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Hard Streets [MultiFormat]
eBook by John Simpson

eBook Category: Gay Fiction/Romance
eBook Description: Life as a New York City street hustler isn't easy. Luckily Sam has the older, more experienced Frankie to guide him through the pitfalls of his new life. Together, Frankie and Sam make the best of the cards they're dealt--but is there any room in an escort's life for love?

eBook Publisher: Dreamspinner Press/Dreamspinner Press, Published: 2012, 2012
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2012

* * * *
* * * *

Chapter One

Even for summer in New York City, the heat and humidity were oppressive. Temperatures had climbed so high that life was dangerous for the elderly. Sam felt sorry for the oldsters as he ran his arm over his forehead to clear away the sweat. He didn't know why he bothered. The film of moisture would be right back. The sweat had been forming continuously since he started his shift at six p.m., and he'd be here until early morning, depending upon business. His clothes already clung to him like wet napkins to a bar glass, and all he had to look forward to was more of the same.

As the young hustler leaned back against a police crowd control railing in Times Square, he knew anyone passing by would be able to see that he had a lot up front. He wore a white muscle shirt, tight jeans that barely allowed him to breathe, and comfortable sneakers. The jeans weren't Calvin Klein, and the shoes hadn't cost five hundred dollars, but he made them look good. So good that he didn't have to wait long before he was approached.

"The heat sure is a bitch tonight," an older man said as he stopped and stood casually beside Sam.

"Yeah. Sure would be nice to be somewhere cool."

"That it would," the stranger replied as he ran his gaze over Sam's fine physique.

Sam pretended to cough, turning slightly so the potential customer could check out his ass. Sam was a full-service hustler, and he'd learned all the tricks. He didn't play that I only top bullshit. If you met his price, your money rented any part of his body you wanted for a prearranged amount of time. When he was sure the man got an eyeful, he steered the conversation toward business.

"My mouth is so dry," Sam said.

"Are you thirsty?" the man asked.

"Who wouldn't be in this heat? You want to buy me a drink?"

"Are you old enough to go into a bar?"

Sam gave the man his best naughty schoolboy smile. "Do you have a hotel room?"

"Yeah, I do. It's kind of far to go for a drink, though."

Sam looked the john dead in the eyes. "Look, mister, it's real hot out here, so let's get down to the bottom line. Are you looking to party? If so, do you wanna suck me, fuck me, spank me, or what? Name your pleasure. You can have anything you can afford."

The would-be client was taken slightly aback by the hustler's directness, but he recovered quickly. "How much to go around the world?" he asked.

Sam smiled. This type was his perfect customer. The type that wanted dick, ass, anything he could get while he had the chance, and he'd pay whatever price Sam named, even if he did bitch about it first.

"That trip's rather expensive. You sure you wouldn't rather visit just one city?"

"I can afford it. How much?"

"Around the world is five hundred bucks plus cold drinks in your air-conditioned room. I don't strip bare-ass naked in an alleyway for anyone, no matter how much money they have. I might be a hustler, but I do have some class."

"That's a lot of money. How much time does it buy me?"

"For five hundred, you get ninety minutes of play."

"How much to spend the night naked in my bed, ready to have sex at any moment?"

"That would run you two thousand five hundred... in cash." For the first time, Sam looked with some interest at the guy. "Can you handle it?"

"Do I look like I can't afford my pleasures?"

"I don't mean the money, I mean all this." Sam ran a hand down his body.

"Cute. You just earned yourself a room-service dinner! Come with me, and call me Daniel."

As they walked toward a hotel right on Times Square, Sam felt the need to clarify the arrangement.

"So, let's make sure we both understand what's going on here. You want to rent me for the entire night, right?"

Daniel looked over at Sam. "I'm buying you for the night. Your ass and everything else belongs to me for the next twelve hours as often as I want it. Understood?"

"Yes, sir, I understand."

"Good boy." Daniel's glance strayed to Sam's crotch for the millionth time. "I sure hope you don't have anything stuffed down the front of those jeans."

"Nope, it's all what Mama gave me," Sam said proudly.

* * * *

The front desk clerks at Daniel's hotel gave the couple looks of disapproval, and Sam felt stares following them all the way to the elevators.

"I don't think they liked my being with you," Sam said.


"The front desk clerks."

"Fuck them. When one of them sucks my cock, then he can have an opinion. Until then, they can all shut the fuck up. My company spends a couple hundred thousand a year here. I can bring a hippo into this place if I feel like it."

To a kid who'd just turned eighteen, that was very funny. Sam laughed until he had tears in his eyes.

"Glad you like my sense of humor," Daniel said. "The people who work for me don't seem to appreciate it much."

"Well, fuck 'em. They still get their paychecks, don't they?"

"That they do, my boy. You're a sharp one." Daniel smiled. "That's what I liked about you on the street. You know what you got and what it's worth and aren't afraid to demand top dollar for it. If you had come back with a price under a hundred dollars, I'd have figured you were setting me up to be robbed, and I'd have walked away."

"Then neither of us would be happy."

"Are you going to make me happy?"

"I'll do my very best to give you everything you want, sir."

"Damn right you will, kid."

They got off the elevator on the twelfth floor and entered room 1225, a suite with a step-down living room and two bathrooms.

"Nice place," Sam commented as he looked around.

"It's a dump."

"Want me to get naked?"

Daniel looked at his Rolex. "For the next twelve hours, beginning now, you will do what I say, when I say, and nothing else. Get it?"

"Sorry, sir, of course," Sam responded, intuiting the client's need to dominate.

Sam usually didn't take shit from johns with issues, but for the amount this guy was paying, Sam would let him do or say anything that didn't cause permanent damage or involve certain bodily functions.

"Go grab the room service menu, tell me what you want, and then get your ass into the guest shower and clean up from head to toe. Clean every inch of your body with soap. You stink of sweat. Do you understand?"

"Yes, sir," Sam said as he located the menu and thumbed through it.

"Pick anything you want as long as it's the best they've got."

Sam salivated at the choices on the in-room dining menu. Since he'd been told to order the best, that's what he was going to do.

"I'd like a steak and fries with iced tea," Sam said. "Ice cream for dessert would be nice. It's been a damn hot day."

"How do you want the steak done?"

"Medium, sir. And make the ice cream chocolate, please," he said, pushing his luck.

"Chocolate it is. Now get your ass in the shower and come out wearing only the robe you'll find on the back of the bathroom door."

"Yes, sir," Sam said.

As the man returned Sam's playful salute, Sam saw that he wore a solitaire diamond ring. Sam had a pretty good eye for gems, and the diamond looked to be at least two carats. He smiled at his good fortune as he left the room, assured that his customer could afford him.

Sam went into the guest bathroom, stripped off his tight clothes, found the robe right where his trick said it would be, and got into the shower. He did as he was told and washed every inch of his body, giving his hole an extra-good scrubbing. A lot of tricks got off on eating him out, so he wanted to be as clean as possible.

He washed his dick until it was hard, making sure he got it clean, then rinsed off and got out of the tub. After grabbing a towel, he dried his hair and his body. As he toweled off, he inspected himself for any imperfections, not really expecting to find any. He kept himself in shape and well groomed to attract business. Pleased with what he saw in the mirror, Sam reckoned his john was lucky to have such an attractive hustler. There was a lot worse out there walking the streets.

Twenty-five minutes later, he emerged from the bathroom wearing nothing but the robe as he'd been ordered. He didn't see his temporary employer, so he sat down on the sofa and spread his legs to let air get between them. The furniture was comfortable and, combined with the cool, relaxing shower, was starting to make Sam drowsy.

A knock brought him back to his surroundings, and Daniel called to him to get the door. He opened the outer door and found a member of the hotel staff with a cart of covered dishes. The waiter smiled pleasantly at Sam as he silently pushed the room service cart past him. "Would you like me to set up, sir?" he asked.

"Uh, sure," Sam said.

The waiter put the covered dishes down on a small table by the wall of windows. Swiftly and efficiently, he set out silverware, the vase of flowers, and two iced teas.

When the man was finished setting up, Daniel came in and signed the check. Once they were alone, Daniel looked Sam over from head to toe before he motioned to the table. Sam sat and removed the plate cover to find a steak, french fries, and a green salad on the side. A sweating silver cup of chocolate ice cream sat in the corner, slowly melting, begging to be eaten.

"This looks great," he said, glancing over at Daniel's plate of Cobb salad.

"It should be for what it cost. Now eat, because you're gonna need the energy," he said with a laugh that made Sam a little nervous.

"Thank you, sir," Sam replied as he dug into the juicy steak. It was the best meal Sam had eaten in weeks. After being thrown out of his house over six months ago when his hidebound, religious parents found out he was gay, Sam had adjusted to eating what and when he could. There was no such thing now as a guaranteed dinner each day. Finally, tired of competing with an army of beggars on the street, he'd decided to sell the only thing of value he had--his body.

He was lucky to make friends with a hustler a year older than him who showed him the ropes. Frankie was taller than Sam and a little heavier. Sam wasn't soft; his muscles were well-toned, but he was undeniably a pretty boy. Frankie had broad shoulders and the kind of chunky musculature you get by working hard, not working out. He was good to Sam, and Sam not only found him attractive, he trusted him totally. If only Frankie were here with him, he wouldn't feel so nervous.

"Is the steak good?" Daniel asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, sir, I'm loving it. It's the best food I've had in a very long time."

"Why do I suspect you haven't had a decent meal in a while?"

"I really don't like talking about it, but I've been on my own for over six months, and I've only got one friend here in New York," Sam answered.

"Is that right? Pretty little thing like you all on your own?" Daniel sneered. "Well, I'm paying you two and a half grand to spend the night with me, so whatever your reasons for selling your ass on the street, you have to be happy with this payday."

"I do what I have to do to survive. Doesn't mean I'm proud of it."

"It's a tough world out there, boy, and no one is gonna give you something for nothing. If that sweet ass of yours is all you got, then that's what you use."

"I'm not nave. Not one man has ever walked up to me and offered to help without wanting what's in my pants. I can deal with that."

"Okay, kid, anything you say. But don't worry. You're going to earn your money."

After they'd finished eating, Daniel told Sam to push the cart with the dirty dishes out into the hall. When he returned, his john looked him up and down before speaking abruptly.

"It's show time, act one. This way."

Daniel walked into the bedroom, and Sam followed.

"Take off the robe." Daniel sat down on the bed to watch.

Even though Sam was proud of his body, he was incongruously shy about exposing it to a stranger in a hotel room. It was different in a back alley where a trick just wanted a blow job or Sam's dick or ass. It was all just zippers. This... this made him feel terribly vulnerable.

As the robe hit the floor, the client slowly looked Sam up and down, letting his gaze rest on Sam's package. Sam heard the man gasp.

"Come over here," Daniel ordered with a fevered look in his eyes.

Sam walked over to the bed until he was standing right in front of his client.

"You are truly beautiful, boy. My God, someone should sculpt a nude statue of you. You're worth every penny. Now get down on your knees and lick my balls, but don't go up on my cock."

Sam knelt, untied Daniel's robe, and pulled it apart. He found a small dick and two large balls and went to work. He licked for what seemed like hours before the man was fully erect. When the client was finally hard, he gave his next command.

"Lick my dick now."

Sam did as he was told and spent the next half hour licking, but not sucking, the man's dick.

"Lie down on the bed, facedown," the client said.

As Sam stood up, he saw Daniel frown when he noticed Sam wasn't hard. Daniel grabbed Sam's cock and stroked until it was erect.

"Ah, youth," he chuckled. "Now lie down."

Figuring he was about to get fucked, Sam relaxed his muscles. The man was small-cocked, and he knew he wouldn't have any problem taking his dick. However, a smallish dick poking at his ass cheeks was not the next thing Sam felt. With a cracking noise, a fiery stripe of pain was laid across Sam's buttocks.

Sam yelped and looked over his shoulder. "What the fuck, man?" he said when he saw his client with a wide leather belt in his hand.

"You said I could have whatever I could afford, so shut up and take it."

Sam had agreed to do whatever the client wanted, so he folded his arms under his forehead and gritted his teeth. Blow after blow rained down on his ass as he forced himself to lie there and take it. When he yelled in pain after several strokes, he got a solid one across his back. "You holler like that again, and I'll tear you up good," the man warned viciously.

Sam endured another thirty strikes on his ass, thankful that it had become numb from the beating. Finally it ended, and Sam heard the large belt hit the floor. The man kissed his ass cheeks repeatedly before pulling them apart. Sam groaned as the client began to tongue his hole deeply. He lost track of time but eventually the anilingus ended. He heard a condom wrapper being torn open and looked to see if it was actually being used.

The client bent down, spit on Sam's asshole, and then shoved his dick right in. Even though he was not well-endowed, he was still at least four or five inches, and the force of the thrust along with a lack of anything but spit for lube made the penetration painful.

Sam was pulled up onto all fours, and the john slammed into his ass without mercy. Just when Sam was sure he couldn't take it any longer, the man climaxed. As Daniel pulled out, Sam let out the breath he'd been holding since the fucking started.

"Stay like that," Daniel ordered as he went into the bathroom.

Sam reached back and found ridged welts all over his ass cheeks. He would have to remember to take this specialty off the menu from now on, but for this one, it was too late. The trick had bought the right to do what he wanted, and Sam wasn't going back on his word.

When the john came back, he smacked Sam on the ass, making Sam's skin burn even worse.

"Sit on the edge of the bed," Daniel said.

Sam sat and looked up at his client, wishing the twelve hours were over.

"Open your mouth and suck my dick till I bust another nut, and swallow every drop that comes out. If you don't get me off, I'll give you another ass whipping, which I happen to enjoy as much as cumming."

Sam looked at the tiny, wrinkled penis and took it in his mouth rather than endure another whipping. He sucked and sucked until he finally got the man hard once more. After an interminable amount of sucking, the client finally came, and Sam swallowed his bitter-tasting semen.

"Good boy! The minute I saw you, I knew you were going to be good at this. That's enough for now. Get under the sheets while I turn off the lights."

After getting into bed, he turned on the television and pulled Sam to his side. When some time had gone by, he got on top of Sam and kissed him, using his tongue, the same tongue that had done such a great job of rimming Sam's ass. It was hard for Sam not to gag as he imagined he could taste himself in the kiss. After thrusting his tongue into Sam's unwilling mouth, Daniel rolled off him and reached for his dick. He wasn't happy to find Sam was as soft as cream cheese in the sun.

"Not turned on, I see. Well, that wasn't a requirement of your employment, but let's see what we can do about it," Daniel said as he fondled Sam's large unit.

Sam shut his eyes and made believe it was Frankie's hand on his cock. The fantasy worked, and Sam's eight inches were standing tall.

"That's much better, you hung little bastard," the man said as he whipped the sheets off the bed.

"Mount my chest and mouth-fuck me until you shoot your sweet cream down my throat. I hope you shoot a lot."

"I usually do," Sam replied, trying to make the best of the situation.

As Sam moved onto the man's chest, pain from his ass struck him like a thunderbolt, making him flinch. When the man opened his mouth, Sam took some revenge for the ass whipping by forcefully face-fucking his trick, driving his cock in as far as he could. However, his plan backfired when the hard fucking got the man aroused again. The client ate it up, even when Sam could tell the head of his dick was entering the man's throat.

Sam did his best to make it last as long as possible, but the client was no amateur cocksucker, and Sam felt his climax building. When he attempted to slow down, the man slapped his ass hard and pulled at his hips, forcing him to continue at a fast speed.

Unable to hold back any longer, Sam climaxed. He shot in the man's mouth, down his throat, and anywhere else he could. When the client had drained all Sam's cum, he continued to suck on the softening cock, licking the slit every few seconds in case there was a drop of semen he'd missed. Only then did he let Sam's cock slide from his mouth and flop down on his chest.

"Good boy. You fed me a real good load. Roll over and lie next to me."

Sam did as he was told and lay there panting a little from the exertion.

"You look a bit tired. Did you really think you were just going to suck me off for that much money? I told you you'd earn every dime, and you will. I'm not done with you by a long shot, but for now, you can rest. I'll wake you up when I'm ready for more. I'll want you to spend a lot of time eating my ass out good, but you can decline that in exchange for another ass whipping. Now get some rest, because I'm going to fuck you again as soon as I can get it up."

Sam looked at the alarm clock and saw he still had another seven hours with this man. At what point did the abuse outweigh even this much cash? Wearily, he closed his eyes and managed to sleep fitfully, mainly because his body needed the rest to begin healing. When Daniel woke him, he was thankful there was only one hour left on the clock.

"Wake up, pretty boy. Time for another round," the client said with a smile that showed off a gold tooth. "What's it going to be? Are you using that delicious tongue on my ass, or are you taking another whipping?"

Sam thought about the options, and neither was appealing. However, he knew his ass would recover from the man's belt, whereas the disease he might pick up from the other could be with him for the rest of his life.

"I'll take the whipping," Sam said quietly.

"Fine. Either choice makes me a winner. After I'm done turning your beauty of an ass red, I'm going to give you another rough fucking. Then I want your cock and balls, and you're done. This time, pile all the pillows up and lie over them. That will point your ass straight up and make a wonderful sight."

Knowing that his long "date" was almost over put a little spring in Sam's movements. He did as instructed and waited face down on the mound of pillows with his ass fully exposed.

The client kissed each cheek over and over and slipped his tongue between them, hitting the hot button that made Sam moan with pleasure. Each time Sam moaned, the john smiled.

He leaned over, picked up the same wide leather belt he had used earlier, and took aim on Sam's upturned, vulnerable ass. The strength of the blows made the entire bed shake. After a few minutes, Sam began to plead for an end to the whipping. In response, the client lashed Sam so hard that he rolled off the pillows.

"Ah, you felt that one, didn't you? Okay, your whipping is over. Get on your knees and suck me hard."

Sam did as he was told and was relieved when it only took a couple of minutes to get the older man hard. Daniel had really gotten turned on while he was using the belt, so it was much easier than Sam had anticipated.

"Get on the bed doggy style, boy."

Knowing it was almost over, Sam pushed his welted ass out for the client.

"That is one sweet sight. Don't ever sell that ass on the cheap, you hear me?"

Sam heard the john spit and felt it hit on his hole. Once again, after rolling on a condom, the man rammed his dick into Sam without preparation, making Sam squeal in pain. It took Daniel a long time to cum, and when he pulled out of Sam's abused ass, Sam was drained.

"You're a good boy. Now, I want to taste your ball juice. Get back up on the bed so I can suck your prick, pretty boy."

Sam did as he was told, thinking that at least this wouldn't hurt. He was more worried about not getting hard. He didn't want to piss the guy off. When he felt the older man's mouth on his soft cock, he once again made believe it was his buddy Frankie. Eventually it worked, and when Sam was hard, the man worked him like a pro until he blew a load down the trick's hungry mouth. The customer milked Sam's cock for every drop he could get before he let it slide from his mouth.

"That was sweet, boy. Nothing like a young man's cum. Never had one as young as you. I'm not into little kiddies, but I like 'em fresh--and legal like you. Now get dressed."

Sam moved slowly, feeling the heat from his ass as he slipped on his underwear, T-shirt, socks, and jeans. When he had his sneakers on, he walked out into the other room of the suite where he found his trick waiting, dressed once again in the bathrobe.

"One piece of advice, young hustler," the man said. "Always, and I mean always, get your money up front. If I chose to, I could have security remove you and not even give you a dime. Then what? You go to the police and complain that you were hustling and your trick failed to pay you? The cops would laugh you out of the station and probably kick your ass for your trouble."

"You'd better not be thinking about cheating me out of my money. I earned it."

"Lucky for you, I pay for what I buy."

The man handed Sam an envelope, and Sam removed the cash and counted it, which seemed to please the client.

"Sir, there's three thousand here."

"Consider the extra five hundred a tip for taking the whippings like a man and giving me an extra good time. Now get out."

Sam put all the cash back into the envelope, folding it up and stuffing it into the front pocket of his jeans, where it bulged as prominently as his cock. He walked gingerly to the door of the suite, and looked back to find his client smiling broadly. "I love it when I get to whip a boy's ass as hard as I did yours. Maybe I'll hire you again on my next trip just for that."

"You can't afford me next time," Sam said, blinking back a tear.

With nothing else to say, he left the suite and walked slowly to the elevator. He had three thousand dollars in his pocket, but he wasn't sure it was worth what he'd gone through to get it.

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