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When They Invite You to Dinner--Eat First [MultiFormat]
eBook by Laurie Burns Hennicker & Marshall Masters

eBook Category: Family/Relationships
eBook Description: Author Laurie Hennicker recounts heartwarming New York City childhood memories of how her struggling immigrant family found perpetual joy and contentment in the midst of the Great Depression. The secret she shares in this heart-lifting book is simple--unconditional love still works, even in the twenty-first century. When They Invite You to Dinner--Eat First is a reminder of the joy of living with unconditional love. Her tender childhood stories will give any funny bone an irresistible tickle!

eBook Publisher: Yowbooks.com/Your Own World Books, Published: 2004
Fictionwise Release Date: June 2005

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Love Is Not What You Say, But ...

Mamma and Papa belonged to a benevolent society, usually organized by people who came from the same town in Europe. Money was raised through dues, which were $6.00 per couple per year, and through theater and dinner banquets. I was usually the only child present, because Mamma and Papa took me everywhere they went. I remember the excitement of new clothes, and also remember how Papa threw me over his shoulder when it was time to go home.

At one of the banquets, someone asked me whether I spoke any foreign languages. I answered that I spoke eight languages. They wanted me to say something. In all eight? I questioned. Yes, was the reply.

Well, I set my feet apart, put my hands on my hips, inclined my head, and with a twinkle in my eyes spun off phrases in eight different languages. As I spoke each one, more people joined, and the laughter got louder and louder, but I did not see Mamma get madder and madder.

Usually when we got home, Papa dumped me into bed and other than removing my shoes, I was permitted to just sleep through the night.

Not this night.

This night, Mamma had Papa dump me into a hard wooden chair, and while I was still half asleep, I came to life very quickly when I heard Mamma say she was going to wash my mouth out with Octagon, this horrible brown soap. Boy, I remembered when my cousin did that to me, so I opened my eyes wide and listened.

But, Rose, Papa was saying, the kid didn't know what she was saying.'

What do you mean she didn't know, Mamma said, she said it, and everyone else knew.

The argument went back and forth, with Mamma running back and forth to find the horrible brown soap.

Then Mamma turned to me and said, Well, what do you think you were saying in eight languages?

I love you, I said.

I love you! Mamma screamed, where did you get that from?

Well, Mamma, every time Papa goes by you he pinches you or your bushy, and you always look at him with a twinkle and say one of those things.

Papa was convulsed with laughter. Mamma didn't want me to see her laugh, and sent me to bed. I was just happy that I didn't get the Octagon treatment. As I was leaving, I heard Papa say to Mamma, See Rose, when you say 'kiss my ass' in eight languages, even the kid knows you love me.

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