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Plan Smart, Retire Rich [Secure eReader]
eBook by George D. Brenner & Stephen Abramson & Steven Rabinaw

eBook Category: Personal Finance
eBook Description: The refreshingly down-to-earth Plan Smart, Retire Rich explains how, starting today, you can begin reaching your goal of a financially sound retirement. This essential guideBook, written by financial and retirement experts at MONY, is filled with personalized profiles that anyone--from a 25-year-old employee to an experienced business manager--can match to their personal goals, needs, and resources. Look here to determine whether a traditional IRA or a Roth IRA can give you the greater nest egg (the answer may surprise you!); how to reap the greatest financial and tax advantages from your existing retirement plan, whether you're an employer or an employee; how to sell highly-appreciated property without paying any capital gains tax; and much more.

eBook Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, Published: 2002
Fictionwise Release Date: May 2002


A secure and comfortable retirement... for people of all generations, this is a universal goal. The ability to spend the post-career years in comfort and with dignity, to devote time to family, travel, and personal interests, can be the crowning chapter of a full and rich life.

Some questions to answer are:

1. Will you have the financial resources to make the dream come true?

2. How can you leverage your assets?

3. How can you protect what you accumulate during your working years and at retirement?

4. How can you minimize taxes?

5. How can you avoid outliving your income?

The answers depend to a great extent on how well you plan for retirement and for all of the contingencies that may occur. The more you allocate to building a retirement nest egg and the smarter you are in structuring your financial vehicles and the strategies designed to achieve your goals, the more likely you'll be able to retire to a lifestyle that matches or exceeds your expectations.

A wide range of retirement plans and techniques -- some relatively simple, others complex and sophisticated -- can provide powerful tax and financial advantages designed to leverage the power of your assets. Chances are you know this, but you may be confused as to which plans are best suited for your personal needs and circumstances. Some commonly asked questions are:

* Should I contribute to an IRA?

* Which one -- a traditional IRA or the new Roth IRA (created by the 1997 Tax Act)?

* Is a defined benefit plan better than a defined contribution plan?

* Can an employer establish a retirement program just for key people?

* How can highly appreciated property be sold without paying capital gains tax?

* Once I decide on the right plan or program, should I fund it with cash, stocks, annuities, or life insurance?

Accumulating money for retirement may be only half the battle. Once there, what's the best way to distribute money from a plan? How can you protect your money from taxes or creditors? What's the best way to pass it on to your children? What happens if you need nursing home care? Even if you are knowledgeable about finances and planning, you can fall into tax and financial traps or fail to take advantage of new opportunities created by Congress.

Sometimes, it seems you need a team of professionals to help you identify the key issues and make the right decisions.

That's precisely the idea behind Plan Smart, Retire Rich.

Copyright © 1999 by The Mutual Life Insurance Company of New York

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