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Submit, My Lovely [MultiFormat]
eBook by M. J. Rennie

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: The Bestselling Writer of the Romance of Domination! M. J. Rennie's books are recommended titles on such adult literary web sites as The Erotic Book Society, Planet Eros, Fiction on the Fringe, Artemis Creations, Femdom Links, Odress Suggestions, QSM, The BDSM Bookshelf, and Sole. Discover why in Rennie's newest novel, the story of a couple who find romance through bondage. M. J. Rennie is the author of many erotic novels, including Plus Size Signe, How to Manage a Man, The Perfect Wife, and Permission: A Novel of Female Domination (all available from Renaissance E Books).

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler, Published: 2004
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2005

6 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


I first heard Slateville called Slutville by a red-haired Ukrainian babe named Tatiana. It happened while I stood in caferteria line, waiting to pay for some coffee. Her full name was Tatiana Pereshkova.

Tatiana also said that people "ut" their lunch.

At the time, I thought nothing about what Tatiana had done to the town's name. Later, I heard women who could manage the long "a" of English call Slateville the same thing.

I still didn't see much in it besides the meaningless humor that used to make "Bend Over" a dominant woman's cute nickname for a submissive boyfriend. But when I got to know Slateville better, I learned different."

Otherwise, don't expect much from this account because I am more of a photographer than I am a writer. Given my druthers, I much prefer to work in pictures rather than words.

At RUBIO magazine, (circulation 188,033) I am the chief "Photoguy," as my boss, Claudia Hubbard, likes to call me. If you don't already know, RUBIO publishes a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction, invariably accompanied by color photographs of beautiful red-haired women.

At RUBIO we also dabble in the adult video market, cranking out four to seven XXX-rated features annually.

Generally speaking, we prefer to use only actresses we come across in the amateur videos that are submitted to us by the score. To keep costs down, Claudia often casts me opposite these women, since I also have red hair, though mine is more strawberry blond than regular red.

Our adult videos earn money, but RUBIO Magazine is the heart of our operation. Every month, we celebrate The Great American Redhead, displaying, at centerfold, the gorgeous hairy pudendum of our extraordinary models.

Their moist and delicate labia are always shown surrounded by the best, most outstanding crimson pubic patches we can find. You would be shocked the number of men (and women) who enjoy admiring artful color photographs of women with gorgeous, silky red pubic hair.

Of course, like the models we feature, Claudia is herself a natural redhead. Surprisingly enough, for years she dyed her hair a bright blond, because she disliked the original red.

One day, Claudia had sex with a man who told her how much he adored her bright red pubic hair. To prove it, he gave her exquisitely pleasurable oral sex, lasting for the entire night. The spur for the man was the inexhaustible turn-on her red pubic hair supplied him.

The following morning, Claudia experienced an honest-to-goodness epiphany, deciding to switch back to her normal red hair color immediately. Her lover's enthusiasm was infectious. A month later, Claudia founded RUBIO Magazine. From there it took off like a shot.

That's the story of RUBIO, in a nutshell. One other thing you need to know about our magazine is our continuing quest for the fabled Red Harriet, the most enticing and rare of red-haired pubic adornments.

What is the perfect Red Harriet, you ask? In truth, even experts disagree, but most concede that it consists of a patch of red feminine pubic hair that is fairly sparse near the lips but spreads across the mound in a pattern like the letter "H." The hair can be thick, thin, coarse, dense, curly or even wispy, but the key components are the bright red color and the distinctive "H" pattern.

Aficionados of adult magazines featuring red-haired women nowadays insist on seeing the Red Harriet pubic coiffure, because it affords the most flattering genital presentation. The Red Harriet shows off a woman's proud, lovely vaginal lips to best advantage.

But very few women can boast a Harriet of any sort, let alone a red one. Those who do dress up their pudendum in a Harriet trim for display purposes usually achieve the effect by cutting, shaving, plucking, or by using depilatory treatments. However, thanks to our long experience, we at RUBIO know which ones are real, which ones are fake. Shaving, plucking, depilatories, and even laser removal all leave telltale traces, visible under magnification.

At RUBIO, we seek real thing, the one and only true Red Harriet. No substitutes, please. Unfortunately, the perfect Red Harriet has somehow eluded us, despite years of searching.

It's been very frustrating.

Before Claudia founded RUBIO magazine, she worked briefly as private investigator, so it wasn't like she didn't know how to go about finding things or people.

That's how we met, incidentally, during one of Claudia's private investigations. She had a number of clients who desired videotaped proof of spousal or lover's infidelities. I answered an ad for a camera operator and she put me to work. We made lots of money until we both got sick of the hassles. Detective work, I am sorry to say, is a hideous bore and occasionally dangerous to boot.

But then came the magazine, which has been a bonanza, both professionally and financially. Not that Claudia needed the dough. Twice divorced, she came away from her marriages with generous financial settlements. Capable and beautiful, Claudia is as brilliant in business as she is in everything else.

Sometimes, I think she can do anything.

Still, the Red Harriet dilemma had even formidable Claudia stymied. We knew, from our extensive still photographic and videotape archives, that the perfect Red Harriet did indeed exist out there.

But we wanted a more recent image than the 30-year old version we had. Perhaps you may have even heard of it. The perfect Red Harriet hairdo first appeared in a tacky 1970s adult film called SUBURBAN WIVES, an old-fashioned steamer about an upper-class call girl ring.

The starring actress in the film, Charlotte Stanton, flashes her inimitable Red Harriet pussy in front of the camera in a memorable strip tease scene. Because of that one explicit shot, SUBURBAN WIVES is still one of the best-selling soft core "nudie" films of all time.

Claudia admitted we might never find a perfect Red Harriet, but said we should keep on looking. We owed it to our readers, if nothing else. That was okay by me. I continued taking my beloved photographs of nude red-haired women and carried on without complaint.

I love my work. We especially enjoy featuring older, mature redheads. Older women's bodies are of course the most alluring, being supple, seasoned, soft, and ripe. We seek women in their early 30s to late 50s, who are sexy and sensual.

Mmmm. Pre-menopausal and post-menopausal women who are in great shape excite our readers like nothing else. Even a handful of women over the age of 60 have graced the pages of RUBIO, confidently displaying their abundant physical charms and sophisticated sexuality to our enthusiastic subscribers.

Given this background, you can imagine our surprise when we stumbled across the town of Slateville, where we found not only one but TWO perfect Red Harriets.

You could have knocked us over with a feather boa.

I'm pretty sure it was on a Monday when the unforgettable package arrived, unbidden, at our offices. The videotape inside showed a pair of women with astonishingly beautiful Red Harriets, both incredibly luscious.

Claudia saw the video first. She likes to personally review the incoming materials, with an eye toward including promising amateurs in future XXX-rated features.

The day after the tape showed up, Claudia walked into my cubicle and, without saying a word, popped it into my VCR. A soundless graphic in red letters appeared, saying that we going to watch Lucinda, Jack, and Dinah. Because it was a threesome, I figured they were probably going to act out some sort of domination and submission scene.

I was not disappointed. The D/s trio is a standard video scene, one we have employed ourselves on many occasions.

"Mr. Photoguy, keep your eyes on the one called Lucinda," Claudia said. "Methinks she is our girl, the one we have been looking for all this time."

The screen faded to black and then the action began. They appeared to be in some kind of dungeon, because several restraining devices were visible in the background. A man was down on his knees before two red-haired women, one younger and the other older.

The older woman was speaking:

"Pay no attention to Jack when he begs for mercy, Lucinda. He knows he's in for it."

"Don't worry, Dinah," Lucinda said. "He won't get any mercy from me. Jack is getting exactly what he deserves."

"Jackie doesn't like punishment," Dinah said.

Hmmm. Both women were dressed in an identical fashion, but of the two, Lucinda was the more attractive, being taller, prettier, and better built.

Lucinda wore a bright red full length Chateau dress, high-heeled red pumps, and elbow length red satin gloves. I guessed her age to be early 30s. The open, upper part of her Chateau dress revealed a pair of pink, pear-shaped, and very succulent-looking boobies.

The topless bodice left Lucinda's shapely breasts beautifully bare, and her nipples looked like maraschino cherries atop vanilla ice cream cones. Down below, her full, ruffled skirt concealed a long slit down the front of her dress, which I knew would open to reveal her genitals.

At RUBIO, we've shot a lot of pictures of women in Chateau dresses. They are mostly called "Odresses" in North America. Properly fitted, a Chateau dress can make even a relatively plain woman look absolutely fabulous.

On the other hand, Dinah was no slouch either and her imperious demeanor spoke volumes about who was in charge. She also bore a striking resemblance to the Depression era movie goddess Jean Harlow. In her right hand, Dinah carried a dog whip, light and flexible, capped with a stainless steel tip. That was kind of like Jean Harlow, too.

My eyes went back and forth. Although Lucinda was more beautiful, she seemed softer than Dinah, and had a less haughty personality.

They were both playing the role of Mistress, and enjoying it, but the part came more naturally to Dinah. In addition, the Chateau dresses were all wrong for what they were doing to Jack. Odresses are slave dresses, fashioned after the garments worn by the female sex slaves in the famed Pauline Reage D/s novel, STORY OF O.

They were acting as twin dominatrix in this scene, and they way they were doing it made the Odresses seem just right.

The dresses were definitely to look at, but that didn't mean I could take my eyes off Lucinda. The short, puffy sleeves of her dress floated like clouds over the snugly fitting bodice, which was tight across her tummy and immaculately tailored. She moved through the frame with a supple grace that made me immediately imagine making love to her.

My heart pounded with excitement. She sure looked like a natural redhead, although you couldn't be sure until she opened her dress. The red of her costume made the hair on her head look like the brightest red it could possibly be. The whole effect was simply riveting.

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