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Love in the Obscure and Other Poetic Romances [With Pen in Hand Book 4] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Joel L. Young

eBook Category: Mainstream
eBook Description: With Pen in Hand Book 4, is a collection of romantic poems in a variety of moods; from hearts unrequited, to long hand-held walks under the moonlight, kisses that last an eternity, to dancers embracing the music of love, and a wedding poem that will touch your heart.

eBook Publisher: SynergEbooks, Published: SynergEbooks, 2002
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2004

"This collection of poetry is timely with the horrors in our own world; echoing the horrors of death, loss and dealing with plague in the era of the classic poets. To read of the connections to the horrors of Donne's time gives hope and meaning to the poetry our own generation of poets and essayists are producing in attempts to chronicle the events happening in our lives. Young tells starkly of the mad cows, and other disasters in the present world and then sings prayers, psalms to the Gods, for hope and peace. Underlying all the truths of war, pestilence and damage is the romantic looking for the perfect world. I am sure that with his "golden pen" and his Lyricon, Young can help us all find it. This is a wonderful collection of poetry. I would recommend it to anyone looking for the words to express their hope, their desires, and their longing for the lost in their lives."--Brenda Roberts, author of Psychosis and A Cold North Wind

Black Flamingo

The steam that rises from my dark heart

Leads to tempt the fates.

I speak of a love strange and fair

For this woman I fell for.

She was to be my morning

I came to be her night.

Together our passions ignite

Our fires burn the heavens

And torch the furnaces of hell.

Apart I wither without her embrace.

The swamps sound of bitterness

Around this castle keep

Where my soul sleeps weary.

The twilight abounds in shadows

Dragons, maidens, and knights of our realm

The mysteries that surround my mad dreams

Where my love keeps her safe.

Hides away from the emptiness

That scrapes against the trellis

Of these garden walls.

How I long to see her in her favorite gown.

Often I think of our love as a fable

I heard as a child.

The Crane and The Flamingo

Their hearts forever young

Making a nest in the still waters

In a swampland oasis surrounded

By a mountain serene decent and fair

Our offspring a black flamingo

Only a parents love, would endure.

A strange world forever guarded

In the land of forgotten dreams.

She's still my darling, my hope

A prayer answered so long ago.

Our child has grown and left the nest

To make his way into horizon's unknown.

Where love remains immortal.

I impatiently wait for the twilight

So I may taste her kiss,

Caress her golden hair,

And feel her warmth again

In my darkened plight.

Love and Beauty

In the corner of my favorite library,

romance gleams in still life photos.

I met her there in romance classics.

Her skin was the color of gold in morning

casting her shimmering blue eyes.

Her hair long and red glowed

the color of the sun in spring.

High art I was told was love and beauty

intellectual pursuits and the romantic

never went hand in hand.

I and her were bound in the same book

I took her for my goddess of desire.

My heart races, veins throb

pulses beat quick as maracas

whenever she's near.

Our library romance,

is simple, elegant, gaunt, sophisticated.

If I could, I'd throw my chivalry to the dogs

take her and leap into a pulp novel

feel the savagery of our passions merge

in all its splendor

whether in a Edgar Rice Burroughs story

or hard boiled detective novel

or words from a poets quill

she's love and beauty incarnate to me.

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