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Legend of Otherland [Legend of the Otherland Series Book 1] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Chuck Kelly

eBook Category: Fantasy/Young Adult
eBook Description: Bunker Charles is a bored thirteen year-old prince who wants to break from his strict heritage and have some fun. While watching his computer screen in his room high above in his family's castle, he sees a pretty girl named Gittel being kidnapped by the Evil Pencinell. He tells his father, who explains the sad story of how Eva partook of the forbidden potion to become the Evil Pencinell and how she comes to the good side of Otherland on rare occasions to steal children. Bunker defies his father's wishes, and along with Dillon, his favorite canfer, goes after the girl. Through hair-raising adventures to get back to the good side of Otherland, Bunker and Gittel barely escape the evil witch and her dreaded refnacs, and finally make their way home. They are both happy to be alive and look forward to more exciting adventures on the enchanted planet of Otherland.

eBook Publisher: SynergEbooks, Published: SynergEbooks, 2001
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2004

5 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"I was told by the publisher that I would love this story, and she was right. I loved this tale. The characters were so kid-friendly and the story remarkable. I was taken into a world of fantasy with just a touch of science fiction. The story surrounds Bunker, a 13-year-old Prince who lives on Otherland. One day he notices on his computer screen that the Evil Pencinell has returned, looking for people to snatch away into the darkness. Bunker tells his dad, The King, and learns about the legend of Otherland. Bunker decides he is going to save the kingdom from the Evil Pencinell and goes away for the first time in his life. This, of course, happens after the Evil Pencinell has already captured a young girl, Gittel. Gittel is a brave girl and she won't let the mean witch scare her. But just when things look bad for her, Bunker shows up. Gittel and Bunker have an adventure that all kids would love to have. Fighting off the bad guys, being swallowed by a big sea monster and flying in the air. Kids from age eight and up will highly enjoy this story and the beautiful illustrations included. This is a great book for the younger crowd to introduce to the sci-fi fantasy world. There are a lot of fun conflicts, great characters, and fantastic adventures."--Danielle Naibert

"Here I am, waiting to grow up and become King of Otherland--and life is passing me by," Bunker Charles muttered to himself. "I have no friends, no buddies--nothing. I'm a rich prince, and so what! I'd trade everything for one good buddy. I want to do something--get in trouble--have some fun!" He sighed and looked out the window at the rolling green hills.

The thirteen-year-old prince counted geesepence as he sat at a heavy wooden table in his room. He touched the thick golden coins and looked out at the charming landscape that surrounded the ancient castle where he lived. Silent streams cascaded through lush green meadows. Puffy white clouds drifted lazily through the deep blue sky. Not too far away, planet earth and its moon were suspended in space as though by magic.

The son of the King and Queen of Otherland, Bunker had everything a young man would ever want--except friendship. He had been sheltered all his life from other children.

"Ordinary people just don't mix with royalty," his parents had warned him many times.

"What do they think I'll do, melt?" he had muttered back each time.

"At least I have you guys," Bunker spoke, stroking the smooth heads of the multi-colored canfers that played near his feet. They were small, cuddly creatures with petite wings and tails that could fly short distances. In size, they resembled baby seals. Their large soulful eyes were heart-grabbers and the people of Otherland adored them as pets. Canfers lived on raw vegetables and lots of love.

"You canfers are a lot like people," he smiled to his cuddly friends. "You come in all colors and you like to be loved."

He scratched his favorite green canfer's head. "And then there's you, Dillon. You laugh silly, you talk crazy, and you're weird!"

"Owanic, Dillon weird," the canfer replied in its raspy voice. Bunker couldn't decide which Dillon sounded like the most: a parrot trying to whisper, or a seal with a sore throat.

On the enchanted planet of Otherland, the monarch's castle was built in and around towering blocks of solid rock. Inside the castle were several rooms cut and shaped by powerful lasers. Sliding doors and secret passageways connected the adjoining chambers. All the rooms blended into a maze of smooth stone, wood, and glass supported with steel girders. Swift, silent elevators operated within the castle. A variety of colorful beveled-glass windows offered breathtaking views of the bewitching beauty of Otherland's surrounding countryside.

Bunker got up from the heavy table and looked around his favorite room. The furnishings were lush with velvet draperies, thick woolen rugs and colorful oil paintings of the quaint countryside. The furniture was hand-carved from select woods from the nearby forest. The interior fashions throughout the castle were from the past, present, and even future designs.

"I've made up my mind," Bunker said, walking around the room. "I'm gonna tell Dad that I want to get out of this castle, go see things, meet people, and go have a life. I'm a teenager now and I'm tired of being cooped up here like some kind of freak. If this is what it takes, then I don't want to be a prince. I want to be a real person...and I'm gonna go out and be one!" Saying this out loud encouraged Bunker. He sat down at his computer desk to call his dad on the intercom.

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