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Hayden's Hellion [MultiFormat]
eBook by Maggie Casper

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: A bad relationship with a money-hungry woman has left Hayden O'Malley disillusioned and untrusting. An old-fashioned cowboy used to meek, biddable women, Hayden's legendary patience is tested when he rescues Austin Calhoun. She's been given an ultimatum by the town's judge--either get a real job or spend thirty days in jail. Apparently hosting sex-toy parties is NOT a real job. From her seductive clothing to her wicked reputation, Austin is everything Hayden isn't looking for in a woman, but she's the only one he can't get out of his head. Her unruly ways have gotten Austin into her share of trouble. The problem is, it seems as though every time she finds herself knee-deep, Hayden is there to set her straight. Why he thinks he has to do it with her face-down over his lap, Austin will never understand. Tired of being taken lightly, Austin is determined to get Hayden to see her as the woman she has become instead of the wild child she was. With love on her side, Austin's ready to prove she's more than just Hayden's Hellion.

eBook Publisher: Ellora's Cave, Published: 2005
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2005

22 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

She descended the courthouse steps mumbling to herself. Get a real job, she mimicked in the snottiest tone she could muster, trying for the same no-nonsense tone Judge Gumar had used on her not more than thirty minutes ago. She'd known the old goat since she was knee-high to a June bug and she still wanted to wring his damned neck.

At twenty-four, Austin Calhoun was about as wild as the Old West. She enjoyed having fun and could care less what others thought of her. She had an independent streak a mile wide and figured it wasn't her problem if the old biddies in town didn't like the fact she made her money holding sensual parties. Hell, they probably wouldn't know what a vibrator was if they sat on one.

Just because she didn't dress in fancy clothes and run off to an office every morning didn't mean her job wasn't legitimate. She received a very nice quarterly check. It might not be enough for a lot of extra things, but she was a simple woman happy living a simple life.

As long as she had the necessities, she would be fine. A bit of extra gas money for Jolene and she was doing wonderful. After all, Jolene had been with her through the good and the bad. Just as good as any friend and usually a lot more fun, her maroon nineteen-seventy-six Chevy Caprice Classic was fast and sleek and could glide over the roughest terrain without fussing a bit.

Of course, it was also the same vehicle that kept her in trouble with Judge Gumar. Just because she had a penchant for speeding and an accumulation of tickets due to that fact, didn't make her a menace to society as the judge claimed.

"Son of a bitchin' asshole," she mumbled, continuing her tirade as she stomped to her car. "I ought to drive Jolene right up his fat ass..."

Her bitch-a-thon was cut short when she ran into a brick wall--only this brick wall had arms. Both of those arms were wrapped around her like steel bands, tight and unbending. Whoever it was may have just been trying to steady her, but instead, she felt penned in, which added to her flaming temper, pissing her off even more.

Her struggles ceased when the breath was squeezed from her lungs. The stranger holding her set her back at arm's length.

"Settle down," was the growled command.

Stiffening as she recognized the voice, Austin slowly tilted her head back to see if she was right. Did the gravely voice belong to Hayden O'Malley? Tipping it even further, she followed the expanse of his broad chest until she was staring into hazel eyes so cold they could chill even the hottest Texas day.

"I should have known," she bit out as she separated herself from his grasp. "Started out a bad day, might as well fuck it up real proper-like," she said as she propped her hands on the generous swell of her hips.

From the top of his hat to the toe of his scuffed boots, Hayden O'Malley was cowboy through and through, the last of a dying breed. His jeans fit him like a second skin. Faded white in just the right spots, they were sexy as hell.

The way his blue snap-front chambray shirt was stretched taut across his chest made her mouth water. Damn, what she wouldn't give to ride him like the wind. Carefree and wild, it would be a momentous occasion.

"I don't know what's eating you, little girl, but don't you go taking it out on me. And I warned you about that nasty mouth of yours." His voice was low, ominous. It grated across her flesh as she imagined his five o'clock stubble would, invigorating every nerve ending in the process.

"Don't go gettin' all high and mighty on me, Hayden. I'm a grown-ass woman now and I'll thank you to remember that. Besides, I've got every reason to be mad."

"Not a good enough reason for the filth spilling from your mouth. You still aren't too big to paddle even if you are a woman now," he said, looking down at her from his towering height.

Sometimes being short sucked. Her five-foot, two-inch frame looked dwarfed next to Hayden's six-foot height. It was one of the many things that attracted her to the rugged rancher.

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