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Glass Souls [House of the Rose Book 1] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Michaela August

eBook Category: Fantasy/Historical Fiction
eBook Description: A besieged city, an emergency evacuation from the threat of anti-heretic Crusaders--it's an ordinary day in the life of the vampire Protectors of the House of the Rose. Except, this time, everything goes horribly wrong ... One Protector, wounded and broken in spirit in the ensuing massacre, spends decades searching desperately for the reincarnations of his loved ones. But his Seer's Eyes have been blinded, so he cannot recognize their auras. He meets a Crusader in Egypt who might be his reincarnated wife. To be certain, he must taste the young knight's blood to read his past-life memories. However, this act uncovers a deadly secret that rocks the foundations of his world.

eBook Publisher: Awe-Struck E-Books, Published: 2005
Fictionwise Release Date: May 2005

33 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Michaela August's new medieval vampire saga, Glass Souls, is the perfect example of what makes E-publishing such a boon to both writers and readers of creative fiction. Skillfully encompassing elements and conventions from the historical novel, the gothic thriller, and the paranormal romance, this story doesn't fit neatly into any of these mainstream genre categories, but faithful readers of any of them are likely to enjoy it very much. Meticulously researched and wildly imaginative, it creates a layered world for its vampire/djinni characters that is both shocking and plausible ... Anne Rice meets Marion Zimmer Bradley. I found it completely engrossing, with a cliffhanger ending that made me shriek out loud for the next book in the series. Highly recommended."--Lucy Blue, author of My Demon's Kiss

"How much do you remember of your dreams?" Sir Dominic had a seducer's voice. He might be the Devil reading his inmost desires.

Roland shuddered. For his soul's sake, he should not answer.

After a while, Sir Dominic said in a normal tone, as if nothing untoward had happened: "You and Sir Michel have treated me most courteously, even at a cost to yourselves. I owe you a debt of honor."

Curiosity won out over caution. "You owe us nothing," Roland lied politely, hoping with every fiber of his being for a generous gift of gold.

"I disagree. I could not help but overhear earlier that you were seeking a liege lord."

Roland was balanced on the knife-edge of desire and caution. He found himself wanting to trust the Saracen knight, yet ... "My lord de Sens--" he began.

"--is very angry with you." Sir Dominic gave a short laugh. "You would be wasted on de Sens, Sir Roland, were he wise enough to see your worth."

Roland gave an unhappy sigh.

"When this is over, and my ransom paid, I invite you and Sir Michel to come serve my lady Sharibet, and be lords of the House of the Rose."

"A lord?" Roland tried for incredulity as a voice in his head eagerly chanted yes yes yes.

"A rich and powerful lord," Sir Dominic answered. "The House of the Rose seeks more Protectors, and my lady Sharibet is beautiful and generous. You will want for nothing."

A thousand thoughts raced through Roland's mind. Uppermost were his earlier words to Michel: Any liege is better than no liege.

Even a Saracen? Even if it meant he would be apostate for breaking his Crusading oath?

Sixteen bezants and three silver deniers stood between them and utter penury. If de Sens kept his word and paid out shares to a pair of landless knights who had roused his ire.

"That is a very generous offer, Sir Dominic." Roland's hands were trembling as he uncorked the waterskin and took a deep swig of the flat, leathery water. He felt curiously light.

"Will you accept it?"

A deep shiver moved through Roland. He wiped his mouth and stared, wide-eyed, at the dark shape of his prisoner. Could he really do it?

"Y-yes. Yes. I will." He took a deep breath, and felt an inexplicable sense of joy and relief.

Heavy footsteps sounded outside, and the light from Gui de Tancarville's crude papyrus-reed torch leapt over the ruined walls.

"We must speak again, Sir Roland," Sir Dominic said neutrally, but a smile flickered in the corners of his mouth.

"Off you go, Sir Roland. My turn now." said Sir Gui. He spat at Sir Dominic's feet, watching to see if he would flinch. When he didn't, the large knight said, "I say we cut his balls off and send 'em to that Saracen bitch. Getting her paramour back in pieces will make her pay up quick."

"I will remember your courtesy, Sir Gui." Sir Dominic's flat gray stare, like the uncanny attention of a half-submerged crocodile, never wavered from the knight's face.

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