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Control Issues: A Collection Of BDSM Erotica [MultiFormat]
eBook by Shashauna Thomas

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: Here's is a must-have, must-read collection of short stories for any fan of truly erotic BDSM fiction by one of the best writers we've had the pleasure of publishing: Shashauna P. Thomas. This author sas she loves to write about bondage and submission because it allows her "imagination to run wild..." In this enthralling collection Shashauna P. Thomas explores the various ways pleasure and pain go hand in hand, investigating the world of doms, subs, switches, masters, and slaves, from those who crave exhibitionism to those who crave forms of humiliation ... taking charge of others, submitting to others, or in some cases both. For those just learning about the BDSM its forbidden mystic is an allure that is hard to resist. And for those already in the lifestyle, everyday holds new tantalizing prospects. Her goal for this collection she says is "to give the reader a sample of the wickedly delicious stories my vivid imagination is capable of." Shashauna P. Thomas graduated with two BAs' before returning to the Bronx where she was born and raised to live with family. She's had a number of short stories published. You can find her previously published works in numerous erotic anthologies such as Zane's Missionary No More: Purple Panties II, Gotta Have it: 69 Stories of Sudden Sex, edited by Rachel K. Bussel, Six of the Best - Spanking Stories, Love on the Battle Field -- And Other Stories, and The Ultimate Uniforms Collection.

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2012


Melissa hadn't arrived yet and already the anticipation was getting to her. Her hands shook as she held onto the steering wheel, her nipples were as hard as rocks, her clit tingled, and her pussy was already gathering moisture just imagining what awaited her once she arrived at the party. Mistress Paige. Just the name made Melissa shiver. That woman's imagination was infinite. None of the other female Doms she'd dealt with in the past ever took Melissa to the heights Mistress Paige managed to. It was one of the reasons she kept finding herself drawn back here to the decadent parties thrown once a month. A place where Doms and subs, like her, could come together and play to their hearts content.

Like clockwork every month Melissa received her invitation in the mail for the party. Each time she tries reminding herself of the promise she made. That the previous party would be the last time she went. The last time she'd indulge in the pleasures of Mistress Paige and her domination of the senses. She told herself that continuing on this path was dangerous. Headed straight for disaster. That if anyone in her normal everyday life knew what she liked ... what she craved it could ruin her. No matter how often Melissa told herself not to go back it always ended up the same. The lure of Mistress Paige, seeing her in action with other submissives or having the pleasure of being the focus of her attention. The deliciously wicked things that woman could do with nipple clamps, canes, floggers, and any other toy she could get her hands on. It all was too great to resist. So no matter how hard she tried to stay away, each month Melissa found herself once again drawn to these parties. To Mistress Paige's playroom. There was no denying she was hooked.

Quickly Melissa checked her red hair and the silver Mardi Gra mask she wore in the rearview mirror before exiting the car. A number of the regular guests who attend these parties wore masks like hers to keep their identity secret. Like Melissa, they stood a lot to loose if the wrong person saw them here. Of course there were others like Mistress Paige who didn't wear masks. They could care less who saw them here engaging in the sexual decadence of BDSM. They had nothing to hide. Melissa always admired them and how freeing it must be to say 'this is who I am and this is what I enjoy'. It was something she hoped to say one day herself ... when the time was right.

Until then Melissa had to be very careful when and where she allowed herself to indulge in her submissive side. It's one of the reasons she began going to these monthly invitation-only parties. Each month they're held at different locations. One of the host's many ways of keeping anonymity for themselves as well as each of the guests. The air of mystery it gave the party also served as an added aphrodisiac for everyone. Its one place Melissa felt free to do anything and anyone she wanted. A place where your imagination was the only limit. Hundreds of men and women were all drawn there for the same reason ... to explore the highly sensual and sexual atmosphere of these parties freely. A place where they could find true satisfaction. The kind that vanilla sex can't provide. And where one can explore his or her limits without fear. With total abandon. Melissa first began coming to these parties because of the atmosphere, but she kept coming back because of Mistress Paige.

This month's festivities were to be held in a big and beautiful rented mansion. One well known for its history as well as it's large gated iron walls. Walls that ensured the privacy to the grounds, the mansion, and all its guests. As usual Melissa was bombarded with sights and sounds of other party guests in various sexual positions as soon as she entered the front door. To the untrained eye it would probably look like huge orgies taking place in various rooms, but she knew better. There were subs sitting on the floor beside their Doms while others were perched on their Dom's laps. All were watching various scenes playing out before them...or participating in scenes themselves. One scene Melissa got a glimpse of on the way in was a pretty petite blond on her knees sucking an impressive size cock. She knew both were subs from the collars they wore. A quick glance to the right and immediately Melissa was able to pick out their Dom from all the other on lookers. She was a beautiful raven-haired woman dressed head to toe in leather. Reclined in her chair with a glass of amber liquor in her hand as she calmly told her subs what to do. Across the hall in a different room there was another Dom taking much pleasure in flogging his female submissive for an audience. She was completely naked bent over a riding bench with her wrists and ankles secured in restraints. Her ass was already a nice shade of pink, but the Dom clearly was nowhere near done with her.

What went on in these two rooms were most likely going on in every other room of the mansion. Behind each door a different sensual delight, one just as tempting as the other. That is ... for the other partygoers, but not for Melissa. As if Mistress Paige were luring her with a silent call, she by passed all the front open rooms, and made her way down the hall towards the back of the mansion. The sounds of pleasure coming from behind closed doors rang in Melissa's ears as she made her way downstairs. Fueling her imagination and arousal. Causing her heart to begin pounding in anticipation.

By the time she reached the bottom of the stairs she heard the sound of a woman's muffled cry and the lash of the cat-o-nine tails. She knew that sound anywhere. It was one of Mistress Paige's favorite toys. Her skin began prickling all over as she remembered the feel of the cat-o-nine tails against her own bare flesh. With each step Melissa took the faster her heart pounded. If her thoughts weren't enough to make her wet than the scene Melissa walked in on once she rounded the corner was guaranteed to do it. From the looks of it the room was at one time a wine cellar, but now ... tonight ... it was Mistress Paige's playroom.

There standing in the middle of the room was a woman, completely naked except for a Mardi Gra mask and a ball gag in her mouth. Her arms were secured in restraints above her head. The lights were off, but the entire room was lit up with hundreds of candles scattered around the large room. The warm candlelight made her skin glow and did nothing to hide that her entire body was covered in sweat. It also showed clearly the red welts on her hips and thighs where the cat-o-nine tails had landed. Standing only a few paces behind her was Mistress Paige. Tonight she wore a revealing black leather bustier with matching boots that reached past her knees, black gloves that reached her elbows, and her shoulder length black hair was held back from her face by a black headband. Her skin also glowed in the candlelight with a light sheen of sweat. Though she loved every inch of Mistress Paige's outfit and skin, the part that held her interest the most was the black leather strap on she wore with the nine inch black cock sticking out between her legs. It was so smooth and thick that Melissa wanted to immediately drop to her knees before Mistress Paige and beg to suck it for her. Though common sense told her she'd probably get more out of that than Mistress did.

"I was wondering when you were going to show up Melissa." Mistress Paige's voice quickly brought her attention away from the strap on and back to the present. "Britney and I were just talking about you. Weren't we Britney?" She said in that smooth seductive voice of hers. Britney was still gagged, but her muffled 'yes Mistress' was pretty clear along with her noticeable nod. "You've come just in time to help me finish Britney off. She's been very good this evening and has earned her reward. You'll help me finish her off before we move onto you." She added as she finally turned to look in Melissa's direction. The way Mistress Paige's voice deepened towards the end made the words feel like a caress on her skin. Of course the little clothing Melissa wore did little to shield from their gazes. Wearing black heels, black string bikini, and a short see through nit mesh dress. The black satin choker she wore finished off her look perfectly. Melissa didn't wear any Dom's collar because she hadn't found the right one yet. The only Dom that has come close to making her want to wear their collar was Mistress Paige, and the Mistress gave no indication she wanted to collar her. Even if she did Melissa knew the dangers of letting their relationship go that far. "Come closer Melissa. Stand in front of Britney."

Quickly Melissa closed the distance between them and silently stood where she was told as she faced both stunning women. She'd seen Britney here before. Melissa suspected Britney was as addicted to Mistress Paige as she was. Melissa and Britney were the same height with similar builds, though Britney had bigger breasts and was more on the fleshy side. Britney was a beautiful woman who enjoyed the bite of pain as much as Melissa did. Her bare pussy and the inside of her thighs were covered in her cream. She must've been fighting off orgasm for some time now. Melissa knew how Mistress Paige loved to prolong her torment. Making the moment of climax more intense when she finally allowed them to cum.

"Get down on your knees." Once again Melissa readily did as she was told and knelt before Britney. "Sample her juices and tell me how it tastes." Mistress Paige commanded. Melissa placed both her hands on the outside of Britney's thighs as her head moved closer to her center. She stuck her tongue out and took a light tentative lick of Britney's labia. Making sure to keep the touch light so she didn't send her over the edge before Mistress Paige told her to. Britney's flavor was subtle, but delicious. Melissa took another long swipe with her tongue before she leaned back and told Mistress Paige how she tasted.

"She's yummy Mistress." Melissa said.

"Than go ahead and have your fill. Taste her thoroughly." With Mistress's permission Melissa dove in with abandon. Taking her time to savor every inch of her center while listening to Britney's moans of enjoyment and hearing Mistress Paige's voice seductively whispering words into Britney's ear. By the time Mistress Paige gave Britney permission to cum, Melissa was wrestling with her own arousal. She continued to lap at her soaked entrance as Britney's release flowed out on Melissa's tongue like honey. "That's a good girl. Eat every last drop." Mistress Paige coaxed. One of Mistress Paige's hands slowly trailed along Britney's red marks and the other loosely held Melissa's head in place. As soon as Britney finished and Melissa had licked her clean thoroughly Mistress Paige released her head and told Melissa to stand.

Despite Melissa's legs wobbling slightly she managed to get to her feet quickly and take a small step back where she eagerly awaited Mistress's next instruction. "Undress slowly." Mistress Paige commanded. Melissa nodded before slowly taking off all her clothes. She watched them as they stared back at her. Mistress Paige undid Britney's bindings and took off her ball gag. All the while neither took their eyes off Melissa's body. "Doesn't Melissa have a stunning body Britney?"

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