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Animal Day: Pressure Testing the Martial Arts [Secure eReader]
eBook by Geoff Thompson

eBook Category: Health/Fitness/Sports/Entertainment
eBook Description: In Animal Day, probably his most controversial book yet, Geoff Thompson explodes the martial arts myths about what does and does not work on the unforgiving streets of a violent world, and then educates the reader in all aspects of pressure testing the martial arts to make sure that technique and character are not lacking when a situation becomes "live". Having worked for nine years as a nightclub doorman, acted as a personal trainer to private police and bodyguards and talked internationally on television about the art of self protection, Geoff is pivotally placed to advise on "reality training". Animal Day is set to become a household name in today's martial arts. This is where it started.

eBook Publisher: Summersdale Publishers Ltd/Summersdale - Geoff Thompson, Published: 2004
Fictionwise Release Date: July 2005

"Pure Quality for all martial artists!! This book makes people currently believing that the training done in the standard dojo is sufficient to be able to protect yourself on the street. Don't believe the hype from instructors if they pile you with the same rubbish. Learn from Geoff Thompson. The book helps you to feel how your own Fear can be the source of your defeat in the street. It makes you aware of the various forms that it appears and how to deal with it. Starting with simple exercises to full contact sparing so you are able to feel the inner demon we all have and how to accept it and make it a positive part of our life and training.!! TOP CLASS!!"--A reader

If you worked in a factory making manifolds for cars you wouldn't see a single manifold leave the factory gates without first being pressure tested, because the reliability of the car is determined by that manifold (or any other part). If the manifold does not stand up to the pressure test it does not leave the factory. We work in a factory called a dojo or gym, we give our students metaphoric manifolds called technique and character, then we send them out on to the violent streets without pressure testing either; then we wonder what went wrong when they collapse under the pressure of a real situation.

Would you ride a roller coaster that hadn't been safety tested? Would you travel in an aeroplane without a pressure tested engine or go down in a submarine that has not been water-proofed? No? Neither would I.

Training in the martial arts is a little like immersing a bicycle inner tube into a bowl of water, and then applying air pressure to find out where the leaks are. Rising bubbles indicate leakage, so we take the tube out of the water, get out the puncture kit and fix it.

The last thing you want as a martial art practitioner is to find that your technique or character crumbles in a confrontational situation. It could get you killed or certainly badly injured. The controlled environment is the place to find the leaks, not the live scenario.

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