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Hot Spot [MultiFormat]
eBook by Tory Richards

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: There'd been something brewing between John and Sammy twenty years ago when they were teenagers. Only good-girl Sammy had been too afraid of John's bad boy image. Besides, in those days all he'd wanted was sex. She opted for his safer and more predictable brother, Pat. And when they got married, John disappeared. They're reunited during a family reunion, and the years disappear in the blink of an eye. Seeing him now, as the successful, sexy man he's become, reminds Sammy that they're both free to pursue the attraction for each other that had never been fully extinguished. Only giving in to a weekend of hot, anything-goes sex isn't the only thing Sammy faces. She has to come to terms with loving him.

eBook Publisher: Atlantic Bridge/Liquid Silver Books, Published: 2012, 2012
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2012

Chapter 1

"Give me your hands!"

"You can't pull me up."

"Just give me your hands and let me try, damn it! Do you want to be swept away?"

Sitting on her butt and bracing her feet against the ground in front of her, she stretched her arms between her legs. Sammy grabbed John's hands and began to pull with all her might, but the ground just crumbled beneath her shoes and she felt her legs start to slide over the edge of the embankment. Her eyes grew round when she realized that by trying to pull John out, she was actually pulling herself in. She felt cold water fill her shoes and slide up her pant legs.

"John! I'm sorry, John!" She exclaimed helplessly with every inch she slipped over the side. She didn't think to let go of his hands to save herself. She tried to lean back as she continued into the churning water in slow motion, too afraid of falling on top of him and making matters worse.

John still didn't budge, and the only thing Sammy could do was slide down against the front of his hard body. Embarrassingly aware of the intimate fit, she sucked in her breath. But it did no good. Before she knew it she was almost breast-deep in water, snugly wedged between his unyielding body and the soft bank behind her.

She raised her gaze to his, almost immediately becoming aware that he was now standing and was in no danger of being swept away by the current. "I thought you needed rescuing." She pushed against his chest, but it was like trying to move a mountain.

There was a look of amusement swimming in his brown eyes and a low chuckle escaped him. "I do need rescuing, from you." His gaze moved lazily down her body and back up again. "You've changed."

Heat enveloped her. She knew exactly what he meant. She'd lost weight since seeing him last.

His gaze dropped back down to her breasts. Sammy glanced down to see her tank top had slipped a little, exposing the tops of her full breasts. And she might as well have been naked because the wet material did nothing to conceal her brown, pointed nipples. Maybe he wouldn't notice. But when her gaze returned to his, she knew he had. He couldn't hide the reaction in his darkening eyes. Suddenly his smile disappeared and was replaced with something serious and intense.

She decided the best thing to do was ignore everything by getting out of there. "We need to get out of here." She hardly recognized the soft huskiness of her voice. Why am I nervous all of a sudden?

"That's the last thing I'm thinking of."

The next thing she knew, his hand moved up, cupping one breast as if he'd done it hundreds of times. She caught her breath as he ran his thumb over her nipple. What does he think he's doing?

"John..." Her voice came out in a croak. And something else was happening to Sammy. A flutter inside her belly told her she liked the liberties he was taking.

His hand stilled but remained on her breast. Their gazes clung for a moment. Sammy recognized the raw expression on John's face, the burning hunger in his eyes. She'd seen that look before. He wanted her. His cock moved against her, backing up that realization. Desire unfolded inside her, surprising her with its intensity. The intimate moment seemed surreal. Like something in a dream. Their attraction for each other had always been simmering just beneath the surface, never acted on because of the circumstances, and wrong timing.


In spite of her drawn out protest, he cupped her other breast and did the same thing, caressing the full globe with growing ardor, and tweaking the nipple. Sighing, Sammy closed her eyes to savor the moment. The pleasant tingling in her nipples traveled downward to her clit, which was being caressed by the hard bulge behind John's zipper. She arched into it during a moment of weakness, shamelessly wishing there were no clothes between them.

Her movements made John lose control and he began to squeeze and caress her breasts with more vigor. Growling, he lowered his head and kissed the side of her neck before moving to her open mouth. He kissed her roughly, forcing her head back. Sammy responded without restraint, opening her mouth to his exploring tongue while moving her lower body against his throbbing cock.

They turned wild, their sounds of pleasure mingling. John's hand tugged her tank top down until he could place his hands on her naked flesh, causing a river of heat to blast through Sammy's straining body. He broke off their kiss and lifted her until he could take a nipple inside his hot mouth. The intensity of his desire frightened Sammy, even as it fueled her own.

What are we doing?

"No, John!"

Sammy opened her eyes and sat straight up in bed, gasping for breath and hotter than Hades. What the hell? She ran her hands through her tousled hair and tried to calm her racing heart. Her exploring hand found her nipples taut and tingling. Farther down, she discovered the hair between her legs was wet, her clit swollen and sensitive. She moaned and sank back down.

This was the third night in a row she'd had a steamy dream about her ex-brother-in-law. And each one was hotter than the night before. Why? She hadn't seen him in years, not even after her divorce. They'd known each other since they were teenagers, but John had lived up to his bad-boy persona and good-girl Sammy had tried to stay away from him.

Her ex, Pat, had been the oldest of eight siblings--five girls and three boys--and John was two years older than Sammy. Being close in age, they'd all practically grown up together. She'd gotten close to the girls, and eventually fell in love with the good son, or so she'd thought at the time. Shortly after she and Pat were married, John had run off and no one had known where he was for years.

Realizing she'd run away from the man she really wanted had come too late.

She released a deep breath, and then she fluffed the sheets against her overly warm body. I'm horny beyond belief. The dildo between her mattresses wasn't cutting it anymore. Sammy wanted the real deal. She wanted a man's hands on her. She wanted John. It had been three years since her divorce and she hadn't had a man since, focusing instead on her career and getting her children through high school. Well, Olivia and Cassie were in college now and had their own lives.

Now it's my turn.

Sammy punched her pillow and tried to get comfortable, her thoughts drifting back to her dream, and John. He was the handsome one in the family, tall, lean, and exuding a danger that made ignoring him impossible. There'd always been something different about him. Almost like he was an outsider. As a teenager, he'd certainly rebelled against his strict, military father. Smoking, drinking, hanging out with the wrong crowd. Always in some kind of trouble. Always after her.

That had been another reason Sammy had avoided him. There was nothing adventurous about her, and John had actually frightened her on more than one occasion. Once, when he'd been drunk or high, or both, he'd given her a look no woman could misread. He was horny and he wanted her. He'd pressed her against the wall and kissed her long and hard, until Sammy had come to her senses and pushed him away. After that, she'd made sure never to be alone with him.

Because for a frightening moment, she'd wanted him in return.

Maybe he was on her mind because of the family reunion coming up. That was it. Now it all made sense. Sammy closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep, thinking about the upcoming weekend. It would be nice to see everyone again.

Wow! Sammy was surprised at the number of vehicles in the parking lot at Moss Park. Surely they weren't all there for the reunion. But then again, this had been a year in the making. Cassie and Olivia's aunts had told them they wanted to make sure all siblings--including their spouses, their children, and their children's families--had enough time to plan to attend the weekend-long event. As far as Sammy knew, everyone was going to be here.

Sammy laughed softly to herself, wondering if she was the only ex that had been invited. She found a spot beneath a tree, ignoring the NO PARKING sign. Spending the day wasn't in her plans. She just wanted to say hi, see a few people she hadn't seen in a while, and then leave. John's face flashed before her eyes but she shook it away. Out of everyone, he would be the one not to show up. He'd never been much into family stuff.

Sammy followed a small trail that led to the lake and picnic area where the family was to meet. When she came to the end of the path, it opened up to reveal several cabins scattered around the lake, which Sammy knew had been booked for the reunion. They were small, rustic buildings tucked into clusters of trees that offered a sort of privacy barrier for each cabin.

As she strolled toward the first picnic table, her gaze landed on a huge motorcycle parked in front of one of the cabins. She vaguely wondered who it belonged to. Laughter and screaming pulled her attention to the lake, where children and adults were swimming and playing. There was a tire on a rope hanging from a tree and they were taking turns swinging out over the water.

Sammy opened a bright red cooler, grabbed a bottle of water, and continued toward the edge of the lake. She scanned the area, seeing some familiar faces, some not so familiar. Pat and his new wife were relaxing on inner tubes, holding hands to keep from drifting apart no doubt. At least one of them was getting some. She was actually glad her ex was happy. Taking a drink of water, she turned and froze.

John O'Malley was standing in the open doorway of his cabin, his tall body braced by one arm against the jamb, while he took a sip from a brown bottle. As he lowered the bottle their eyes met, and the crooked smile Sammy remembered slowly spread across his rugged features. The years had been good to him. There didn't seem to be an ounce of spare flesh anywhere on his forty-four-year-old frame, but there was gray in his black hair, which was shorter than she remembered.

She smiled at that. It was hard to believe it had been almost twenty years since she'd seen him last. He was far removed from the lanky, cocky teenage boy with long hair and a cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth. And he was probably thinking something similar about her. Back then, Sammy had been short and a tad heavier than she would have liked. And she'd lacked the self-confidence to accept that a boy like him could really be interested in her.

She realized she was staring at him. God, I hope I'm not drooling! He looked simply delicious, and a heat began spreading over Sammy at this awareness. What was he thinking? He had yet to take his brown eyes off her.

He finally acknowledged her with a slight nod of his head, and Sammy was undecided on whether to ignore him or approach him. After all, he was family. But, in spite of the changes in his appearance over the years, he still reeked of a dangerous attraction that spelled trouble. On the other hand, they were adults now and she was suddenly curious beyond belief to know what he had been up to since the last time they saw one another. Had he remarried? Did he have children? What did he do for a living? Before she knew what she was going to say, she found herself walking in his direction.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't good-little-girl Samantha O'Malley."

John called her Samantha because he knew she didn't like her name.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't bad-boy Johnny O'Malley. And you know I don't like Samantha."

"Sam." He took another sip of his beer.

He knew she didn't like that any better, but she decided to ignore it. "Come home for the reunion?" She stopped at the bottom of the steps and smiled up at him. She caught a whiff of something mild and pleasant, manly. "I'm surprised."

He shrugged. "Figured it was time."

His gaze slid over Sammy like warm chocolate, making her squirm inside.

"You've changed."

Oh my God! The same exact thing he'd said in her dream the night before. "I've lost a pound or two." More like forty.

"You look damn good." He took a swig of his beer. "Guess the single life agrees with you."

Is that his way of finding out if I'm still single? "Doesn't it with everyone?"

Without warning, the dream came back to her. Damn! A furnace ignited within her and she was sure fire replaced the blood in her veins. Her nipples tingled, which wasn't a good sign because it usually meant they were turning hard. It was all she could do not to cross her legs to squash the sudden tingling there, too.

"It sure does with me." He finished his beer and tossed the bottle into a trash can next to the cabin.

Sammy knew John had been married for a few years to some girl he'd met at a biker bar. As far as she knew there hadn't been any children. She finished her water and did the same thing he'd done, but missed the trash can.

John chuckled. "Want a beer?" He turned without waiting for her reply.

Sammy picked up the bottle and put it in the trash. Against her better judgment, she went up the steps and through the doorway, closing the door behind her. She followed John to the back where the kitchen was located. He was opening the fridge door and reaching inside when she caught up to him. When he turned back to her, he had two bottles in one hand. She reached for one.

"So, what have you been doing all these years?" Sammy watched him twist the top off his bottle and tried to do the same with hers. "No one in the family has really been able to keep tabs on you."

"Maybe I haven't wanted them to."

He pulled the bottle out of her hand, twisted off the top, and handed it back to her.

"What, did you miss me?"

"Like a dog misses fleas." God, I don't even know what I'm saying. Why am I so nervous? She knew why. It was apparent the years separating them hadn't done anything to erase her attraction to him, to his bad-boy image and the raw power of sexuality he exuded. The three erotic dreams she'd had of him had primed her for sex. She only hoped she wasn't transparent.

His response was a crooked grin that was too sexy and made Sammy uncomfortable. Whatever was happening was happening too fast. Suddenly, finding out what he'd been doing all these years paled in comparison to the thought of getting away from him as fast as she could. Before she made a fool of herself.

Sammy turned, deciding it was time to leave. "Well, it was nice seeing you again, John. Thanks for the beer, but I think I'd better go." She set her bottle of beer down on the counter while a brief thought crossed her mind that she was running away. "Maybe we'll see each other again before I leave." She tried to sound nonchalant but was painfully aware her tone was a little too rushed, a little too shaky.

She heard John put his bottle down on the countertop behind her and instinctively picked up speed, sensing he might try to stop her. But that was silly, wasn't it? She wanted him, not the other way around. He couldn't possibly know the turmoil going on inside her. Damn those dreams! She realized coming here was a mistake. She was horny beyond belief and not thinking straight.

She reached for the doorknob and barely got the door open when he slammed it shut in her face. Sammy spun around, trapped between the door and his body. Her heart skipped a beat as she raised her eyes to his. His expression looked almost fierce, and matched the fire burning in his eyes.

"What are you doing?" Her senses went into overdrive as the warmth of his body enveloped her, threatening to suck her in.

"Where are you going so fast? You just got here."

He was too close. His warm breath sent a shiver down her spine. "I'm not in a hurry. I only came long enough to visit with the girls again."

John's gruff chuckle revealed he didn't believe her. "You can see my sisters anytime. You expect me to believe that?"

Sammy's eyes grew round. "If you think I came here to see you then you're crazy. I've spent the last twenty years--" When it dawned on her what she'd been about to say, she cut herself off.

John finished her comment for her, hitting the nail right on the head. "Trying to forget me?" His tone was low and sexier than Sammy remembered. The cockiness of youth was gone, replaced with the firm, deep tone of experience.

Keep it light, Sammy. She tried to laugh off the notion. "You wish!" She put her hands on him to push him away. "Please move."

"Why? Do I bother you?"

There was no way she was going to show him what he was doing to her. She'd worked too hard pretending she didn't like him during their brief acquaintance to ruin it now by swooning at his feet.

He leaned in closer. Sammy gasped and tried to shrink back against the door. She kept her hands flat against his chest, trying not to notice how rock hard his pectorals were. Or that his cock was hardening. Their lower bodies were flush and the feel of his erection caused a warm flow between her legs. Sweet Jesus! She was going to jump his bones if she didn't get out of there soon.

"John, please. I have to go." Was that panic in her voice? "I should never have come in."

John grabbed her by the wrists and forced her arms above her head, pinning them against the door. He ignored Sammy's gasp. "You've got that right, baby. You've been running from me since we were teenagers. Well, I made myself a promise, Sam. The next time I got you to myself, I was going to find out if fucking you was as sweet as I've dreamed it would be."

His words and the raw expression on his face fueled the fans of Sammy's hunger. She couldn't draw her gaze away from the sensual glitter in his dark eyes. Her mouth parted because she found it hard to breathe. She struggled briefly against his hands, knowing she wouldn't be able to break free. Finally, giving up and breathing heavily, she stared into his eyes.

"Do you really want me to let you go, Sam?" He slowly lowered his head. "Haven't you ever wondered what it would be like between us?"

She shook her head.


He slammed his mouth down on hers. It didn't take Sammy long to lose what little resistance she had before melding into the kiss eagerly, proving to him that she was a liar. When his tongue sought entrance into her mouth, she willingly parted her lips. Once their tongues meshed all hell broke loose. John released her wrists to trail his hands down to her breasts. She lowered her arms to wrap them around his neck.

As his mouth worked against hers, Sammy's desire grew until the tingle in her taut nipples spread to her aching pussy. She arched against his hard frame, moaning with pleasure when his hard cock throbbed against the apex of her thighs. Yes! She needed him. Needed to be filled and loved. The need coursing through her body was intense and demanded to be fed.

But at what cost? Sammy wasn't too far gone to realize making love to John would be a mistake, and she would be the one to get hurt. After he got what he wanted he'd be gone again. She'd let herself enjoy his rough kiss a minute more and then demand he let her go. Only when his hands roamed over her hips to cup her bottom, she realized she might have waited too late.

She turned her face to break their heated kiss. "John, this is silly. We can't do this." Then why was she closing her eyes and moaning as he rubbed himself against her pussy? She had to be strong. But where was she going to find the strength to ignore that her breasts were crushed against his chest and her nipples were so hard they ached?

She felt his hand curl into the hair at the back of her head. He forced her face back around so their eyes could meet, his expression fierce with desire. He was clearly nearing the end of his control. It shocked, yet thrilled Sammy to see what effect she had on him. She was thankful her responses were less visible.

"I'm not afraid of you, John." Sammy knew it seemed silly to say, considering she'd been clinging to him and kissing him a second ago.

"I don't want you to be afraid of me," he said gruffly. His nostrils were flaring. His sensual mouth turned hard. "I want you to stop running from me."

"I don't know what you're talking about." Using all of the strength she could muster, she jerked out of his arms. "You were a little too wild and unpredictable for me. I wasn't running from you, I just ran toward something better."

His laugh wasn't what she expected. "Safe, predictable Pat."

She'd married the good brother when she'd really wanted the other. But even as young as she'd been at the time, something had warned her that a life with John wouldn't have amounted to much. He'd lived on the edge.

Since John was between her and the door, Sammy backed farther into the tiny room, afraid of the determination in his eyes. Afraid of the desire coursing through her blood, almost rendering her incapable of breathing. She didn't want him touching her again, yet she'd never wanted anything so bad either. Much more of his particular brand of foreplay and she'd be begging him to fuck her.

He moved closer. Sammy took another step back. "Yes," she agreed. "He never ended up in jail."

The briefest flicker in his gaze was his only reaction to her comment. He reached forward, touching a loose curl resting against her temple. Sammy's heart skipped a beat. She tried to swallow but her mouth was too dry. The heat of his knuckles against her skin scorched her. She had to get away from him soon, before she said the hell with it and went for it. Maybe that's what he wants. To see if I'm still susceptible to him. Is this all a game to him?

"As soft as I remember."

Sammy thought back to the day before her wedding. He'd taken a hold of her ponytail, jerked her head back, and planted a long, hot kiss on her mouth. After her initial shock and resistance, the passion had exploded like an inferno between them. Their hands began to search and explore each other at a rapid pace, catching Sammy off guard until she found the strength to stop.

She'd nearly called off her wedding to Pat after that, the guilt of wanting another man eating away at her. But then reason sank in and she realized there would be no future with a man who lived on the wild side.

Gazing into each other's eyes now, Sammy slowly pulled her head back until the curl slipped from his fingers. "We're not kids anymore. You can stop playing with me." It was the only thing she could think of to say.

"No, we're two divorced, consenting adults who are free to fuck each other's brains out for the first time in twenty years."

Oh, God! Her panties became soaked with the visual his words conjured up. Unable to speak, she could only shake her head. The next step she took away from him brought her up against the fridge. She caught her breath as he slowly, and with a lazy smile, closed in on her. God, if he backed up that predatory gleam in his eyes she would be lost this time.

"And I'm about to show you how this man plays."

As soon as his mouth covered hers, Sammy's willpower to ignore his sexual pull disappeared, replaced with an all-consuming desire to yield to him. Everything. His mouth was firm, strong, demanding, and she welcomed his tongue against hers with a low, satisfied moan. He responded with a groan, and then lost control and crushed her against the fridge as if she could absorb him.

They turned wild, moving against each other with a hunger that escalated with frightening speed. Sammy's hands roamed over John's hard body, discovering the muscles beneath his T-shirt, feeling them flex under her fingers. Only she wasn't satisfied with touching him through his clothes; she wanted to feel his warm flesh beneath her palms. She lifted the hem of his shirt and wormed her way underneath. As soon as her hands touched his warm skin it set off a fresh wave of madness between them.

John's hands were at her waist and without warning he lifted her off her feet. Sammy instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist and moved her arms up to wrap them around his neck. He broke their heated kiss and put his mouth against her neck, sliding his hands down and over her ass to hold her securely in place.

"I've thought about what it would feel like to fuck you all these years, Sammy, even when you belonged to Pat. But we're both free now, and by God, today I'm going to find out the answer."

His words were followed by a bite that sent a thrill through Sammy. She shuddered, her clit throbbing with arousal, no longer caring about anything but feeding the emptiness inside. Three years of abstinence had taken a toll and she prayed this wasn't another one of her dreams that would leave her hungry and yearning.

As he walked them to a room that turned out to be a bedroom, he kept his mouth against her skin, teasing her with warm kisses. Not breaking contact, John lowered her to the bed, following her down and crushing her into the mattress with his weight.

Moaning with desire, Sammy kept her legs wrapped around his waist, relishing in the feel of his strong erection. He ground his cock into the crevice between her legs as if there wasn't a layer of clothing between them. The air was filled with the heavy echoes of their labored breathing and sounds of mutual ecstasy. Straining against each other, John's hand went to her breasts, caressing them roughly.

Sammy was wearing a bodice-fitting sundress with buttons down the front, and it didn't take John long to find and undo them enough for him to part the material. He pulled back and glanced down at her exposed flesh. Then he put his hands inside her dress and moved it away from her breasts, caressing her aching flesh along the way, and finishing by roughly tweaking her taut nipples. It was a mixture of pleasure and pain she could barely stand.

"John!" Sammy lost control, arching wildly against him. Her clit was throbbing, wanting, and needing attention. John's rough palms continued over her breasts and nipples several times, until he finally replaced his hands with his mouth. Sweet Jesus! She closed her eyes and rolled her head against the pillow beneath it. He sucked as much of her flesh into his mouth as he could, rolling her nipples with his tongue as her breast glided out.

Her hands moved down his body between them, searching and finding the buckle to his belt. She didn't know how but she managed to undo it, and then unsnap his jeans and work the zipper down. No underwear! His cock burst out into her waiting hand, hot steel and full of burning life. Sammy didn't waste any time in caressing his shaft from where it jutted out from his tight balls up to the wet tip.

"I want to taste you." The words slipped past her lips before she could stop them.

John jerked back as though in surprise. His gaze met hers. He looked wild. His eyes were almost black, his nostrils were flaring. A stamp of raw desire was etched like stone on his handsome face. His thick cock throbbed forcefully in her hand.

"Next time, baby. The first time I come I want to be inside you. Is that okay?"

Next time? There was going to be a next time? Sammy couldn't think past that moment, but she found herself nodding. And then she felt John's hands pull the skirt of her dress up her legs, past her thighs until it was bunched about her hips. Their lips met for a wet kiss while his fingers went to the damp silk covering her pussy. He teased her for a moment, flicking his finger over her, and then slipped beneath the edge of the silk to the wet plump flesh beneath.

"Fuck! You're wet and ready for me."

Yes! She pulled gently on his cock. He groaned. When his finger parted her pussy lips, slid over her swollen clit, and slipped inside her, a mini orgasm claimed Sammy and she cried out, trembling violently. She bit her bottom lip to keep from screaming a second time.

"Back right pocket. Condom. You'd better hurry."

Sammy reached for the pocket, slipped her fingers inside, and grasped the packet. Since one of John's hands was busy pleasuring her pussy, she tore the packet open with her teeth. When she had it out and was ready to put it on his shaft, he helped her by doing a one-armed push-up away from her body. She glanced down for a moment, taking in his cock. God, he was thick and long and the head was dripping. Without further hesitation, she reached between them and rolled the condom over his flesh, giving his balls a tickle with the tip of her fingers in the process.

"Fuck!" John pulled her panties aside and let her guide his shaft to the opening. No encouragement was needed. He thrust his hips forward, burying his cock deep inside Sammy's body. "Damn." He shuddered as if in the throes of climaxing. "So fucking tight, baby." He pulled back so they could meet each other's eyes. "This was worth waiting for." His flesh throbbed inside her, filling her to capacity.

Sammy tried to hold back tears as unexpected emotion threatened to choke her. It almost sounded as if he loved her, when all it really was between them was lust. She was old enough not to fall for passion-laced words during sex, knowing it was one time that anything goes. She did agree with John about one thing, though. It was worth waiting for, and far surpassed any of her thoughts or dreams. Her aching pussy was happily stuffed and waiting for action.

She arched against him, her frustration building. "What are you waiting for?"

"How do you want it?"

Sammy didn't need to think about it. "Hard and fast. Like there's no tomorrow." There was no use pretending anymore.

A slow, sexy grin appeared on John's face. He obviously liked what she said. "Then hang on tight, baby."

He crushed his mouth against hers and began to plunge into her over and over, harder and faster. Sammy arched every time he entered her body, scraping her nails over his torso in wild abandon, encouraging him unnecessarily while responding to the intense pleasure gripping her body. Their tongues mimicked what their bodies were doing, fueling the fire that was rapidly spiraling out of control.

The breath rushed from them with every thrust as they worked up a speed that promised only one outcome. Sammy was eagerly anticipating the rush, which was already coursing through her blood. She twisted under John, slipping her hands beneath his jeans and clenching her hands into his taut ass. He knew what he was doing, plunging downward over her clit to give her the ultimate gratification. The friction of his cock against her pulsing clit and swollen pussy lips quickly brought her to a climax of massive degrees.

As release exploded through her body, Sammy bit down on John's bottom lip, and then cried out, letting an earth shattering orgasm consume her body and soul. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Three years of abstinence, and in one afternoon with John, she was going up in flames.

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