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Blackheart Point [MultiFormat]
eBook by Kelly Abell

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: Michele Watling was running from her past when she took the museum curator job in the seaside town of Blackheart Point, Maine. Little did she know that she woud be sharing the museum and Lighthouse with a sexy pirate ghost. Sam Blackheart has haunted the museum for hundreds of years waiting for his lost love to return and she looks amazingly like Michele. Can love grow between beings from separate planes? And when Michele's past threatens that love can Sam save her from a threat that is all too human?

eBook Publisher: Solstice Publishing, Published: May 2012, 2010
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2012

The sun was high in the August sky when Michele arrived in the small Maine coastal town that would now be her home. Unable to stop herself she glanced in the rear view mirror for about the one millionth time since she left her old life behind. Michele was a woman with secrets that were best left buried in the past. At this point Riverview, Florida seemed like a billion miles away and that was just the way she liked it. She was here, in Maine, and she was free.

Michele pulled her beat up blue Toyota Corolla into the parking lot in front of the realtor's office. The sign read Bayside Realty and Betsy Hancock, realtor extraordinaire waited inside to show Michele where she would be living in Blackheart Point. Michele marveled at the curious name of the town as she got out of the car. There had to be a history behind a name like that. She couldn't wait to find out what it was.

The bell jingled over the door as Michele entered the real estate office. A perky receptionist greeted her. "Welcome to Bayside Realty. May I help you?"

"Yes, I'm Michele Watling, I have an appointment with Betsy Hancock."

"Oh you're the new museum curator, that right?"

Michele smiled. It was going to take a while to get used to that accent. "Yes, I am. It's nice to meet you, um..."

"Mary Stevens," she held out a well manicured hand. "I'm the receptionist here." That last word came out sounding like "heeyuh". "I'll call Betsy for you."

"Thanks." Michele walked over to one of two chairs that were positioned in front of a bay window. She sat and picked up one of the local papers, leafing through the pages.

Michele lifted her head when she heard the sharp rapping of high heels on the parquet floor. Betsy appeared in all her shocking pink glory. Blonde hair poofed out around her head framing a very round face. She wore heavy makeup and bright red lipstick. "Michele, I'm Betsy Hancock. Oh my," a hand with polished nails the same color as her wardrobe went up to her chest. "You're even prettier than your picture."

Michele blushed slightly. "Thank you."

"Well, are you ready to go? I'm sure you're anxious to get settled in." Betsy moved around the office in a whirlwind of pink. She gathered her purse and three file folders and stuffed them in her bag. As she swung around she clipped Mary in the back of the head with the humongous tote earning a look that was anything but forgiving.

"I'm ready," Michele said smiling sympathetically at Mary.

Betsy led the way outside to a Cadillac, which much to Michele's relief was not pink. She hopped into the driver's side and waited for Michele to get into her car. Michele followed her to the famous Blackheart Point Lighthouse where she would not only take up residence but also be the new museum curator. It was a good job and with her Master's Degree in Colonial History, she felt confident that she would be able to do this job with her eyes closed. Back in Florida she'd worked at the Museum of Science and Industry and never really got to work in her designated field. This job would be much less boring and far far away from her troubled past.

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