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Permission: A Tale of Woman Dominant [MultiFormat]
eBook by M. J. Rennie

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: Modern Classic of a Wife and Husband Exploring B&D. M. J. Rennie's classic sensual romance, Permission, an erotic bestseller in paperback examines the unconventional relationship between dynamic, dominant Darlene and her eager, submissive husband. From the start, it is ripe, mature, lovely Darlene who instructs her young husband in how to bring his malleable mind and handsome body into strict conformance with her rigorous physical and emotional standards. Because he worships her so completely, Darlene's husband is willing to make himself the obedient instrument of her pleasure, even surrendering his until, and if, she gives him permission. Is it possible for a husband to always find ways to please such a passionate, demanding, and remarkable wife as Darlene? Or is their marriage too good to last? This delightfully sophisticated love story is written with a graceful, elegant style that raises the explicit adult scenes contained within it to literary heights. Since its paperback success, Permission has become a recommended title on such adult literary web sites as The Erotic Book Society, Planet Eros, Fiction on the Fringe, Artemis Creations, Femdom Links, Odress Suggestions, The BDSM Bookshelf, and Sole.

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books, Published: 2005
Fictionwise Release Date: February 2005

20 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


Talking about sex with Darlene made me realize how much was I missing in my life. We met about ten years ago, when we worked together in an office selling medical equipment. For six months we worked side by side, liquidating a collection of medical office furniture for a failed manufacturer.

We sold massage chairs, tables, gurneys, desks, lamps-you name it. A former college English major, Darlene was well-spoken and had a way with people. We moved a lot of merchandise.

While working together, we discovered we had much in common, hitting it off immediately. On slow afternoons, we discussed our likes and dislikes freely. Soon enough, the talk centered on sex. Both of us were surprised, I think, at how frank we were with each other.

It became apparent that what I loved to do best she loved to have done to her, and what I loved best she loved to do. Darlene also told me how shameful she thought it was for a married man to masturbate, because in doing so, he cheated his spouse.

"It's an insult to the woman he's with," Darlene said. "When a woman marries a man, his emissions belong to her."

It was an intriguing concept, one I had never heard expressed before. Interestingly enough, Darlene had recently married a doctor, a well-known urologist with a thriving practice.

I confessed to Darlene my desire to perform oral sex on a strong, well-developed woman, especially if she wore high heels while I was doing it.

"That's a common fantasy for many men," Darlene said. "It's also a very charming one, from a woman's point of view."

Darlene knew all about the various aspects of cunnilingus, making plain her special preferences. We had one of those rare discussions in which a man and a woman are completely honest with each other and still manage to become good friends.

As we worked together, an intense physical attraction sparked our relationship. Every day I looked forward to seeing Darlene. From her manner, I could tell she liked me as well. Of course, we were never able to act on that longing because, obviously, she was married, and I was involved with another woman.

Ironically, the woman in my life would never let me do what I loved to do best. She considered oral sex dirty.

Imagine my surprise when I ran into Darlene again at a medical equipment sales convention in Chicago. She was showing a new blood platelet extraction machine to a group of hospital administrators. It nearly took my breath away to see her, so beautiful did she look. Darlene had on a white dress slit up one leg practically to her hip. On her neck was a black scarf with small white accents.

Never had I seen a woman look so ravishing.

An accomplished seamstress in addition to being a top-notch saleswoman, Darlene had designed and made most of her own clothes since high school. I guessed right away that the white dress was one of her own creations.

Physically, Darlene was taller than average, extremely attractive, and exceptionally well-developed, with raven hair and smooth, clear skin. Her legs were long and muscular. Darlene's facial features were similar to those striking brunettes you often see in the movies.

Especially interesting are her breasts, having an almost perfect size and shape, being both round and full. Darlene's brown nipples were long and their creamy areolas had a radius as big as silver dollars.

I am blond, tall, and still fairly lean, although I was leaner back when Darlene and I first got to know each other.

Darlene saw me looking at her.

"Hello," I said. "You're just as gorgeous as ever."

She grinned and answered, in her husky voice, "I always hoped I'd find you again."

This time I wasn't with anybody else. And neither was she. She'd parted company with the urologist several years before.

Darlene and I met for dinner that night, picking up right where we left off. There was even more excitement between us now than before. Two weeks later, we knew we were in love, and so decided to marry. Darlene set the date for the middle of September, a beautiful month in this part of the country.

Besides designing her own clothes, Darlene was old-fashioned in other ways. She made it clear during our engagement that she didn't believe in intercourse before marriage.

"You don't have to convince me," I said. "With all the diseases around, it only makes sense."

"I'm happy that you agree," Darlene said. "Above all else, I desire a sensitive and compliant husband."

Soon after our engagement, Darlene told me she wanted to examine the manly equipment I was bringing to our union. We were in the kitchen of her condominium apartment.

"I want to take a good look at you," she said, pulling out a magnifying glass. "Let me see your penis and testicles."

I put my hand on my belt buckle. We had just finished watching MOONLIGHTING WIVES, an old soft-core movie about a suburban call-girl ring. It was hokey but showed a lot of great 1960s lingerie. Throughout the film, we'd been necking and petting.

"Here? Right now?" I said.

"Yes, darling. Take off your pants, please."

Darlene was a such formidable woman. There was no question but that she knew what she was doing. She led me over to the sofa in the living room, where I removed my shirt, trousers, and boxer shorts.

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