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Twilight Crossings II: Four Novellas of Fantasy and Romance [MultiFormat]
eBook by Sheri L. McGathy & Shannah Biondine & Jeanne Allen

eBook Category: Fantasy/Romance
eBook Description: Together again ... Award-winning fantasy authors Jeanine Berry, Sheri L. McGathy, Shannah Biondine, and Jeanne Allen reunite to bring you Twilight Crossings II, another extraordinary anthology born within the enchanted realms of twilight. When Tanner is hired to find the mythical city of Sha-da-nay, little does she know that what she seeks is far different than what she'll find. For buried in the darkest depths of the Hagath Forest is a truth that can set her free, if only she is willing to truly see Where Lies Beauty. The fate of all the Known Realms hangs in the balance when a great mage is assassinated and his Umbra Amulet stolen, leaving a world frozen in perpetual twilight. Zavend Preece has one clue?a firedrake scale found at the murder scene. Can he and the enigmatic Capt. Praxis track the killers and retrieve the enchanted amulet, or will they be forced evermore to Mourn a Moonreft Sky? In The Well of Forever, enter an ancient world where desert winds part the sands to uncover a mesmerizing tale of magic and romance. In the wrong hands the wand of the legendary sorcerer Lohar could devastate the world, as it almost did once before. Caireya plans to destroy the wand before that can happen, but her plan may cost her life. Cultures clash when Arvalian warriors invade the peaceful isle of Ignatia for its legendary treasures. In The Treasure of Arvalis, which will prevail, a determined warrior, a priestess striving for peace, or will a war among the gods force them toward a common destiny?

eBook Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks, Published: DDP, 2004
Fictionwise Release Date: September 2004

13 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"A hush settles over the land. Time seems to slow, and for the briefest of moments, you behold the beauty of twilight." Mysterious bubbles float into a simmering pot. A mesmeric foreword from Sheri L. McGathy affirms what I already know: I love her writing. There is always a magical quality, something insightful, an exquisite element almost literary. Her tales are well thought, finely told, wonderfully readable, and are sometimes almost calming. Where Lies Beauty questions beauty, confronts perfection. Tanner and her brother, Conn, are Seekers. Faylon is a New Worlder who will pay anything in gold to go in a treacherous journey beyond the Divide. Only Seekers can guide him into ruins of the ancient mages, into the cursed forest of Sha-da-nay, The City of light. Parallels: superb characterization opens the reader to the magnificence of slave Manny whose scars much remind Tanner of her own gruesome past, but whose pure eyes carry greater youth than dawn. Sheri L. McGathy draws a clear yet intricate world, one so full of myths, its very land breathes. Shannah Biondine's Mourn a Moonreft Sky skilfully paints a voyage bursting with mystery in the core of a medieval world. A slain wizard, a stolen Umbra Amulate, a Glacian quest. Zavend, a rare Waniand scholar, travels far. He seeks the assistance of amorous Capt Praxis, a female of hidden thoughts. But she is also a skilled rider of griffons, terrible beasts. Only first they have to catch one such creature before the pursuit can begin. Jeanine Berry's The Well of Forever holds definite darkness inside beauty. Caireya is a slave and a seer in an ancient palace, a fortress that has survived the Cataclysm. Caireya's powers allow her the ability to unearth things. Younger sister, Eronne, has a healing gift. But, since the vanishing of the great sorcerer, Lohar, the two females are towed onto an expedition to Maricor by their master, Demor. His greed will not sleep until his hands clasp a magical wand with legendary powers. Through spell, he manages to weave a shell of the great mage, a grand find. But the simulacrum has powers of its own, and in the wrong hands... Jeanne Allen's Viking imaginings beget The Treasure of Arvalis, a historical romance full of action. Temple priestess, Eirena, is not spared visions that hold much foreboding. When these visions come true, and the land of Ignatia is tossed into a horrific fate, Eirena must convert a barbarian, a warrior of intrinsic savagery, into a liberator of the people. Twilight Crossings II is a remarkable novel. It carries individual tales so full of charm; four astonishing novellas as much filled with adventure as enchantment. -Eugen Bacon, Fictionwise Recommender

"Four brilliant novellas that will tantalize your imagination to no end. Magic and romance combine to make this a book you won't soon forget. 5 Stars!"--Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

"Twilight Crossings II is a wonderful anthology. Once again, these stories all have one theme in common: a major, life-altering decision to be made. We also have the theme of things not being what they appear on the surface, from the misshapen little man in "Where Lies Beauty", to the treasure in "The Treasure of Arvalis." These are four exceptional stories I recommend everyone reading!"--Chere Gruver, ParaNormal Romance Reviews

"These four tales of myth and legend, elves and dragons, magic wands and Vikings are guaranteed to sweep you away to distant times and fanciful places on epic journeys of adventure and romance. Fans of fantasy are sure to find Twilight Crossings II a delight."--Elysa Hendricks, award-winning fantasy author of the Moon Trilogy

"This anthology is a wonderful collection of four novellas that capture that magical time between darkness and light. Each of these character driven tales brings us through periods of conflict and enlightenment sure to be enjoyed by a wide audience."--Kevin Tisserand, fantasy author



By Sheri L. McGathy


By Shannah Biondine


By Jeanine Berry


By Jeanne Allen

Author's Introduction to WHERE LIES BEAUTY

A hush settles over the land. Time seems to slow, and for the briefest of moments, you behold the beauty of twilight. You seek its magic as you reach upward and let your fingers waft through the shimmering veil of blue-gray hues. In the wind, you hear the fading whisper of what might have been even as you long for the promise of what might someday be.

Then twilight ebbs and moves on, leaving you to wonder if what you thought you saw, what you felt, could ever truly exist.

I hope you enjoy WHERE LIES BEAUTY.

~ Sheri L. McGathy


By Sheri L. McGathy


He looked upon the flower, to its dew-kissed bloom shimmering in the light of early morn. He traced the pad of his thumb across the delicate petals and downward along the contour of the curved thorn that hid amongst its pale green leaves.

He paused over the thorn's sharp point.

What was perfection without the shadow of fault? He pressed against the thorn. Its sharp point pierced his skin. When he withdrew his thumb, a bead of bright red blood lingered. Does beauty exist if the one who looks upon it cannot see its charm? Can beauty's light survive if hidden within the cloying mantle of darkness?

He could only hope this was so.

He raised the bloom and inhaled deeply, taking in its unique aroma. "Bittersweet." His voice, though barely above a whisper, shattered the silence surrounding him. He was helpless to halt the sigh that escaped him. Within all beauty resides the remnant of its darker self. An unseen presence feared by most and shunned by all. A secret, locked away and closely guarded. Yet, within the ugliest of things, there remains true beauty. He did not believe one could exist without the other. It was a belief he would place all his hope upon.

He stared beyond the soft edges of the rose petals to the fading luster of a once vibrant land. The Hagath's touch crept ever closer, her vengeance seeking to destroy all memory of what once was, while tainting all in her path. Her laughter haunted the breeze?her glee, his great sadness. Soon, she would come for him. And with her arrival, his world would fade, leaving this realm without him. "Twas the price he had agreed upon?to offer hope to the future and assure memory for the past.

Summoning the last of his light, he swept his hands before him. "Sleep, dream?and recall."

He laid the flower in the cradle of his palm and traced the tip of his finger along its fragile stem. "Within you lies hope. Guard your treasure well."

A single tear slid silently down his cheek and fell against the blood-red petals of the rose. His sadness weighed heavily upon him as he whispered, "And who shall shed a tear for me?"

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