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Ellora's Cavemen [Legendary Tails II] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Jaci Burton & Shiloh Walker

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: Lucy Wilson wants to get carried away. Literally. The inept witch has a history of relationship failure. Without passion, she fears she won't find lasting love. To prove that she's the object of his desire, she wants a man who will capture her body and her heart. Mitch Davis is too conservative and controlled to be the passionate lover she yearns for. After months of platonic dating, Lucy knows what she has to do. Give up on Mitch and go after the man who will be everything she needs--with a love spell that can't go wrong. Or can it? "Club Rendezvous" by Jan Springer. Finally free of an abusive relationship, 'Shy Girl' Emma McCall sheds her inhibitions and explores her sexual side at Club Rendezvous, a swinger's club specializing in the Alternate Lifestyle. Here she meets up with the dashing Logan Masters, a sexy hunk she's secretly fantasized about since college. With the help of his gorgeous twin brother, Luke, Emma will experience her ultimate fantasy ... a scorching menage a trois. "Freak of Nature" by Shiloh Walker. He had nerve. Zoe couldn't believe Micah had come back up her mountain, not after he had used her all those years ago. So what if she still dreams of him at night ... so what if she still loves him. She didn't want to see him again ... so why did she melt, just from looking at him. But Micah's not here just to fan an old flame--he's here because her life is in danger. Again. "Vampires and Donuts" by Tielle St. Clare. There are two things Kendra craves but knows are bad for her: vampires and donuts. When a vicious vampire attack sends her to Brand--the one vampire who tempts her beyond wisdom--for healing and protection, the close proximity to this man she can't resist is just too much temptation. And Kendra discovers the good thing about donuts ... they don't bite back. "Demon's Fall" by Margaret Carter. Caught between Heaven and Hell! When fallen angel Kammael takes human form under orders to seduce Erin Collier away from her destiny, he becomes strangely attracted to this mere mortal. He can't bear to see her harmed and when the Infernal Powers attack Erin, he may have to make the ultimate sacrifice for his newfound love. "Garden of Eden" by Jaci Burton. Dr. Eden Mason has spent the past hundred years orbiting the Earth in stasis. She and a handful of scientists are the only survivors of a global meltdown. One special passenger has joined them--Adam, an alien sent to recreate what was once a thriving, beautiful planet. But Adam needs Eden to fulfill his goal, in a way she never expected. With Adam at her side, Eden hopes that life on new Earth will be a lush garden of sensual pleasures. But Adam's not telling her everything, and his secret may end up destroying them both.

eBook Publisher: Ellora's Cave, Published: 2005
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2005

13 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

She had to stop seeing him.

Lucy Wilson nibbled on her lower lip while she laid tarot cards in a Celtic Cross. Not that she expected the cards to tell her anything. She wasn't good with cards. She wasn't good with candle magic, either, and she'd given up using her athame when she cut herself with it.

She wasn't much of a witch, when it came right down to it. And Mitch Davis was just one more example in a long line of things she wasn't much good with.

A person could only cope with so much failure in life. She wasn't willing to give up on magic. Which left Mitch. So she should stop seeing him.

Morning sunlight slanted through the lace curtains on her windows, warmed the golden oak floor of her kitchen, touched the cards she'd laid on her kitchen table with a soft ray of illumination. She was using her favorite deck, Whimsical Tarot, and the illustrations from familiar fairy tales made her smile.

Her spread, predictably, included the devil in the position of her present predicament and the lovers as the future. Lucy sighed.

The major arcana card depicted as a puppet and puppeteer indicated that something was bedeviling her, and that something was the reason she had to stop seeing Mitch. Because lovers they weren't, and not for lack of trying on her part. It also indicated that she was the one trapping herself. She was in this situation because she hadn't been willing to free herself from it.

She looked at the future outcome, the lovers depicted as Beauty and the Beast twirling in a dance. That was what she wanted, and she wasn't going to get it with Mitch.

"Face it, Lucy," she muttered as she gathered the cards up. "He is not interested in you in a physical way."

Unfortunate, because she was interested in him in a physical way. Very interested. Too interested for platonic dating to go on. More to the point, it was demoralizing for her to keep saying yes to Mitch when it meant saying no to getting what she wanted. What she needed. What she deserved.

Nobody knew better than Lucy that without passion, without some spark, no relationship could hope to withstand the ups and downs of long-term commitment.

She'd been there, done that, and now she had the divorce certificate to prove it. No matter how compatible a man seemed to be, without the necessary fire to keep love alive it was going to burn out and leave nothing but ashes.

Her ex-husband hadn't been interested in her. And now she was repeating the pattern of self-defeating behavior by dating another man who wasn't interested in her, because for some stupid reason her mouth kept saying "yes" every time Mitch asked her out while her brain kept shrieking "no, no, no!"

It was hard to say no to Mitch, because he was so big and solid and he made her feel so good just by being there. The way his hazel eyes took everything in told her he paid attention to details and thought things through before he acted. Lucy liked that about him. He was reliable.

But he was also cold and distant. His big hands never touched her in any way and she'd never gotten close enough to find out if his wavy chestnut hair was as soft as it looked. She wanted to get close. Emotionally and physically, and she didn't see how she could have one without the other.

Well, things were going to change. Tonight was the first Friday after the new moon. The perfect night to cast a love spell to call her true love to her. And today she was going to keep the lunch date she hadn't been able to stop herself from agreeing to with Mitch and end it for good.

She was going to override her treacherous mouth and tell him. She was going to stop seeing him, and that was final. She'd free herself from this impasse, stop being a puppet, go after what she really wanted.

Lucy finished gathering the cards and stuffed them into a purple velvet bag with gold tassel ties. Then she stood up from the table, leaving breakfast dishes scattered next to the bag of cards, and headed for the shower.

Time to get dressed, get to work, and get going on her resolution. It was October, and that meant Samhain and a new year. No better time to say goodbye to the old and welcome the new than now.

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