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A Mate for Two [MultiFormat]
eBook by Penelope Rivers

eBook Category: Erotica/Gay-Lesbian Erotica
eBook Description: Luke and Ian have been together for ages. Even though Luke is a werewolf and Ian is a human, Luke feels that they have a perfect life. He has a job that he loves, a great house, and a lover that he would die for. Until he meets Connor. Connor is his mate that binds him at first sight and fills him with insatiable desire. Yet, he already has Ian. How can he choose between the steady, comforting love that he already has and the explosion that Connor created in his heart? And does he have to?

eBook Publisher: Amira Press, Published: 2012
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2012

2 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Luke and Ian sat in a car with the window up. Luke was deep in thought after his stressful, though enjoyable, day at work, and Ian talked about one of his employees whom he hated working with who always thought it was funny to send out mass jokey texts to everybody in the office over the company cell phones. As Luke stopped at a light, Luke realized that Ian had stopped speaking. He swiveled in his seat and looked at Ian, feeling guilty because he hadn't been listening to a damn word.

"You okay?" Ian asked, eyebrow raised. He appeared to be concerned. "I thought you would be full of fire, what with your new job and everything."

"Just tired. I'm not used to the five o'clock in the morning wake-up call."

With a frown, Ian reached over and brushed Luke's jaw with the back of his hand. A chill of pleasure ran down Luke's spine. "It's okay, Luke. You'll get used to it. You know how new jobs are. They're all stressful at first."

Good old Ian. He already started to feel better. Reaching over, he grabbed the back of Ian's neck and affectionately squeezed. Ian grinned at him.

"Thanks," Luke said.

"You can thank me after."

His eyebrow rose. "After what?"

Instead of answering, Ian dipped down and unzipped Luke's pants. Before Luke had time to register what it was that Ian was going to do, his head was over his cock, hot and warm. Luke nearly spiraled off into oncoming traffic and yelled, "Holy shit!" People around them honked. Over Luke's cock, Ian chuckled deeply.

It took every bit of self-control that he had to focus on the road as Ian rode his cock with his hot mouth. He grunted, squirming in his seat, and watched the speedometer jump up and down in time with Ian's mouth's thrusts. His chest rose and fell as his breathing sped up, and he gripped the steering wheel so tightly that his hands grew white.

As he drove, Ian pulled at Luke's pants and underwear further, reaching inside so that he could massage his balls as he rode him with his mouth. Luke threw back his head, moaned, and noted that the window grew steamy. Ian chuckled again, moved his mouth over the head of his shaft, and then began to lap at his tip as precome bubbled out of it.

Luke couldn't take it. He grabbed a fistful of Ian's long hair and pushed Ian's head back over his cock, forcing him down. Ian began to pump harder, moaning and grunting over his shaft as he fondled his balls. It felt so intense, so incredible, so amazing. Arching his back, Luke cried out and barely noticed that a red light was ahead. His body trembled with so much want and passion that he nearly crashed into a white mom van.

At the stoplight, Ian pumped harder and harder, and Luke could feel the pressure building in his balls. He trembled over the seat, preparing to come, and felt the explosion leave his body and fill Ian's mouth. Cars honked behind him, and Luke, still trembling, tapped the gas and stared straight ahead with wide eyes.

Ian straightened up in the seat next to him with come dribbling down his face, a single white line. When Ian saw that he looked at him, he smirked and gathered the come with his finger, then licked it with one slow, solid lick. If there had been even a smidgen of come still in his body, then it would have come out at the sight.

Leaning forward, Ian licked his ear and said, "You're welcome."

Luke grunted. A few seconds ticked by as Ian looked around.

"Wait. Didn't we miss the turn to the restaurant?"


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