow it."

Without so much as a goodbye from the man, she heard his footsteps on the ironwork spiral staircase.

Lugar threw open the door and entered her sanctuary. God in heaven, he was stark naked. Tonight she found his profoundly arrogant walk way more attractive than seriously annoying.

At a run, she met him half way across the room, her arms opening wide to him

"Megisha," he whispered. "G'Ran, megisha. Fet t'ian daz v'erta."

"I hope that's as good as it sounds."


"You spoke in your other world language. Sounds a little like French."

"I was not aware of it. You fog my mind. But I will teach you the words. Later. Someday." He held her gaze with his, his eyes very serious. "Never forget it is your language too."

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