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Angel and Sharae [The Slave Girls Trilogy #3] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Rod Harden & Alison McKenna

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: The Dramatic Conclusion to the Enthralling Saga of Bondage and Domination! Is Sharae the helpless slave, kidnapped with other innocent women and carried to a dungeon where she is trained to learn to love submission, that she seems? Or is she really the mastermind behind the abduction of Merissa, Crystal, Angel and the other women? Is she submitting to the men who are their captors? Or are they submitting to her domination? The answers will haunt you long after you finish this contemporary masterpiece of the romance of domination and submission. Rod Harden's stories "weave a powerful erotic spell." Michelle Houston in Sensual Romance Reviews.

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler, Published: 2004
Fictionwise Release Date: December 2004

9 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


In Volume Two of her enthralling adventures, the wealthy, aged Lady Harpur describes her young womanhood amid the rakes and rogues of the upper-class Victorian world. However, sanctimonious and puritanical the appeared on the outside, the men and women of the period made love in and outside of marriage, and lied about it, as often as they do today. Read about the seductive and erotic techniques of a misunderstood generation. Find out what really went on behind their closed parlor and bedroom doors! Known to her friends as Queenie, Lady Harper was the daughter of a rich plantation owner in the West Indies. There, the passions are as torrid as the Trade Winds. Eventually Queenie will be kidnapped and ravished by pirates, survive a shipwreck, and come into wealth and title when she meets, beds and weds Lord Harpur. Volume I details her youth and first love affairs.


Heather stared up at the ceiling as she hung in the horrible position the little witch Angel had put her in. Her thoughts were a blur as she tried to ignore the rope that bisected her pussy. It felt like it was splitting her in half. She tried to sort out how she had come to be there. The twisted sequence of events of the past few weeks had to be the most bizarre thing that had ever happened. Everything should have gone according to plan. She had thought everything out to a T.

It all started when she met a man named Preston at Club 27 where she was celebrating a friend's birthday. After an alcohol induced confession on how broke she was and how she envied her roommate's recent inheritance, Preston told her he could help her problems go away.

They met secretly a couple of times, hatching the plan. Preston would kidnap Cristel--he claimed to have a bit of experience in such matters--and deliver her to her former boyfriend, Zach. Then Heather would pose as Cristel, collect the cash, and she and Preston would split it equally.

But the plan took longer than Heather expected. Preston thought it would be fun to toy with Cristel a bit. Even as he prepared to kidnap her, he also wormed his way into her life and quickly became her 'boyfriend'.

But little did Preston or Heather realize that Cristel was planning her own shenanigans at the same time. The supposed victim of their plot had become consumed with the desire to be the star of a bondage website on the Internet. She wanted to be the star, yet she didn't want to experience the actual pain it would involve. Instead, her warped mind had concocted an equally warped scheme, involving Heather as her stand-in.

And so, while Heather and Preston planned Cristel's disappearance, Cristel had hired Zach and his buddy, Sam, to abduct Heather to use for the website. And they'd managed to snatch her before Preston made his move to kidnap Cristel.

Heather recalled how Zach and Sam forced her to play the role of Cristel. They'd even toyed with her mind, calling her "Cristel," making her believe that they'd abducted the wrong girl, that they truly believed she was the real Cristel. And the whole time, Cristel had watched Heather's torment play out in the daily updates of her "Captive Cristel" website.

But even as Heather was tied and tortured for Cristel's website, Preston had gone through with their original plan, adding his own sordid twist. It so happened that, just before snatching Cristel, he'd recognized his supposed partner, Heather, as the girl on the Captive Cristel site. He deduced Cristel's part in Heather's plight and decided to inflict a little payback. After kidnapping her, he'd turned the tables on Cristel by insisting that she was Heather. It only seemed fair, after all.

Heather's head swam as she recalled the whole knotted sequence of events. It was all so confusing, especially when she began to fall for one of her own captors, Sam. She had come to hunger for his cruel attentions, to lust for his sweet torments.

But that was of little comfort to her now. Despairing, Heather remembered the last time she had seen Sam. Preston had come to deliver Cristel and collect his half of the inheritance money. When Zach and Sam shortchanged him, Preston came with his slavegirl, Angel, to "repossess the merchandise".

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