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How to Manage a Man [MultiFormat]
eBook by M. J. Rennie

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: Woman Dominant In This Spicy Tale Of B&D!! What happens when a dynamic, dominant young woman named Molly Richards is hired to produce the Six o' clock News at WJXR in the Twin Cities? M. J. Rennie's hauntingly familiar new erotic novel, How to Manage a Man, supplies the salacious answer. New station owner Christine Whitman, a woman who believes in female supremacy, gives Molly full authority to take the WJXR staff in hand, particularly the men. Erotic hi-jinks with a woman-dominant twist quickly become the order of the day, as one person after another succumbs to Molly's new "management" style. Then the handsome but lightly regarded TV news anchor, Tad Boxer, falls under Molly's dominant spell and soon assumes the role of total lifestyle sex slave. Next the gruff, burly executive producer, Lew Gordon, capitulates to Molly's charms. Oh, but what to do with all her thrilling new power? Molly sets her sights on the beautiful, whispery-voiced station receptionist, GeorgeAnn. Matching lovely, blond GeorgeAnn with just the "right" well--managed man strikes Molly as marvelous fun, and the extraordinary dominatrix proceeds to hatch a grand romantic scheme! How to Manage a Man shows what it really takes for a man to experience sexual fulfillment--no matter how much he protests beforehand.

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler, Published: 2005
Fictionwise Release Date: January 2005

10 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


It was getting slapped in the face by Molly Richards on their first date that made the handsome newscaster Tad Boxer realize what a special woman the new assistant TV producer was. Before that occurrence, Tad had never been slapped by any of his dates, no matter how many indecent liberties he attempted with them.

But something stirred deep within Tad from that moment on, as if by slapping him Molly had reached out to touch his most elemental nature. Tad soon found that he craved the strict, no-nonsense attitude Molly assumed with him.

At WJXR TV, Tad Boxer was the undisputed star of the nightly news. At the height of middle age, he was a tall, distinguished, and attractive male specimen, with bright blue eyes and a full head of silver-blond hair. Despite being in his early 50s, Tad still looked exceptionally youthful.

Nor was Molly Richards anything less than a beauty--raven-haired, tall and slender. She had worn a short, black woolen skirt that night, with a dark gray jacket and a pale, ivory blouse. Tad thought that Molly's subdued attire suggested something almost ecclesiastical about her personal style.

Only later did Tad learn that Molly's outfit had been specially selected to encourage a submissive response from him, artfully mimicking the habits of the nuns who ran the parochial school Tad had attended as a boy.

Something else Tad did not immediately notice was that Molly's sheer hosiery and towering black high heels were likewise chosen to guide his attention, directing his gaze toward the distinct swell of her pubic mound, which the short skirt especially enhanced.

The overall effect of her costume was to render permanent a domineering image of Molly in Tad's mind.

All at once, Tad had an exciting new reason for living. He could not get Molly out of his thoughts, and afterwards spent many hours contemplating her manifest physical charms. For instance, he noticed that Molly's legs, particularly, were out of this world. She had the kind of long, long legs that were just made for looking at, licking, and loving.

Encased in the sheerest, blackest of hosiery, Molly's legs suggested a genital package between them so seductive that Tad's knees automatically wanted to buckle, to get him in position where he could perhaps actually see a breathtaking glimpse of heaven.

The initial facial slap happened soon after they left the offices of WJXR together. Walking to the car, Tad was treated to the tantalizing twitch of Molly's bottom, following behind her as they walked down the hallway toward the parking lot. Molly walked very fast, with Tad hurrying to catch up.

Occasionally, she glanced over her shoulder. At the passenger door to Tad's car, Molly paused.

"Unlock my door and let me in before you let yourself in on the other side," she said.

"Yes, of course," Tad answered.

"Look around inside and make certain that everything is satisfactory," she added, further instructing him.

Tad glanced around inside the car, making sure some sneaky criminal wasn't lurking in the back seat. It was a sound precaution, he had to admit, especially when you drove an expensive luxury car, as Tad did.

Watching Molly climb in likewise afforded Tad an eye-popping view of her cleavage, which, if anything, was even more inviting than he dared imagine. Tad let his mind roam freely over the contours of her breasts, a perfect riot of stirring erotic images.

Tad could wait no longer. As soon as he got inside the car, he pulled her toward him, attempting to kiss her.

WHACK! Molly slapped Tad's face with a vicious backhand, catching him squarely across the mouth.

Tad's head reeled from the impact.

"Hey! Wh-wh-what did you d-do that for?" Tad blubbered.

"I could list you quite a few things. But I won't bother. Let me be honest with you, Mr. Boxer," Molly said. "I'd rather suck on dirt than allow you to kiss me on your own initiative."

These harsh words cut Tad to the quick.

"Excuse me?"

Molly sighed. "I guess you need to have it explained in simple terms. You and I are not going to kiss, or have sex, or become intimate in any way, not unless I say so."

"We're not? Then why did you invite me out?"

"As the newly hired assistant TV news producer and your immediate superior, I believed it incumbent upon me to get to know you better."

Tad got one of those queasy feelings. His intestines felt rather like gelatin. "My immediate superior?"

"Correct. The station manager has given me authority over you, and over you I shall remain. If you do not behave precisely as I say, this improper kissing incident will be reported to Ms. Christine Whitman, and you will lose your prestigious, cushy, and high-paying job."

"Gee, Molly, I'm sorry if I offended you and for that I apologize. But you are so beautiful and sexy that I just couldn't help myself. I suppose I should take you home now," Tad said meekly.

Molly smiled, for Tad's reaction was exactly what she hoped it wold be.

"You'll do nothing of the sort, Mr. Boxer. We are still going out for dinner. I just want you to know from the outset that I will be in full and complete control of all our activities whenever we are together. Is that clearly understood?"

Tad had never been spoken to in such direct, plain terms by a woman in his life. It thrilled and frightened him simultaneously. An urgent desire to get away from her as soon as possible was his first inclination, but when Tad gazed into her dark brown eyes, his will power vanished like smoke in the wind.

"I'll do as you say," Tad replied.

Molly looked back at him, her magnetic eyes holding him for all he was worth. "Hmmm. Now that I have your full attention, allow me to say further you possess the manners of a swine and all the subtlety of a moose in rut."

"Am I really that bad?"

"Yes. And you have the brains of a turnip," she finished, sighing. "I can't believe you have gotten so far in life."

Tad said nothing.

Molly smiled again, this time in a way that sent shivers down Tad's spine. "You are forgiven, however."

"Thank you."

They enjoyed a delicious six-course meal at Gianni's, an Italian restaurant famous for its outstanding pasta dishes.

Tad and Molly sat beside each other at the table, eating large helpings of penne noodles swathed in rich, savory tomato sauce, sautéed vegetables, and layered with four different kinds of cheeses.

At dinner, they discussed Tad's work, which Molly critiqued with penetrating insight.

"I've seen your broadcasts, Mr. Boxer. I'm afraid they need substantial improvement. Your delivery is poor and your choice of apparel is ghastly. If you ever want to escape from this small market purgatory and get into the big time, you′ll need to make changes. Major changes."

Tad couldn't quite decide if what she was saying was an invitation or an insult. On the slim chance it was the former, he said, 'Well, maybe if you and I spent more time together, you'd be able to help me make better decisions."

"I suppose, but would you be a better person for it?"


Molly smiled, glancing down at her plate. Tad had the distinct feeling that thoughts were going through her head that might not be flattering to him. On the other hand...

"Has anyone ever told you how handsome you are?" Molly asked, without looking up.

Tad nodded his head. It was about the only nice thing people said about him. Though well into his middle years, Tad Boxer still had a full head of silver hair, and therefore looked every inch the distinguished, successful man.

"I wonder what else there is about you I need to know."

At that moment, the waiter appeared to refill their wine glasses and Tad never got a chance to ask her what she meant.

The savory aroma of the food smells wafting into Tad's nostrils were almost as intoxicating as sitting so intimately with Molly, side-by-side, in a private corner of the restaurant.

It therefore came as a great shock when Molly reached between his legs after the main course and began to caress and fondle his genitals through his pants.

"Oh, my goodness," Molly said, a bit breathlessly, "you are exceedingly large down there, aren't you, Mr. Boxer?"

"Uh--thank you," Tad said. "I uh, must say that you are certainly tickling Mr. Happy's fancy. I sure hope that tickling Mr. Happy isn't all that you intend to do."

Molly's grip tightened around his ball sac, followed by a sharp pinch on the head of his penis. He winced but did not brush her hand away. Again, as if it had a mind of its own, Tad's Mr. Happy stiffened further.

Molly snorted out a laugh. "Do you really call your penis 'Mr. Happy'?"

Tad nodded.

"How perfectly perverse!" Molly laughed again, dabbing at her eyes in merriment. "I do rather enjoy a good turn of phrase, Mr. Boxer. Tell me, would you like to make Mr. Happy happy?"

"I'd like that very much," Tad replied.

Forming a sticky dot on the underside of Tad's pouch front briefs, the tip of his cock was presently ooozing leakage. Molly kept her hand there, touching him, until he became fully erect. Her fingers had no trouble locating the base of his solid organ, rising from his bulging testicles.

A single drop of sweat trickled its way inexorably down his forehead. Tad coughed, cleared his throat, and managed to say: "Uh, may I ask what are you doing to Mr. Happy?"

"I am assaying you, sir, as a mineral expert might examine an ore sample. I am trying to decide if you are going to be worth my precious time. More precisely, I am trying to determine if there may by chance be a diamond in all your rough. For your information, I am slowly coming to the opinion that perhaps in fact you MAY be worthy of my attention."

Tad nodded his head once more, acutely conscious the way she held his cock, squeezing it and letting go, squeezing it and letting go.

"This ungodly organ is no doubt the source of all your horrid machismo," Molly breathed hotly in his ear. "The wellspring of your acknowledged masculine power, Mr. Boxer. As with anything, it can used for good or ill. The modern woman seeks to manage male power for her own benefit, and for the good of all others. Would you like to have your masculinity managed for you, by a strong and sensual woman?"

Tad kept his eyes lowered, sensing that his answer was crucial to making Mr. Happy happy.

"If that's what I think it means, I would like it very much."

Molly sighed deeply, pleased with his answer. "Then look at me, Mr. Boxer. I want you to look at me."

Tad raised his eyes to hers.

"Say, I accept your proposal, Molly."

"I accept your proposal, Molly."

* * * *

Dessert arrived, two small metal dishes filled with big scoops of Spumoni ice cream. Tad was still eating the cold confection when Molly resumed her examination of his cock and balls.

Her right hand carefully determined his length and girth, stroking him gently. Leaning in close, Molly brought her lips to his, accepting Tad's kiss and returning it with real fire.

"I really love this beastly cock of yours, Mr. Boxer. Do you always get this big upon erection?"

"All the time," Tad said, not sure whether to be proud or ashamed. "That's not a problem, is it?"

"Nothing a good set of pruning sheers wouldn't take care of," she said with a laugh.

Mr. Happy suddenly began to get sad.

Molly patted Tad lightly on the cheek. "Just kidding, dear," she said wickedly.

Tad blubbered his relief.

"Don't worry so much, Mr. Boxer. You see, despite the fact that you are rude, gauche, insensitive and not exceptionally bright, I seem to have taken a liking to you."

"What is 'gauche'?"

"It's another way of saying insensitive."

"Am I insensitive?" Tad asked.

"Of course you are. It is typical of persons in the public eye, such as you are, to think of little besides themselves."

Tad thought about what she said for a moment, then realized how true it likely was. "Okay," he said at length. "So what do I do about it?"

Again, Molly reassured him: "All you need is management, Tad. Proper, feminine, disciplined management. I think that taking you on and managing you effectively might even give be a challenge of sorts."

"I need good management," Tad said. "I need someone who can tell me how to behave. I am very bad sometimes."

Molly smiled at him, a warm, intimate smile. "Yes, you are bad. Very bad. But I can make you better. Much, much better. Seeing how desperately you need proper, feminine, disciplined management, I think it might be fun to make you my project."

"Oh, thank you, thank you." Tad was filled with genuine gratitude toward her, acutely aware of how lacking he was in selfless, manly qualities.

"From here on out, let's see if you can surprise me with one or two redeeming traits," Molly said. She studied him, frowned, and added, "Although for the life of me I can't think of what they could possibly be."

She gave his testicles one last squeeze, so hard it made him wince. "Do you know how a woman goes about training a dog, Mr. Boxer?" she asked.

Tad shook his head.

"Don't worry. I will show you."

* * * *

It was agreed that they would have a second date the following evening. Molly said Tad should come to her apartment, where she would have certain arrangements made.

Tad breezed through the day, secure in the knowledge that he was going to see Molly again. His mind meanwhile was a stew of potent erotic images, wherein he eagerly explored the velvety depths of submissive sexual gratification with this powerful, commanding woman. Molly had promised him that she would henceforth manage his life in every conceivable aspect. Instead of fearing such a process, Tad desired it with all his heart.

Upon leaving work, Tad's co-workers looked at him with a mixture of disdain and jealousy, because he had a date with the beautiful, brilliant Molly Richards. Lew Gordon, the divorced executive producer, asked Tad where he intended to go with Molly. Morry Slater, the cynical news writer, reeled off several new jokes at Tad's expense.

"Are you going to be as dumb as you usually are on your first date?" Morry asked, with a sly wink. "Or are you going to play it smart for a change?"

"What do you mean?"

"Her name is Molly Richards, Tad. M-O-L-L-Y. R-I-C-H-A-R-D-S. Don't get it wrong, like you do everything else."

Tad fumed, giving Morry a really dirty look. So what if Tad had trouble with names and couldn't always remember which team played which sport? He had a date with Molly Richards! That was plenty. They could go suck eggs. For Tad, finally, love was all around. No need to fake it. He could have it all, so why not take it?

He was going to make it after all! He was a winner, not a loser in the game of life. Tad felt like baring his teeth and howling like a wolf, the leader of the pack. To hell with those guys, barking at him like that!

Tad pictured them shrinking away under his steely gaze. Yes, he was the savage predator who had conquered the forest, driving his competitors away from the choicest females, mating with them as often as he liked.

Meanwhile, Tad straightened his red power tie, ran his hand through his perfect silver hair in a practiced gesture, and set out to call on Molly. He felt confident in the knowledge that he would soon belong to her--in body, mind, and heart.

Completely unfamiliar with this intriguing dominant version of the female species, Tad stood at Molly's door, holding a single red rose and wearing a smile.

Molly in turn, met him at the door dressed in a black leather mini-dress, sheer nylon stockings, stacked high heels, and a very uncompromising expression on her face.

"Mr. Boxer," she said by way of greeting, "You're five minutes late! Get in here right away!"

Tad hesitated, confused by her angry tone. But he knew enough to step through an open door when he saw one, and so he did, even though he was frankly baffled.

Baffled changed to stunned when he surveyed the scene inside Molly's apartment. Exactly what he never expected to see appeared before him. Molly had a scantily-clad woman shackled to a bench in the middle of the living room!

"Uh, may I ask why you have a woman tied up your living room?" Tad asked.

"Mr. Boxer, this is my downstairs neighbor, Rhonda Morgenthau," Molly said. "I have her tied up in the living room because there isn't quite enough room for her in the kitchen. Do you like what you see?"

Tad looked. Truth be told, he liked. Though it was strange, he definitely liked. Rhonda Morgenthau was an exceptionally attractive, well-developed, fortyish brunette. Right now, Molly had Rhonda fastened tightly to an upholstered Queen Anne's bench in the center of Molly's spacious living room. The restraint of choice was yellow nylon rope, with neat, expertly tied knots at the bottom of each leg, so that Rhonda's slender body formed an almost exact U shape over the bench.

Clad in nothing more than a white cotton bikini-style bra and panty set, edged in lace, Rhonda turned to look back at Tad, raising her head slightly.

Faint beads of sweat showed on Tad's high, smooth forehead. Molly noted his visibly aroused reaction without comment. It was exactly what she had been hoping for.

Tad moved in to get a better look. Rhonda's panty was slit down the middle, and Tad could see where it gaped open in back. Both her anus and her vagina were therefore fully exposed to his view. Tad emitted a low, guttural blubber.

"What are you going to do?" Tad managed to ask.

"You mean to Rhonda?"

"Uh huh."

Molly chuckled and said, "I haven't decided yet, Mr. Boxer. Most of the time I like to keep a slave, like Rhonda here, in a state of suspense for as long as it amuses me."


Molly gave him a mysterious smile. Molly looked a lot like Rhonda, when you got right down to it, being slender and similarly brunette. They could have been sisters, for all Tad knew. As Slateville's most eligible bachelor, Tad had little trouble finding women who wanted to date him. The trouble was finding one who was dominant, powerful. That Molly met the job description in spades was a realization even someone like Tad could easily grasp.

Since coming to the Twin Cities of Slateville-Saint Johns four years earlier, Tad had quickly run through virtually all of the potential candidates for Mrs. Tad Boxer. But he had hit the jackpot with none of them.

Living by himself no longer appealed to Tad. It wasn't that he didn't want to get married, as he felt that he was ready and the time was right. The problem was finding a woman who wasn't repelled by his dark, secret nature. Already rumors of Tad's peculiar subservient sexual tastes had leaked out in the Twin Cities' active gossip mill.

Now that Tad and Molly were on their second actual date, the first being the rather perfunctory post-work dinner, it was time for the truth to emerge.

At this point Tad was feeling conflicted, beginning to wonder about the wisdom of making a second date with Molly. True, the slap in the face had done no permanent harm, and Tad had deserved it for being so presumptuous as to attempt kissing her on the first date.

It was difficult for Tad to juxtapose the refusal of a kiss with seeing a nearly naked, bound, female "slave" in Molly's living room. As he did, Tad experienced a profound shock.

And an incredible erection!

"Yes, Rhonda is my personal and sexual slave," Molly explained. "Tad, are you aware of a consensual lifestyle known as Domination and Submission?"

Tad's mind began to reel. Had he heard of it? Of course he had! But so far Tad had never found a woman who was ready to entertain such ideas. As a consequence, he had lived a very solitary, lonely, almost desperate life.

Nevertheless, he had to be careful. He had seen the bad looks before, from women, the few to whom he had confessed his intense desire to be sexually dominated. They had acted like he was sick or something.

"Yes, I may be familiar with Domination and Submission," Tad said cautiously.

Molly frowned. She didn't believe him, not even a little bit, but she understood his need to be wary.

"That's most unfortunate. A modern man should be more up to date on the rapidly changing psycho-sexual mores of our society." Molly answered. "By the way, may I call you Tad? 'Mr. Boxer' seems so formal."

"Please do."

"Well, I think Domination and Submission is something you need to learn about, Tad. It is considered primarily a game by some practitioners, but I am serious about it, as are my slaves. In essence, Domination and submission is about discovering your hidden desires and your forbidden lusts, learning to accept absolute submission and gaining pleasure through pain."

Tad looked at Rhonda again. The woman sure was tightly secured to that wooden Queen Anne's bench. Her slim white body squirmed against the red leather padding, turning this way and that. Molly picked up a thick wooden paddle from the coffee table, slapping it against the palm of her left hand. He knew, immediately, why Rhonda was writhing on the bench.

"I don't know," Molly said wickedly. "Maybe I'll let Rhonda thank her Mistress by slipping her head under my skirt, nuzzling those succulent lips of hers against my vulva, and then licking and kissing me until I come all over her face."

Tad's groan was heartfelt. "And what do I get to do?"

"You? Why you get to walk out the front door, Tad."

Seeing his pathetic look of disappointment, she said, "Or did you perhaps have a different idea?"

Tad nodded his head vigorously.

"If you're thinking of sticking around, I strongly recommend against it."


"Because only slaves get to watch other slaves pleasure their Mistress. And surely such a manly man as yourself wouldn't submit just for the chance to watch Rhonda eat my pussy?"

Uh-oh, Tad thought.


"Strip, allow yourself to be bound, answer my questions, follow all my commands, and refer to me as 'Mistress'. Additionally, you must accept corporal punishment whenever I feel your actions warrant it. You know, the usual stuff."

"You're joking."

Molly stared at him.

"You're not joking," Tad said. He glanced at the paddle in her hand, weighing it against his own swollen cock.

Almost as if she could read his thoughts, Molly said, "On the other hand, I could let Rhonda play with you instead. I'm sure she'd go crazy over a big, stiff cock like yours right now."

Five minutes later Tad was down to only his red pouch front briefs and a pair of handcuffs had been snapped smartly around his wrists. Molly regarded him calmly, then shook her head.

"Not enough. You'll need ankle shackles, too."

"Oh, please no!" Tad blubbered.

Rhonda was moaning on the bench, trying to reach her pussy to rub it. "Please Mistress," she said. "Let me play with something, anything."

What a scene! Tad went over to where a pair of shackles were attached to the floor, and after some fumbling managed to fasten them around his ankles.

"Is this OK?" Tad grumbled.

"Not quite." Molly looked him straight in the eye as she tied the dangling end of a nylon cord to the cuffs.

"What's that for?"

"This." Suddenly his arms were jerked up above his head toward the ceiling.

"Hey!" Tad said, squirming. "I don't reach that high!"

"You do now," Molly said with a chuckle. "Comfy?"

Tad tried to get his heels back on the ground but couldn't quite make it. "Not really, no."

"Good. Rhonda I know I can control. You I am not so sure of."

Molly quickly undid Rhonda's bindings, smiling as Rhonda immediately rubbed up against her leg. Her hands slipped up under Molly's skirt.

"Later, my dear," Molly told her gently. "Right now I need to have a little talk with Mr. Boxer over there."

Talk? Who was in the mood for talk?

Molly explained the basic rules about slaves, concluding with: "When my slaves do something bad, I must punish them."

"You mean like if they mess on the carpet?" Tad asked.

Molly send the paddle flying into Tad's backside, where it connected with a resounding crack.


"OW!" Tad strained against the cuffs as he waited for the pain in his rear end to subside.

"Or when they speak out of turn," Molly said smoothly. "Oh, did I forget to mention we were starting your first spanking?"

"No! You didn't!" Tad screeched as she connected with the paddle a second later.

"Call me Mistress, Tad."

"Yes Mistress! Yes Mistress!"

The spanking was for Tad's long-term benefit. While he took the beating, spank by spank, he stared at Rhonda, to help keep his mind off the pain.

Goodness gracious! Rhonda had a slender, beautiful body, with a luscious pair of oversized, milk white breasts. Tad licked his lips and shuddered, feeling an almost overpowering sexual excitement.

"Take a good look, Tad," Molly said, in a low, compelling voice. "Take a very good look. I converted Rhonda to my authority within days of moving into this lovely complex. I've also had good success with the owner, Tracy Johnson, who I now count among my human property holdings. Rhonda willingly offers her body, mind, and soul to me. I can do whatever I like with her."

"What are you going to do with her now?" Tad asked eagerly.

"Right now? Oh, nothing much. I intend to leave her, tied up like she was before, while we go out to dinner."


"Yes, that's right. When we come back, then we'll have some juicy fun with her, if you like."

Six hard hits on his bare bottom from the paddle constituted the whole of Tad's discipline for the evening. Molly indicated that she did not want to overdo it with so novice as slave as Tad. She released him and had Rhonda help him dress before they went out. As Molly and Tad got ready to leave the apartment, Molly once more tied Rhonda to the Queen Anne's bench in the center of the living room.

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