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Alcandian Quest [MultiFormat]
eBook by Mary Wine

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: Jessica's love life is a mess. She wants a man who will love her, make her heart pound with desire and her body melt from passion. Marriage is in there too, but finding the right guy is turning out to be mission impossible. Dumping Mr. Wrong, she heads to her cabin in the mountains, hardly expecting to be swept off her feet and out of this world--literally--into the arms of the sexiest man she's ever met. What she isn't prepared for is to get the man of her dreams--in duplicate! Dylan and Jett don't care which planet they discover their mate on, only that they find the woman who will complete them both. And when Dylan touches Jessica's mind and body, he knows it is his mate he holds in his arms. But Jessica is about to find her personal taboos stretched to the limit by these two sexy, powerful warriors. Offering her everything she ever wanted from a man, she finds out that sometimes what you wished for is a whole lot more than you can handle. But an Alcandian warrior never gives up until the battle is won...

eBook Publisher: Ellora's Cave/Ellora's Cave, Published: Ellora's Cave Publishing, Inc., 2005
Fictionwise Release Date: May 2005

51 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

"Come on, Jessica, don't be so medieval. It's the twenty-first century. Come over here and have a little fun with me. I've been a good boy and waited for you."

Jessica lifted her eyelids to stare at her boyfriend. Bryan palmed a naked breast in his hand as Jessica's girlfriend, Gwen, giggled with delight. Heat hit Jessica in a wave as she watched the two touch and caress each other.

Bryan was a good lover. Finding out Gwen knew that little fact from more than secondhand information made Jessica set her jaws stiffly together. But her eyes were glued to Bryan as he licked one of Gwen's large rosy nipples. His tongue flicked back and forth across the girl's flesh, making Jessica shift as her own nipples tightened.

"Jessica, we're friends, let's not fight over a man." Gwen batted her long eyelashes. "It will be so much better to share him."

"Umm, I want to be shared." Bryan raised his blond head to give Jessica a wink before Gwen pushed him onto his back. He laughed as his body landed on the bed's overstuffed pillows.

But it was her bed. Her tiny townhouse, her girlfriend and what Jessica had thought to be her boyfriend. Well, tonight was certainly turning out to be a newsflash.

Gwen came up on all fours like a sleek house cat. She purred loudly as she nuzzled Bryan's erection. She rubbed her cheeks against the hard staff before she began to lick it with delicate laps.

Bryan's face became a mask of enjoyment. Jessica found her eyes glued to Bryan's face as the sound of Gwen sucking on his engorged cock hit her ears. Bryan loved to be sucked off. Gwen seemed to know that little fact just as well as Jessica knew it herself. The other woman wrapped her fingers around his swollen cock and took the entire head between her lips as her fingers stroked the remaining length.

"Oh yeah, baby ... take it all."

Jessica felt her passion die as Gwen's little kitten sounds hit her ears like someone scraping the surface of a chalkboard. All that rippled across her skin was the need to make a quick exit. Bryan's fingers twisted in Gwen's hair as his hips thrust his cock deeper between her lips. His eyes opened to watch his erection disappearing into Gwen's mouth as his lips twisted into a smirk.

"Jessica can take more and suck twice that much."

Gwen immediately increased her efforts as Bryan chuckled at her. His eyes rose until they found Jessica. "Come on, Jessie, I can't wait to fuck you both."

Jessica turned on her heel. Leaving her own home was rather strange, but there was no way she would be joining the party.

That didn't mean she was a prude.

Slamming her car door, Jessica turned the engine over and punched her foot onto the accelerator.

It wasn't even the idea of a threesome that had driven her out of that bedroom. It was the very cheap look that Bryan had cast onto Gwen's lowered head. How did a man let a woman suck his most sensitive parts and not look like he respected her?

Bryan did like her. She had been considering listening to her heart instead of her head, and taking their relationship to the more intimate level that he desired.

Instead Jessica headed for the interstate. It was Friday night and she was driving up to the mountains for the weekend. Crestline would be beautiful this early in spring. It would also be brisk, but maybe a little cold air would cool her blood down. Besides maybe the serenity would help her discover just where she'd mistaken Bryan for a man she might be willing to marry.

The miles dropped behind her jeep and as they did, so did the tension. Jessica felt her lips twitching up into a grin as the mountains came into view. Her parents had retired to the California Mountains, but the harsh winter conditions made the couple reconsider and they had moved to the warmer city of San Diego. The large A-frame house they'd bought was as close to perfection as Jessica thought a house could get.

So, she'd bought it from them and never once regretted the pinch it placed on her budget. Right now, she could only escape her tiny city apartment for the cabin when work permitted. But her dreams held a future where Jessica would join the growing number of telecommuters and be able to move to the mountains completely.

Ah, damn it!

Why did she always pick a dog? What was it about the word relationship that made it so tough to find a guy who wanted both the sex and the attachment? Maybe the problem was with the word--guy. What Jessica needed was a man.

Well, Bryan was a guy. A cute guy who was living every other guy's fantasy tonight. He was getting laid. Jessica had always considered that phrase vulgar. She didn't want to get laid. She wanted to make love--hot, passionate intimacy that would tear into her soul. The kind of embrace that would fill her heart, not just her body.

It looked like she was the one fantasizing now. Still, of her two choices, the fantasizing felt better. Sex was something she wanted, but without a relationship, she just couldn't see offering that one secret part of herself to any man. Bryan's words floated across her mind as she considered his plan to pit her and Gwen against each other in some kind of twisted competition of oral sex skills. Jessica didn't mind being his toy in the bedroom from time to time but that kind of play came with becoming a man's partner outside the bedroom walls. Without that, sex was an empty illusion of intimacy.

Maybe she'd call Bryan tomorrow and thank him. She couldn't even squeeze out a single tear for her now ex-boyfriend and Jessica hated wasting her time on anything or anyone.

She slowed down as she entered the forest. The roads were narrow and in the dark you could drive right past your turnoff if you didn't pay attention. The road in front of her was coated with a fine sheet of frost. Her headlights made the ice glitter with a thousand multicolored lights.

Spotting her turn, Jessica headed her jeep up the driveway that led to her cabin. A smile lifted her lips because it was good to be home. She opened the garage door with a remote control and pulled smoothly into her parking spot. Another jab on the remote control sent the door down behind her taillights.

Jessica squealed as she opened the car door. It was nippy tonight! She shoved the door closed. The garage was the bottom floor of the house. The living area was above her and so was her jacket! It was a darn good thing she kept extra clothing at the cabin because she hadn't even thought about grabbing anything on her way out of her apartment.

Rubbing her arms, she hurried up the steps. There was a door at the top of the steps that helped keep the heat in the house. Giving the knob a quick twist she leaned her shoulder into it. Warm air hit her arms, the contrast with the frigid mountain air made her freeze in her steps.

There was a ruby glow filling the living room. A bed of glowing coals sat in the fireplace, filling the room with heat. Fear tried to bloom into panic but Jessica resisted the pull. Someone had been in the house, if they were still there. She needed to keep her head.

The glow from the fireplace left too many dark shadows. Inching forward, Jessica reached for the light switch. Her wrist was brutally gripped and her feet jerked right out of their tracks. Jessica threw her weight into the fall to reverse the hold on her wrist.

She twisted and lunged, sending her assailant tumbling over his own arm. She tightened her grip and twisted the wrist she held with all her strength.


"You aren't going anywhere, buddy." Her voice sounded far steadier than she felt. Jessica considered the phone, but it was too far away to reach. She wedged her knee against her captive and felt the hard layer of muscle his shoulders were coated with.

Great. She had him all right, but they couldn't exactly spend the night like this. A soft grunt hit her ears a second before she was surrounded by another of the room's shadows. A squeal escaped her lips as she was lifted clean off the floor, turned and clamped against a body that was huge compared to her own.

Flinging her head back, Jessica struggled to see in the room's meager light. The dying coals washed over a harsh jaw that was angled towards her face, a blue flash crossed his eyes making her blink and stare at his face in confusion. She was smashed against the man's chest and she didn't think her feet hung past his knees. She was horrified by the sheer size of him.

Jessica felt her jaw drop open. People's eyes didn't flash. Fear must be making her crazy.

"Put me down."

"Do not. She is wicked."

His eyes flashed again. This time they were silver-blue, but still electric. "She bested you fairly, Caius. She evoked no foul play."

A low growl was the reply. Jessica took a glance over her shoulder to see the tall shadow of the first man. He raised his arm and shook the wrist she'd been twisting. He growled again as he flexed the fingers.

Her captor's eyes flashed again as he angled his large head towards her again. Time froze in that second. The room spun around her as her eyes became focused on his face. He burst inside her head like they were the same person. She became aware of his pleasure in their embrace as keenly as she knew that her own body enjoyed being next to his.

Light flooded the room. Her captor turned with her bound to him to face the far light switch.

"Jessica? What the hell are you doing here?"

Jerking her head around, Jessica felt relief slam into her. Her temper followed right on the heels of that emotion. Her brother was leaning against the doorjamb, wearing a robe that was falling open because he'd obviously just tossed it over his nude body. Cole gave her a harsh look as he jerked the tie around his waist.

"Do I need a reason to come to my own house?" A low rumble shook her breasts. Jessica snapped her attention back to her captor. His eyes flashed again, now more green than blue and his lips widened into a smile as he inspected her face. He didn't miss a single detail. Jessica felt her breath lodge somewhere inside her throat as his dark eyes probed hers.

"Put me down." Her demand sounded more like a plea. Color rushed into her cheeks but Jessica didn't care. She wanted away from him ... right now.

A single dark eyebrow raised on his wide forehead. The need to struggle bubbled up inside her, making her tremble. His lips softened in response to her body's shiver, but his arms bound her to his length with no hint of release.

His eyes returned to hers as he lowered his head slightly. His eyes closed to mere slits as he sniffed her neck with a deep breath that made his chest rise in a fluid movement against her body. His eyes opened wide as they flashed silver-blue again. Alarm raced down her nerves. Jessica was quite certain no one had ever deliberately smelled her. The action hit her as highly sexual and it sent a tiny curl of excitement towards the deepest part of her body.

"Is she your woman?" Now that was a demand. His voice was a deep rumble that bordered on a roar.

"My sister. Put her down before she kicks you with that foot. Trust me, Jessica knows what to aim for and how to hit it right."

Her captor shifted his hold at near light speed. Her brother's words were barely out of his mouth before one solid arm slipped down her body to clamp over her thighs. She'd raised her right leg up in order to deliver a solid groin shot to him with a good thrust from the side of her foot. Now she was clamped to his hips with one leg around his waist. The curl of heat that had started in her belly was now burning along her sex as she was spread open against his body. The horrible part about that was the fact that her body seemed to almost sigh as the folds of her sex separated. Her body didn't listen to a single rational thought, instead it softened and melted against the hard male body.


"Do not be angry. I like my man-parts the way they are." His voice was a deep rumble that he softened as he aimed the comment at her ears. His fingers actually petted the cheek of her bottom gently in a soothing motion. A deep strength seemed to seep through the thin layers of clothing separating them. His face lit with amusement as Jessica glared at him. He was enjoying watching her. More heat rushed into her cheeks in response.

"That's my baby sister, Dylan."

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