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Chase of an Adventure: Fifty Shades of Gay [MultiFormat]
eBook by Ryan Field

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica/Gay Fiction
eBook Description: In this third novel from the Chase of a Lifetime series, Jim Darling and Len Mayfield are picking up the pieces in the wake of Cain Mayfield's tragic death. While Jim is busy working on a new marketing plan for Carol Greene's medical marijuana dispensaries, Len is trying to figure out ways to get Jim to experiment with BDSM. Though Jim Darling misses his best friend Cain so much it hurts, he's willing to do anything to please his husband?a husband who suddenly seems like a different person Jim can't figure out. After a terrible scare that involves bees and their toddler son, Culum, they get a phone call from Len Mayfield's estranged mother in Connecticut that changes their lives forever. For the first time since Jim had known Len, he finally meets the family Len has refused to talk about and Jim is in for more than a few surprises. With all the original characters from previous books, Jim and Len wind up rediscovering their relationship. Jim also discovers there are more than a few shades of gay and he has to figure out how to deal with them on his own terms. Will the next tragedy they face bring them closer or pull them apart? And will Jim ever come to terms with the things his husband expects him to do?

eBook Publisher: Ravenous Romance, Published: 2012
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2012

Chapter One

One of the things Jim Darling did not expect when Len Mayfield told him he wanted to turn their home in Chatsworth, California, into a working ranch was for Len to buy the ranch next door and turn it into a dDude rRanch. The entire family was still in the process of recovering from the shock of Len's son, Cain Mayfield, dying in a tragic automobile accident only seven months earlier. Jim had been hoping Len would leave his career in investment banking and take a year off to recuperate.

But Jim should have known his husband better than that. Len Mayfield didn't sit still for long. On a bright California morning in early March, Len asked Jim to pass the cream and said, "I have a surprise for you."

Jim sighed and reached across the table to pick up a piece of banana their toddler son, Culum, had dropped. Culum had been trying to drop the banana slice on the floor without being noticed but he'd missed and it wound up on the edge of the table instead. The three- year- old liked to feed their large tan Labrador, Clinger, when no one was looking, which was the reason Clinger always sat next to Culum during meals.

Len said, "I think this is going to blow your mind."

Jim smiled and shoved the slimy banana slice into a napkin. He sent Culum a look and glanced across the table at Len. "What's going to blow my mind?" It was getting late and he still had to get Culum ready for pre-school. He had to leave enough time for traffic in order to drop Culum off in West Hollywood at pre-school and still have time for an important meeting with his boss in Beverly Hills. The only thing that would have blown Jim away that morning was for a helicopter to magically appear so he wouldn't have to deal with traffic that morning. He hated feeling this way. He loved the ranch and he loved living in Chatsworth. But there were mornings like this, when he missed his old house in the Hollywood Hills where it was so much easier to get around.

Len stood up and squared his back as if he were about to make a speech. "I bought the ranch next door."

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