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After Sundown: Redemption [MultiFormat]
eBook by Eden Robins

eBook Category: Dark Fantasy
eBook Description: When independent, tough as nails motivational speaker, Alyssa Edwards, puts aside her pride and hires Sundown Security to protect her from a stalker while she finishes the last few speaking engagements in her hometown, she's shocked to discover that her new body guard is a two hundred year old vampire. Christian Galiano devotes his immortal life to defending and protecting the humans he ruthlessly preyed upon during the first fifty years of his vampire existence. That duty is his only reason for walking the night, until he meets Alyssa. Caught up in feelings neither of them wanted or expected, they soon discover that Alyssa's life isn't the only one in danger. Christian's creator, Bazhena Galichanin, is back for revenge, and she wants to reclaim her "pet" for all eternity.

eBook Publisher: Ellora's Cave, Published: 2005
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2005

51 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

Almost there. Just a little farther. Alyssa's heart was hammering so fast she thought it might burst from her chest. But she had to keep going. She spied the door leading from the parking garage. Still a long way to go. Why had she parked so far away? Was that a breath she felt at the back of her neck? Fear engulfed her. She tried to pump her legs faster. Her muscles shot daggers of pain upwards in protest. They'd almost reached their limit.

She could make it, almost there--Something pulled at the back of her blouse and then lost its grip. She finally reached the door, gave it a good push. It was unlocked. Slipping inside, she slammed the door behind her. Alyssa sagged against it in relief. People were all around her. She trembled all over in an effort to get her breathing back to normal. Safe. For now. Other than losing her shoes, she was fine.

The man had attacked as she approached her car. She swung her purse hard enough at his head to momentarily disorient him. Then brought her knee up and centered it where he was most vulnerable. He doubled over with a groan. She began her race. Her high heels had impeded her speed, so she kicked them off. Ignoring the pain from the bits of rocks and debris she stepped on as she ran for her life, she silently thanked her mother for pushing her to do track while growing up. Despite the fact that her father had always said she "ran like a girl", she knew she had been one of the fastest runners in her school--boy or girl.

Gradually Alyssa got her breathing back to normal. Everything would be okay now. But what about the next time? Whoever was stalking her--yes, she finally admitted that's what was happening--wasn't going away. This was the third speaking engagement he had shown up at and despite the heightened security precautions she'd taken, he didn't seem to be slowing down. This time, it felt like he'd been just steps behind her. He'd never been that close before.

Her publicist was right. She had avoided his suggestions to hire personal security. Now she knew she couldn't put it off any longer. She had assumed that, like everything else in her life, she could handle this herself. She was wrong. The situation was getting out of hand. Whoever was after her wasn't giving up. As much as she hated to admit it, it was time to ask for help.

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