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501 Ways to Boost Your Child's Success in School [Secure eReader]
eBook by Robert D. Ramsey

eBook Category: Self Improvement
eBook Description: Doing well in school requires more than good study habits and hard work. In 501 Ways to Boost Your Child's Success in School, experienced educator Robert Ramsey tells parents what pushes teachers' hot buttons and offers lively, school-tested suggestions to help children excel. From making the most of parent-teacher conferences, to meeting the staff, to calling the teacher when special concerns arise, this book offers real-world strategies that empower parents. This engaging and practical book provides extremely lively, down-to-earth, and easy-to-understand advice that can be put to use immediately. Included are unusual topics such as school politics, relationships, getting noticed, and forming constructive partnerships with teachers.

eBook Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, Published: 2002
Fictionwise Release Date: June 2002

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All parents want to give their children the help, support, and encouragement necessary to achieve and excel in school, but too often parents don't know what to do or how to do it. At last, here is a powerful collection of user-friendly, school-tested ideas that can help every parent give his or her child an academic edge.

When students don't make the grade in school, it's frequently the parents who have failed. Not by choice, but by default. What teachers and administrators know that others don't is that parents make all the difference when they know how to set their children up for success. This guide shows the way.

501 Ways to Boost Your Child's Success in School is a pocket-size guide crammed with quick tips, insider information, and practical advice. Each page reveals new insights about what teachers like and look for, what pushes their hot buttons, how schools really work, what it takes for students of all ages and abilities to succeed, and how parents can help.

This is the first fingertip sourcebook to spell out practical suggestions all families can use to increase the odds that their children will succeed in school. It contains strong medicine in capsule form for curing student fears, phobias, and failures in school.

501 Ways to Boost Your Child's Success in School covers many topics not normally included in most parent guides. School success isn't just about brains, good study habits, and hard work. It's also about attitude, assertiveness, timing, politics, positioning, relationships, getting noticed, self-confidence, pro-social behavior, and, most of all, parental involvement. Finally, these topics and more are presented so parents can use them to their children's advantage.

None of the many books for parents on schools and schooling are as down-to-earth, easy to read, and simple to apply as 501 Ways to Boost Your Child's Success in School. This isn't a text on educational theory. It's simply a jargon-free collection of hard-hitting advice that can work for any student or any parent in any school.

This guide differs from others in many ways. It's short, practical, fun, easy to read, and hard to forget. Digging deeper than most traditional, politically correct parent handbooks, this guide probes topics not found in other guides, such as

  • insider tips for getting along with teachers

  • what they don't tell you in the school handbook

  • how to survive a bad teacher

  • the "proper art of bitching" to school personnel

  • what to do if your child thinks school "sucks"

The commonsense suggestions apply to all age groups, subject areas, and school situations. All this and it fits in a pocket or purse. How intimidating can that be?

Your child deserves success in school. You can help make it happen. Let 501 Ways to Boost Your Child's Success in School release the good student inside your child. Reading this guide may be the most important homework assignment you ever had. And there's no test on Friday.

Copyright © 2000 by Robert D. Ramsey

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