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Times of the Double Star [MultiFormat]
eBook by Marsh Cassady

eBook Category: Science Fiction
eBook Description: When his mother dies, Cas Jefferson experiences dreams of another self somewhere back in time. He visits his mother's boss, who tells him of a twin brother, Pol, in an 1880's space time. While working to prevent atomic bomb tests in various 1950's space times, his physicist parents were exposed to strong radiation and had time-traveled back. Cas goes to 1880's only to discover his father has been murdered and his brother has fled.

eBook Publisher: The Fiction Works, Published: http://www.fictionworks.com, 2004
Fictionwise Release Date: May 2004

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


He tried to yell, to wake himself up. He was on a train. Outside was the city. Streets filled with horses and carriages and men on bicycles. And he was being pulled apart.

She held his arms; the man held his legs. A tug of war and he was the rope. His mom, maybe his mom. His legs hurt and his arms.

Away from the station the train picked up speed, wheels grinding on the steel tracks. His mom? And this man? Who was this man? Why did they want to hurt him like that?

But they couldn't hurt him. Because he sat there, a little boy with a thumb jammed into his mouth. He sat between the facing seats and watched the man and the woman. And they pulled on this little boy, and the train picked up speed, and smoke puffed and the whistle blew and the boy was afraid they'd rip him in two.

Cas tried to scream. He knew if he could, he'd wake up. "Ma-aaaaa-om! Mom!"

He sobbed. Even still asleep, he knew there was no Mom. She was dead, and he was alone.

Except for ... someone?

No, there was no one. He didn't even remember his father. Mom rarely mentioned him, except to say that they'd both worked for Travel, Inc, where Mom had continued to work. Did that have something to do with it? The train. Trying to take him somewhere, passing streets filled with people in old fashioned clothes.

And the man pulling and pulling. This man who might be ... The man let him go and ... he was falling and falling and..."Mom! Mom! Mom!"

He heard the scream and knew he'd wake up and the dream would end. But he fell hard against the woman and saw the man stoop and pick him up. That didn't make sense. How could the man pick him up when his mother held his arms, pulled him toward her?

The man picked him up and jumped from the train. "Dad, oh my God, Dad!" And he was in his father's arms. It was his father. It had to be his father. And when they hit the ground, the man twisted his leg and they fell. And Cas tasted the cinders in his mouth. And he hurt so bad. Yet he was on the train getting further and further away from ... himself?

No, he was on the train. Safe on the train, and they were in a different city, with busses and cars and tooting horns.

"Cas, Cas, please. Don't leave me Cas. I need you. I need you, Cassie..." He sat straight up in bed, screaming, his heart pounding, the sheet twisted around his legs like the hands of the man. And echoing in his brain was the voice, his own voice, calling, calling, calling.

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