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Promise Tide [From the Shards Universe] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Peter W. Prellwitz

eBook Category: Science Fiction/Fantasy
eBook Description: The Terran/Martian Wars are over. Earth has been devastated by sixteen years of asteroid bombardment. Civilization on Mars is gone. Civilization on Earth is teetering on the brink. Three hundred and eighty-five million dead. Billions more emigrated to other planets. Into this quickly degenerating situation steps a savior; NATech. Within five years they repair the ice caps and replenish the ozone layers. The Gulf Stream, destroyed by molten asteroids that plunged into the oceans is being restored. Salvation is at hand. But at what price? Deborah Mariner, the last survivor of the homo Marinas branch of humanity, knows the price is great. It has cost her race their existence and it will soon cost mankind their freedom. All that remains is the final step: NATech's formal takeover of the faltering world government. And yet all is not lost. With her partner and lifelong companion Chrissy DuPries, Deborah is catapulted into a series of attacks and schemes that may yet see the end of NATech's bid for utter power. But only if she and Chrissy can forge the factions of resistance and unite them against a common foe.

eBook Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon Publishing, Published: DDP, 2004
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2004

42 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


The Arizona Republic

Saturday, August 15, 2415

Nobel Prize Winner Hundar Knowler dies at 91.

UPP--Searsport, Maine Province

Family retainer, Stanworth Davis, reported yesterday that Mariner Hundar Knowler died of respiratory failure at his home on the evening of the13th. Hundar Knowler was the last known living Pisces. He was 91.

Hundar Knowler came to prominence in 2359 when the Pisces Congress announced him to the surface world as the Pisces' new Mariner, that society's highest office. Spending more time above the water than any of his fifteen predecessors, Hundar Knowler quickly established himself as the voice of reason in world politics just as the Martian crises was reaching a head. He is traditionally credited with preventing war between Mars and Earth when the Martian Vicar was assassinated in the World Seat chambers in October of 2372. Though war did break out in 2373, Hundar Knowler was nonetheless named that year's recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, only the third Nobel Prize awarded to a Pisces.

Despite the destruction of Atlantis by the Rock in 2374 and the following years of genocide of the remaining Pisces, Knowler remained active and visible in world politics. (Editor's note: The Pisces had no known name for their capital city located about 150 kilometers southeast of New York's Long Island. As a result, it was commonly known as Atlantis by non-Pisces humans.) He and a coalition of moderates in the Seat bartered an uneasy truce with Mars in 2378, but it never fully took hold; and full war again broke out between Earth and Mars in 2386.

After the conclusion of the Terran/Martian Wars in 2389, Knowler and his family retired to Searsport, deep in the Maine wilderness. Married in 2366 to Janine Wayhaven--a non-Pisces human--they had three children; Everett (2368-2397), Katherine (2371-2397), and an unnamed boy who died at birth in 2375. Janine died in 2401 at the age of 72.

Though he remained in seclusion, Hundar Knowler was an outspoken opponent of NATech's growing involvement in the World Seat. He maintained this increasingly unpopular political stance until his death

"Only by speaking the unbreathable can resolution be made," he was quoted in a rare interview, given in 2409. "The salt of our children has been removed by the wounds of our evil peace, and the quiet dark cries for our deeds not committed."

Hundar Knowler is preceded in death by his wife, his three children, and his race. He is survived by a granddaughter, Deborah Mariner; only daughter of his son Everett. She is his only known relative and ward from 2397 until his death. She is 18.

Funeral services are private and no details are to be released. In lieu of salt crystal (a traditional Pisces gift of mourning) or flowers, mourners are encouraged to make a contribution to the Icecap Preservation Fund.

* * * *

The Denver Post

Saturday, August 15, 2415

Hundar Knowler dead at 91

NP--Maine Wilderness Region

NATech dissident and controversial activist Hundar Knowler is reported as having died on Thursday evening. Cause of death was respiratory failure, a common occurrence among water-breathing people. Knowler was its last known representative.

Knowler was named Mariner by the Pisces Congress in the mid-24th Century. Eschewing his domestic duties in favor of the world stage, Knowler quickly became a political fixture at the World Seat in Sydney, advocating a policy of appeasement to the Martian government. Ironically, the same Martian society that he defended later destroyed his home city Atlantis during their unprovoked asteroid attack on Earth in 2374.

Knowler remained in fringe politics for the remainder of his life, speaking out frequently in his meandering Piscean dialect.

Knowler was married and had three children, all of whom precede him in death. He is said to have a surviving granddaughter who remains in seclusion at the Knowler Mansion, about 150 kilometers north of the New York Glasslands.

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