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Mr. Wham Bam [MultiFormat]
eBook by Alexandra O'Hurley

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: The man of her dreams . . . absolutely not! Determined not to become the next notch on his bedpost, she plans to ignore the hot, sexy, yummy man. That is until she discovers Mr. Wham Bam is not playing fair and emotions take over. Kensington Clarke is career-driven and completely focused, so when she meets Jace, or as her friends call him, Mr. Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma'am, she ignores the attraction she feels. His charm is wasted on her. She doesn't want to be another notch in his bedpost and doesn't have time for his attentions, even if he's the sexiest man she's ever seen and the mere mention of his name makes her panties wet. Romantic entanglements just aren't on the agenda. Jace Briarfield is accustomed to women throwing themselves at his feet. He's not egotistical; it's just a horrible fact of life. All the women are the same and only want him for his face, his package, and his bank account, not the man he is inside. When he meets Kensington, he knows she's different from the rest, especially when she ignores him. Having to chase a woman is a new experience, but one he is prepared to face head-on. He's ready to be the relationship kind of guy. When a drunken text from Kensington starts them on a roller coaster of emotional and sexual combat, he doesn't do the obvious thing, much to Kensington's chagrin. She wakes up in his bed, hung-over and grumpy, ready to run from him once more. Jace refuses to let her hide again, making her face the assumptions that threaten to ruin their chance at happiness. Will she ever let down her walls and let Mr. Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma'am catch her?

eBook Publisher: Atlantic Bridge/Liquid Silver Books, Published: 2012, 2012
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2012

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter 1

She felt the phone buzz in her hand once more as she sat watching the crowded club, her head swimming as she observed the dancing bodies swirling in the cloying heat. Fanning herself, she wasn't quite sure if the heat was from the crowd or the seductive text conversation on her cell. She was already at the point where her nipples were hard, and her pussy was wet. Jace had a way of getting her hot and bothered quite easily, which was the reason she'd spent months avoiding him. Tonight, the tables were turned, and she'd reached out to him in need of a night's worth of satisfaction, liquid courage fueling her desire.

You like it a little rough, do you Kensington?

I do. Cn you handl that?

Kensington "Kenzie" Clarke sat in the booth--alone--as she answered the text, the pulse of the bass from the music vibrating through her body. She was close to the stage and the speakers, the sound throbbing almost as fast as her heartbeat. Empty beer bottles and shot glasses littered the table before her. Her friends were hard-core partiers, and the mess showed just how well they lived up to their reputations. She'd been one of the throng once upon a time, when she'd been a cute coed about to take on the world. Now, closer to the end of that particular decade, she realized she'd left this world far behind her.

She felt lost and alone. This wasn't her world anymore. Coming out had been about shaking off the last few months of hard work and stress she'd collected on the job. Only she'd now entered a whole new world of stress. Kenzie had left this lifestyle behind her, and the more she drank, the more obvious it was to her she didn't belong here. She wasn't a total social pariah, but her small group of friends was enough for her now. Clutching the one thing that would make her feel a little less lonely, she'd pulled her phone from her coat pocket. Without conscious thought, her fingers had started texting a hello to Jace.

Never mind that it was nearly midnight. She was out looking for her Prince Charming and her pumpkin coach to whisk her away from the bright lights and loud music, although she didn't want happily ever after.

I can tie you to my bed and fuck you all night long.

Kenzie imagined Jace could do that and more. She was sure he could fulfill her and well. She'd heard the stories about his prowess in the bedroom. Mr. Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma'am had a reputation for giving women exactly what they wanted and then leaving them as soon as he could get his clothes back on. Luckily for him, that's all she wanted--one night. Fuck Cinderella. The ball was good enough for her. All she wanted was to slake the lust she'd felt since the first moment she'd laid eyes on him. She had no time for a relationship anyway, so why not give in to his blatant interest? He'd been chasing her for months now. Perhaps it was time to let loose and go wild, if only for one night.

She moved one of her hands under the table, pressing her fingers against her throbbing clit. Her mind drifted, imagining the scene Jace provided ... her naked and tied spread-eagle on his bed, his tongue in her pussy, his big dick, long and thick, against her thigh. She closed her eyes as she envisioned him thrusting away, his body slapping against hers as she screamed in pleasure.

She opened her eyes and glanced around, making sure no one saw her sneak a feel. Not that she could focus all that well on the burgeoning crowd, so who knew if she'd been spied upon or not? She was alone at the table; that would have to be good enough. Her "club friends" were all off dancing and smoking and drinking. God only knew where her bestie, Michelle, had disappeared to. She was the only real friend she had here, and she'd abandoned her.

Last time Kenzie had seen her, Michelle's arms were waving in the air, her body pressed up against some Latin hunk on the dance floor. Good for her. Michelle was an all work and no play kind of girl, just like Kenzie. At least one of them had the good sense to let her hair down and have some fun. Plus, Michelle was a single mom who went out less than Kenzie did. She, of anyone, had the right to a good time tonight.

Glancing out into the club, she saw another pair of hot guys walk past the table, their gaze roaming over her as they approached. A quick smile came from both, but there was something in their stare that told her they just weren't interested. All night, it had been the same. Every man in the place had been courteous, but not one had asked her to dance. No drinks were bought. No flirtation had occurred.

She looked down at her outfit and smoothed the wrinkles in her too-tight dress, the last one she tried on, and the only one that still fit. All work and no play, and she'd added a few pounds to her curvy frame. Coupled with the fact not one man in the club had hit on her all night, her ego was shattered.

Kenzie was a pretty girl. She looked really good tonight. Why hadn't anyone wanted to dance or buy her a drink so he could flirt for a few minutes, maybe even steal a kiss or two?

Irritation rolled through her. She was an attractive woman, maybe not gorgeous, but she had turned many a head in this particular club not that long ago. She downed the last of her bottle and then flagged down the waitress. Kenzie had lost count of how many she'd had, but it was a downward spiral at this point. And if her text flirtation went to the next level as she hoped it would, she'd need all the liquid courage she could get.

"Another rum and Coke and a SoCo and lime."

"Hon, don't you think you've found your limit tonight?"

Kenzie eyed the waitress, knowing the woman was looking out for her, but the logical side of her brain was being held hostage at this point. "Not yet; there's still room for improvement."

The waitress glanced at her before shaking her head as she walked away.

Don mak promisesss you cant fulfll

Lights flashed all around, illuminating the space with reds, blues, and greens. Vision wavering, she attempted to focus on the phone in her hands. It had just vibrated--another response from Jace.

Um, just how much have you had tonight, Kensington?

She both hated and loved that he used her full name. It reminded her of being a reprimanded child, yet his voice was so incredibly sexual she just wanted to sigh with delight when he talked. Kenzie heard his deep, raspy baritone in her mind as she read the words on the screen, and it made her shiver. The sound was liquid, oozing with sexual innuendo. She wondered if he even realized it was there.

The waitress brought over the two drinks she'd requested. She sighed after shooting the SoCo and lime, the liquid burning down her throat, quenching one passion for the night. She looked back to the phone. The man on the other end could satisfy the other. She always got so horny when she partook, and considering she'd received no interest all night, she was willing to fix the situation with the easiest man she knew.

Enough. I think I have room for a couple more

Stop. I'm coming to pick you up

Come on then big boy

I'll be there in ten

Kenzie looked down at the wavering phone in her hands. She could hardly believe she'd sent the texts in the first place. She reread the few short lines of conversation she'd engaged in with Jace. She could see, even through her drunken haze, she'd agreed to let him come get her. Not just come get her, but take her back to his place and fuck the life out of her, leaving her gasping for breath.

After swallowing down the rum and Coke, she dropped a few bills on the waitress' tray as she weaved past. She stumbled slightly as she walked to the door, corrected herself, and let the icy blast of cold air hit her face as she pushed the heavy door open. It was sobering and cooled her from her lust.

Am I stupid? She'd been avoiding Jace for weeks now, knowing full well all he wanted was a quick roll in the hay, and then he'd be off chasing the next skirt within a day. So what if he was one of the hottest guys she'd ever laid eyes on? She could remember his short, dark hair glistening in the sun when she'd met him on the beach at the beginning of the summer. Sweat had covered his rippling muscles during the highly-competitive game of volleyball, and she'd done everything in her power to appear oblivious to his charms.

She'd tried not to look at how his abs flexed as he spiked the ball, or how his long arms and legs reached out, huge hands and feet belying their size with pure athletic grace. She wasn't sure how, but he'd caught her watching him, even behind her sunglasses, and smiled at her with his pristine white teeth. Lust had pulled her into its grasp at that moment, and she'd dug her nails into the arms of the folding chair to prevent herself from getting up and becoming the next vagina in his path.

Because Jace wanted one thing, and one thing only.

All her friends called him Mr. Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma'am. The last few months or so, it had appeared he'd set his sights on her. He'd texted her a few times, run into her when she was out with friends, and asked her to come have dinner with him, which she'd declined on principle alone. But the longer she avoided him, the harder he worked to get her. Being a notch in his bedpost wasn't on her agenda. It wasn't her style.

Kenzie was about to play with some serious fire, fire she'd been avoiding. She knew every time she looked at him, she felt herself grow damp. Jace was just that hot. He made her blood boil. The man had obvious charm, and he was like a flame to her gasoline. Just the mention of his name could make her swell in certain areas and throb in others, her body on the brink of desperation. Seeing his face made her yearn to throw him down and do unspeakably wicked things to him.

Which is exactly why she avoided him like the plague. Kenzie was an old-fashioned girl, to a certain point, regardless of her present drunken condition. A girl was supposed to find the right guy, one who liked a girl for her mind as much as he wanted to get in her pants, and then she could throw him down and abuse him, repeatedly. Jace didn't stay around long enough to know much more than a girl's name and maybe her phone number, and that was pushing it.

Kenzie was a firm believer everyone should have something they regretted when they died. Tonight was her turn to do something she'd be able to add to that list. There was no backing out now. Plans were set in motion. He was already on the way to pick her up.

The brisk autumn air swirled around her. As she shivered, she realized her coat was still inside. She began to text her best friend, asking her to take her coat home with her and telling her she was leaving.

She paused.

Kenzie wasn't sure what Michelle would say about her leaving with Jace, but someone had to know where she was, just in case.

She hit Send and hoped Jace would arrive before Michelle could storm outside and talk some sense into her. Perhaps she should talk some sense in to her. Maybe that was her out. Doubts swirled within her as the impact of what she was about to do swarmed her.

Kenzie saw the dark Range Rover pull into the parking lot and knew the time was upon her to put up or shut up. How would he react if she changed her mind? Not that it really mattered. No meant no, and she had the right to have doubts. But she wasn't the type to tease, and it had been a long time since she'd had a partner. Cobwebs were probably forming in certain areas due to lack of use even now, and that was a sin in itself. Tonight, she was going to see what all the fuss was over Jace.

The girls had been incensed he was Mr. Wham, Bam, Thank You, Ma'am, but they'd also said he was one of the best lovers they'd ever had. Both of the women she'd heard talk of him had been infuriated he'd gotten what he wanted, but then each one had looked wistful when she recounted his sexual prowess. It made sense; it sounded like he'd had plenty of practice.

Butterflies began to dance in her stomach as the black SUV rolled closer. Was she really going to do this?

Michelle burst out of the club, Kenzie's coat over her arm. "What the hell do you think you're doing? Get your ass back inside!"

Kenzie grabbed her coat and pulled slowly, a smirk twisting her lips. Michelle snatched a sleeve, refusing to let it go. Kenzie was careful not to tug too hard, knowing she'd end up on her ass on the sidewalk in front of Jace.

"You know what Carolyn and Georgia said about this one. Do you really want to be another notch on his bedpost?" Michelle's anger slowly turned to disappointment, creases of worry wrinkling her brow. "I don't want to see you hurt."

"I'm a big girl. And I know what I'm walking into." The lie was too easy to say. She knew she was in over her head, and she hadn't even stepped foot into the vehicle yet. Jace inched up to the curb, the idle purr of the engine rolling over her already too-sensitive skin. The gentle thrum of the music inside made her clit throb even harder.

"You're drunk and in no way, shape, or form prepared to make this decision tonight." Michelle broadened her stance, looking ready to fight.

"I want to get laid. He's easy. Sounds pretty darned convenient to me." She wobbled once more, and then she collected herself quickly. There was no reason Michelle needed to know just how drunk she really was.

"You'll be mad at yourself, and me, tomorrow." Arms crossed over her chest, Michelle was giving her the mad-mom look she normally relegated to her son.

"Promise I won't. Scout's honor." She held up two fingers and chuckled. She had to have a taste. This was the only way she could indulge and get away with it, claiming a drunken night of excess as her excuse later. Kenzie allowed her smile to fade, seriousness taking over. "I gotta do this, Michelle."

Her friend stood staring for several heartbeats, a myriad of emotions running over her face. Kenzie knew Michelle would do anything to save her from herself, but in this moment, she needed no saving.

"I don't want any phone calls from you crying the blues when he's done and then left you like he's done to the rest." Michelle's ire was back, an evil glint in her eyes.

"I know. I love you." Kenzie stepped backward as she spoke, knowing she would have done anything for Michelle not to see how low she'd fallen tonight.

"No you don't, or you'd listen to me." Michelle turned to walk back inside. Pausing at the door, she cast a look over her shoulder. "And you know your ass can call me, no matter what. I love you. Be safe."

Kenzie turned to look back at the Rover and jumped as she spun right into a big, wide chest. She hadn't even heard him exit the car, let alone get all ninja up in her space. She looked up slowly, trying to hold back the moan that threatened to escape her lips. He smelled so damned good; the subtle scent of clean, fresh man and expensive aftershave filled her nose. She inhaled deeply, letting the scent tattoo itself on her soul.

Tonight might be all about one night of pleasure, but damned if she wasn't going to remember everything about it. If he really was that good in bed, hopefully it would erase all the bad experiences she'd had in the past.

Kenzie had never been lucky in love. She'd dated some nice boys, had some sweet relationships, but nice and sweet didn't equate to hot and steamy in the bedroom. Her past lovers had never been able to satisfy her, as she had a dark side she was afraid to admit to. Those good, sweet guys, who seemed to only know the missionary position, would have left her if she'd opened up about what she really wanted them to do to her.

Images of Jace tying her to his bed, as he'd promised, rushed through her mind. He promised her a night she'd never forget, and she was going to hold him to it, while she had the liquor in her system to strengthen her resolve, of course.

Her hand rested on his chest, put there when she crashed into him. His heartbeat was slow and steady under her fingers, the complete opposite of her erratic one she feared he could see pumping out of her chest. Her legs felt like rubber, and she wondered if it was the desire she felt or the shots she'd drunk over the course of the night. Maybe a little of both?

The fact he seemed cool as a cucumber made her feel even more ruffled. She needed to get it together, but the world started to spin a little. Getting it together was nearly impossible.

Kenzie felt the warmth of his breath fanning her face; a hint of peppermint hit her and mingled with the tantalizing musk of his cologne. She lost her balance and bowed into him, and he reached out to grasp her hips, pulling her closer to him. Heat from his body bled into her, and she sighed in delight. The night was quickly getting colder the longer she stood outside.

"Hi." His deep voice rumbled through her, and she shivered. "You're cold. Put your jacket on, silly."

He tugged the balled-up cloth from between them and spread the material over her shoulders as she leaned into him. He then pulled her cell phone from the death grip she had on the device and slipped it into one of her coat pockets.

"So just how drunk are you?"

She eyeballed him, trying to gauge how much advantage he was going to attempt to take tonight. "Just a little."

He chuckled when she pinched her forefinger and thumb together in front of him. "I'd say you're more than just a little."

Opening her mouth to disagree, she wobbled. He rested his large hands on her rib cage, settling her.

Yeah, more than a little.

"How about I get you home?" He turned to stand beside her, a warm palm going to her lower back as he escorted her to the passenger side. He then opened the door and lifted her into her seat. She wasn't short by any standards at five-seven, and didn't need his help to get into the SUV, but the macho display of him lifting her into the vehicle definitely got her pistons firing.

Boy, he really does know how to play a good game. The charm is thick. What the hell? Let's get lost in his little world.

When he reached in to grab her buckle and pulled it over her, his knuckles grazed her arm, sending little tingles up it. Jace turned his head as he began to click the mechanism in, and his face was mere inches from hers. His lips were so perfect, not too large, but full enough that she knew she would enjoy his kisses. He smiled at her again, and she felt her heart stop for a second.

Jace leaned in, his lips moving closer to her own. She held her breath, waiting for him to brush against her. Closing her eyes, she readied herself for the touch.

That never came.

She opened her eyes. He was still mere inches from her. His clear gray eyes seemed to seek her gaze before locking on to it. His intent look seemed to penetrate her, waiting for a response, a thought, a whisper ... something; she knew not what. But his stare heated her blood, made her yearn for all the things he'd promised and more.

Jace stood back and closed the door without touching her again. Kenzie felt exasperated, having been so ready for his lips on hers. What was he waiting on? She gritted her teeth in annoyance as she watched him walk to the other side and climb into the driver's seat.

"Where to?"

"I thought we were going back to your place?"

"Kensington, you're really drunk. I didn't realize just how far gone you were in your texts. I'm not sure this is a good idea. Not tonight. Not like this."

Wait, is he trying to back out? "So you're going to blow me off, too?"

"Too? I'm not blowing you off. I just want you to be a completely willing partner. And conscious."

"I'm willing. And very conscious." She unhooked her seat belt and climbed to her knees, pulling her dress higher to show him a hint of the red lace panties underneath.

His eyes flashed with lust and locked on her core. She saw his hands fist at his sides and knew he was struggling with control, which made her smile. At least one person wanted her tonight, and he was going to follow through on his promises. A few well-placed seductive moves, and he would be hers. There was no way he was going to back out now. She was here. She was ready.

Kenzie leaned over the console, and starting at the knee, she drew her fingers up his thigh, moving toward his cock. She noted his shaft was already stiffening and tenting his jeans. He caught her wrist before she could touch him and investigate what was under the denim.

"Okay, okay. Sit down and buckle up. I'll take you to my place."

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