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Bi-Sexual: Tales from the Wildside [MultiFormat]
eBook by Michelle Houston

eBook Category: Erotica/Bisexual Erotica
eBook Description: They Enjoyed the Best of Both Worlds! In this enthralling collection of wicked tales, bisexuals enjoy both the pulsating hard lust of a man and the silky smoothness of a woman. Each sex holds it mysteries, has its own sensualities. Bisexuals are the lucky ones who savor both. Each of the stories contained in this book will take you on a lust filled journey--if you are daring enough to walk it! Explore the romantic aspects of a gay couple's retreat, the wonders of a threesome, a bit of kinky bondage in a straight couple's sex life, a woman on the verge of exploring Sapphic delights, and many more hidden wonders. Delve into a world where the passion flows between the characters, regardless of their sex. Savor sexuality, in all of its facets. Here is what In the Library Reviews has to say about Michelle Houstion's masterful erotica: "The stories, while very hot, [are] well written and flow beautifully. Ms Houston's writing is a refreshing addition to the erotic world--I'll be anxious to read more in the future." Cover: T. E. Burden

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler, Published: 2004
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2004

26 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Artist and Model

"I give up. I just flat out give up." I could hear my agent on the phone trying to calm me down, but for once it wasn't working. "You keep telling me you will send a model over here, yet day after day I have to look at nude photos to do this drawing. I need a real live person to model for me otherwise I am not going to be able to do this drawing." Miles agreed and I hung up.

I was frustrated more at myself than him, but I was still frustrated. For two weeks I had been trying to do the cover for my book of erotic stories, without a model. Looking at pictures only helped if I wanted to draw the woman in the picture posed how the model was posed. I needed a real person to be able to pose. Maybe part of my frustration stemmed from the fact that I was sitting here, looking at gorgeous naked women, and I didn't have a woman in my life. Maybe part of my frustration was sexual.

I leaned back in my chair, and propped my feet up on my drafting table. I ran my hands over my breasts, feeling my nipples harden under my shirt. Slowly I undid the buttons, allowing me access to my bare breasts. Gently I tweaked my nipples, feeling the tightening inside my pussy. Oh yes, I was horny. With one hand still caressing my breasts, I lifted my peasant style skirt of my waist. One handed and awkwardly, I slid my panties off and began to caress my wet pussy lips. There were sensations going on in my body that I hadn't felt in so long. Normally I don't masturbate, preferring the loving touch of another person, but today I was just so aroused by the pictures I had looked at all day long and I needed relief.

My hand continued to caress my breasts as my other hand gently parted my pussy lips and I slid a finger inside, gently. I began a slow thrusting motion with one finger, then added another. My thumb brushed against my clit, causing a throbbing sensation deep inside of me.

Over and over I thrust my fingers inside, rubbed my clit and caressed my nipples. Soon I felt little tingles racing down my legs. My inner muscles clenched on my fingers, and I slid a third one in.

"Ohhh." No one could hear me so I let myself go. I moaned as my pleasure started to peak. I could feel the orgasm coming, coming.

"Ohhh myyy, ohhhhhh." I moaned as it hit. My muscles tightened and my fingers went wild on my clit and in my pussy. I kept thrusting, trying to keep myself up on the plateau of pleasure, but all too soon I came down.

I pulled my hand away from my pussy and slowly licked my fingers, one by one. I love the taste of female come, even if it is my own. On legs that felt like Jell-O, I stood and left my studio, heading upstairs to shower and climb into bed.

* * * *

The next day at twelve noon my phone rang. For a moment I considered not even answering it, but after the eighth ring I figured if I didn't answer, it would never stop ringing.


"Kelly, you are going to be pleased from the roots of your auburn hair to the tips of your toes with the model I found for you. She is young, pretty and nice to talk to. I have already met with her and she will be by your place at two p.m."

Hum? Oh ok. Thanks, bye." I hung up the phone and my head hit the pillow again. I was about to loose myself in the realm of dreams when his words hit me, two p.m. today? Oh my, I had a lot to do to get ready.

I rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom. My thong panties slid easily down my slender hips as I looked at myself fin the mirror. Being totally honest with myself, I was nothing special. Five foot six, with short strawberry-blonde hair, and blue eyes. My breasts are a thirty-six D, but my waist is twenty inches. I weigh about a hundred twenty pounds. I work out a lot and when I am working on a new picture, I often forget to eat, so I stay trim, and some say, underweight.

The water taps turned on with just a mere flick of the wrist and soon the water is just the right temperature. I step under the spray and tilt my head back, for just a few moments enjoying the sensations of warm water falling onto my body, caressing me. My hands began to touch my body, not in a washing manner, but with the intent to please myself. Remembering the time restrictions I was under, I had to settle for just a few quick flicks of my fingers over my nipples and clit before I settled down and began to lather my body up with the rose scented soap.

Twenty minutes later, my body and hair clean, I emerged from the shower. A quick glance in the mirror shows that now my light skin has a rosy color to it, almost the color of a sunburn. With quick steps I reentered my bedroom. A quick rummage in my dresser found a matching set of panties and bra in black lace and silk. With a quick glance at the night stand and the clock sitting on it I noted that I had only an hour left. I threw my closet doors open and surveyed the outfits inside. I wanted something that would put the model at ease, make me look professional, and yet was something I could get paint on if need be. I settled on a pair of light colored denim jeans and a green T-shirt. Socks and shoes were a last minute thing. Fully dressed, I left the bedroom to the sound of my stomach grumbling for food.

My short legs carried me rather quickly to the kitchen for a hurriedly eaten bowl of cereal and a glass of juice. The dishes went into the dishwasher and off to my studio I went.

The room was in a wild state of disarray, but I could find anything I needed without much searching. I like a bit of chaos in my work space, it adds character. I spent a while setting up for the model's arrival. At two o'clock on the dot, my doorbell rang.

Straightening things as I walk to the door, I wonder what the model will look like. Last time Miles had found me a model she was young, tall and anorexicly skinny. She looked like she hadn't eaten in a while. When I phoned him later I finally got him to understand that unlike a camera, I don't make them look ten pounds heavier, I just draw what I see.

Taking a deep breath I opened the door. Before me stood a woman in her mid thirties, and very obviously of Indonesian descent. Her long black hair was loose and free and swirling about her face in the wind. I beckoned her inside then closed the door and stood back, looking at her, deciding if she was right for the picture. I admit, I found her very beautiful and desirable, that was part of my problem. The woman would be standing before me, totally naked for hours on end while I did my sketches and later when I painted them in. Could I restrain myself from making a pass that long? Well I certainly hoped so, because she was perfect for the picture.

"Hello, I'm Kelly--and you are?" A nervous laugh escaped her, and I knew I would have to spend a while just making her feel comfortable.

"I'm Miki. I normally model for lingerie ads and stuff, but my agent said you were a well known author/artist and I could trust you so here I am."

"Well Miki, would you like a tour of my studio, or a full tour of my house?"

"The whole house I guess."

* * * *

As we wandered about the rooms and halls of my humble two-story home, I could feel Miki's nervousness slipping away. Soon she began to ask questions and point out things she liked. We discussed preferences of reading materials when we were in my den/library. She commented on my love of silk when I showed her my bedroom and guestroom. The kitchen got a 'nice' comment, but hey, it really is nothing spectacular. The last room we had left to see was my studio.

Stepping into the room, I waited for Miki to follow, then I proceeded to my drafting table. I had the studio set up with my drafting table facing the platform she would pose on. Next to my drafting table was my painting easel. She walked to the platform I had set up with a mock bed and dresser and sat on the edge of the bed. I set out my pencils while she watched, feeling my hands shaking. The moment had come and I didn't know if I was woman enough to do this. Stand in the room with this beautiful creature and draw her, then in a day or so paint her.

"How do you want me?" she asked and I felt my face flush at the double meaning she seemed unaware of.

"Just remove your shirt for now. I need to do a few quick sketches of you in various states of undress for insets in the book. Then we will get to the main picture."

"Ok." Her hands went to the buttons of her blouse and slid them free. The material parted, revealing tan skin and a white bra. Her breath quickened slightly and I could feel desire awakening inside my body. The shirt slid form her shoulders and I did my best to concentrate on my sketch. A quick outline and then we moved on to another pose and another article of clothing removed, until about an hour later, she was down to her panties and bra. We took a quick break for a snack and juice, then we were back again in the studio. The afternoon was hot so the fans were turned on. As soon as Miki's bra came off I realized the error in that.

I got her talking about herself to keep my mind off of the hard buds staring me in the face as she sat with her face turned away, and her back arched. My hands really began to sweat and it was hard to hold on to the pencil. I could feel my face flush. I looked down at my canvas and drew the lines of her body. A few more strokes of the pencil and I had her breasts. My breathing quickened as a concentrated on her legs and stomach. I had to figure the proportions to do the mole on her hip correctly, everything about this drawing had to be exact, I wanted this beauty before me immortalized on canvas.

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