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Shattered Illusions [MultiFormat]
eBook by Anna James

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: Two years ago Kate Bradford met Raffaello D'Onofrio while attending a semester abroad. Rafe ran the family vineyard in the Lazio region of Italy, but the thing that attracted her to him most, besides his ruggedly handsome good looks, fathomless deep blue eyes, and well-toned body, was his love of art. It was a passion they shared together. He had been the perfect man as far as she was concerned, and in a few short months she fell deeply in love. She had thought that love was returned. Then she found Annalisa De Luca in his apartment wearing nothing but the shirt Rafe had been wearing the evening before. All her illusions were shattered. Distraught and wanting to escape the pain of Rafe's betrayal, she returned to her home in Chicago, IL. Now Rafe is back in her life and much to her chagrin, she is still attracted to him. How can just one look from those sexy blue eyes affect her so deeply, and what is she going to do about it? Rafe D'Onofrio has just agreed to allow the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art to display his unique art collection - a collection he had always kept private until now. This after learning the museum's new assistant curator was none other than Kate Bradford. Once he had thought himself in love with her, but after her abrupt departure from his life with no explanation, he convinced himself it was just an illusion. So why, after all this time, can the mere mention of her name still send his pulse rate soaring? And what is he going to do about it? Will Rafe and Kate shatter the illusions of the past and find love again? Or are they too much to overcome?

eBook Publisher: Sugar and Spice Press, Published: 2012
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2012

Kate went to extreme measures this morning to make sure she presented a facade that was calm, cool, collected and capable; the ultimate business professional-with a touch of Kate thrown in for good measure. The business suit she'd selected to wear had classic lines but was lemon yellow in color. The non-traditional color accented the darker tones of her brown hair which was scooped up in a loose bun; neat and efficient but a far cry from the staunch librarian look. The makeup she wore was subtle but highlighted her prominent cheek bones and large, dark brown eyes. Her shapely legs were accentuated with a pair of classic heels. Now if she could keep her emotions under control, she'd be in good shape.

The door to the conference room opened and Aiden walked through, followed by Raffaello. She inhaled a deep breath. Good God, just seeing him again made her go weak at the knees. He's as handsome as ever. His dark wavy hair was shorter now than it had been four years ago. It suited him. She liked it--a lot. His deep blue eyes ... They seemed to draw hers to him as he made his way toward her. And his body ... It was even more spectacular than she remembered. You're still in love with him, taunted a voice in her head. What a pathetic little fool you are. She clenched her jaw. No, I am not, she fired back.

"Raffaello, this is Kate Bradford," Aiden introduced.

He extended his hand toward her. "Kate," he greeted, his tone casual.

So he isn't going to acknowledge we already know each other. That was fine by her. "Raffaello." Her voice was husky. It shouldn't be, so she cleared her throat. His hand touched hers and sent shock waves pulsing through her body. She needed to sit down otherwise her legs might just give out on her. "Shall we get started?" she offered and took a seat.

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