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Holly [Southern Submissives Series #1] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Dominique Adair

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: A submissive betrayed ... Holly has seen the darker side of the bondage lifestyle and her experience has left her scarred, both physically and emotionally. Reluctant to venture back to the world of sensual excess that calls to her, she's forced to make a choice between facing her fears and saving her livelihood, or losing her heritage and possibly her soul. A master on a mission ... Ethan has been in love with Holly from the moment they met at a bondage scene in the French Quarter. Disturbed by her bad experiences, he hatches a plan to bring the woman of his dreams into his bed in the hopes that ultimately she will invite him into her heart. One weekend ... A one-shot deal. Three days where Ethan will use every erotic tool in his considerable arsenal to win Holly over. But the weekend is a taste, an addictive sample of what could be, and for a man with forever in his sights, it's only the beginning. Note: Holly contains one scene of non-consensual bondage that some readers may find disturbing.

eBook Publisher: Ellora's Cave, Published: 2005
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2005

27 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


It's about time!

Footsteps sounded on the steps alerting Holly to the return of her Master. She rubbed her nose against the padded leather spanking bench that supported her upper torso. How long had she been handcuffed to this dratted thing? One hour? Two? More?

Raising her head, she tried to arch her back, anything to work the kink from her upper spine and shoulders. The handcuffs rattled against the steel bench legs restricting her movement to only a few inches. Her ankles were also secured to the bench leaving her legs spread and her sex exposed and vulnerable to whoever might walk into the room.

On most occasions, this only added to the excitement of bondage games. Tonight was a rare exception.

After attending a disastrous bondage party scene in the French Quarter, they'd returned to Greg's house where he'd immediately escorted her downstairs to his dungeon. He'd ordered her to remove her clothing before cuffing her to the spanking bench then left her alone with her thoughts.

She sighed and rested her chin against the bench. To say she was conflicted would be an understatement. In their time together they'd attended many scenes but never had he commanded her to have sex with one of his friends. Holly realized this was a common request between Masters and slaves though it was one she'd never considered he would make of her.

When they'd begun their relationship little more than a year ago, she'd made it clear to him that while she craved bondage, she drew the line at engaging in sexual relations with strangers. There were only a few things she wouldn't do for her Master and that was number one on her list.

Up until tonight her choice had never been challenged as Greg had respected her wishes. She bit her lower lip. Holly had no idea why he'd decided to issue the request in front of a roomful of partygoers as he had to have known what her response would be. True, he'd drank quite a bit this evening and he was upset over something that had gone wrong at work, but that was no excuse to violate their relationship boundaries in such a manner.

Needless to say she'd refused though she had tried to make it as least embarrassing for him as possible. When he'd refused to yield to her wishes, she'd been forced to stand her ground and create a bit of a scene before he'd agreed to leave with her.

It would be an understatement to say that Greg was angry with her for disobeying him publicly and she wasn't terribly happy with him for making the request in the first place.

Maybe it was time to rethink the boundaries of their relationship.

The door opened and Greg entered the dungeon. Dressed in black slacks and a loose-fitting white shirt, his sandy-blond hair was tumbled as if the wind had played havoc with it. His handsome face was set in stern lines as he walked toward her, his gait purposeful. In his hand he carried a cocktail glass, Dewar's on the rocks, no doubt.

"You haven't been a very obedient slave lately, Holly."

"I'm sorry, Master." She kept her voice contrite. Even though she was irritated with him for his earlier request and for keeping her bound for so long, her body knew this particular game well. A soft ache blossomed between her thighs.

"I've spoiled you, ruined you, in fact. Once you were the perfect submissive and lately I've grown lax with your training." The clink of ice against the glass sounded as he swirled the amber liquid. "This is evidenced by your impudent behavior this evening."

Her chin came off the bench. "Impudent? I never meant--"

"Silence, whore!" He slapped her across the cheek so hard she bit her tongue.

The taste of blood permeated her mouth and Holly stifled a moan, shocked to her very core. Her cheek burning, she stared up at her lover. What in the devil had gotten into him? They'd played some very explicit role-playing games but he'd never resorted to calling her names or striking her across the face. Had he lost his mind?

"How could you humiliate me like that?" Standing so close to her she could smell the liquor on his breath, his voice rose with each word. "You refused a direct order from your Master in front of my friends. Now they'll believe I'm weak, that I've been lenient with my slave." He tossed back the contents of the glass.

"Master, you know how I feel about having sex with a stranger." She shook her head. The taste of blood was making her nauseous. "I just can't do it."

He lifted his arm and flung the glass against the wall where it shattered. She winced when glass shards struck the back of her bare legs.

"You've accepted me as your Master and I will decide what you will do and with whom you will do it with. Do you hear me, slave?"

Her stomach roiled and she spat blood and saliva onto the tile floor. He had lost his mind.

Greg walked to a table where a variety of bondage implements were arranged. "I will flay the arrogant flesh from your bottom and remind you that it is I who calls the shots in this relationship." He picked up a short-handled whip. "You've bound yourself to me, you are mine to command. You will be made to obey."

He's drunk.

Panicked, Holly rattled the cuffs against the legs of the bench. "I don't think this is a good idea. Please release me and we'll talk about this."

"You don't need to think, whore. That's my job." He gave her a dark look--anger blazed in the depths of his eyes. Laying his hand on her back, he walked around the foot of the bench and out of her line of sight. Broken crystal crunched beneath his shoes.

I no longer trust him...

Her skin crawled where he'd touched her. "You've been drinking, Greg." She rattled the cuffs louder this time. "I want out of here. Release me this instant."

"You're mine, Holly." His tone was singsong. "It doesn't matter what you want as you're here to serve me. My pleasure will be yours."

She heard the whistle of descent just moments before the whip struck across her buttocks. Her body jerked in response and she bit her lip as pain licked over her skin leaving a trail of fire in its wake.


She yelped when the second blow landed and she sank her teeth into her lower lip until she drew blood. Before tonight, he'd never dared to strike her this hard. Her mind scrambled for an escape but there was none at hand. His house was secluded and it didn't matter how loud she'd scream as the nearest neighbor was almost a mile away. Her only recourse was to use her safe word before he went too far...


Her body braced for a lash that never fell. For a moment, she was still, her spine tight and her breathing harsh. Silence. After a few moments she allowed her forehead to come to rest against the bench. Her breath came in harsh gulps and her skin was slick with sweat.

It was over, it was over.

"Bitch," Greg snarled. "Don't you dare try and command me--"

Without warning the whip fell again. She screamed, her body bowed against the pain.


This time the blows continued and soon her buttocks and thighs were burning. Tears fell in earnest now. No matter how loud she screamed, the whip continued its fiery caress until her mind went hazy with the pain. Her muscles strained, the cuffs dug into her skin, though she knew she could never get free on her own. She was truly at his mercy.

"Master," she sobbed.

"Shut up, whore."

Another lash tore at her skin and she jerked as if he'd touched her with a cattle prod. Sobbing, she sagged against the bench, her knees refusing to support her weight any longer. Behind her she heard the whip fall to the floor and she shuddered. Something wet ran down the back of her leg.

"You drove me to this." Greg's breathing was ragged and he grabbed her by the hips. "You have no one to blame but yourself."

She heard the rasp of his zipper and that was enough to jerk her out of her pain-induced delirium. She thrashed against her bonds, desperate to free herself and escape the dungeon.

"Don't do this, Greg. I'll never forgive you." Her voice was hoarse and her throat ached from her screams.

His laugh was hollow and her heart dropped into the pit of her stomach.

"I don't need your forgiveness. You seem to keep forgetting that you're my slave and I can do with you what I will."

His fingers sunk into her flesh and she began to scream.

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