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Merc and Her Men [MultiFormat]
eBook by Elizabeth Lapthorne

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: Kyli had always secretly held the fantasy of having two men at once. But following the stars out in the greater galaxy for seven odd years restricts the number of viable bed partners. Tired of fighting her body and wary now that she seemed to heal much more slowly, Kyli decides to head back home and apply for a position on the Force. She is initially rejected, but is curious about the second missive she receives. Drinking shots of Blue Vodka, waiting at the Corner Pub for her secretive contacts, she couldn't be more surprised when two ex-lovers enter the room and sit down next to her. Max has never found a woman like Kyli. They had broken up on not the best of terms, and when he runs into Gregor, they hatch a plan to recapture the elusive woman of his dreams. Only what Kyli doesn't know is that Max has no intention of letting her go after they fulfill her fantasy of the ultimate menage a trois. Max wants everything she can give him. And more.

eBook Publisher: Ellora's Cave, Published: 2005
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2005

33 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

Chapter One

Kyli sat alone at one of the few small tables scattered throughout the small bar. She felt grateful that it had been placed underneath one of the few dingy light sources, hoping it would make her more visible. She knew the evening ahead would prove to be interesting, not only because she had been sitting here, waiting patiently, in the outlier bar for nearly twenty minutes, but also she was onto her third Blue Vodka.

Not smart for a single woman who wished to remain unmolested. Picking up the shot glass, she made sure her left hand rested as close to her beamer as possible but not be labeled as a threat.

Sure, as of six hours ago she no longer could call herself a merc, but her rejected application from the Force had only arrived in this afternoon's mail. Kyli restrained herself and only took a tiny sip from her shot glass.

"We regret to inform you that your application to the position of Novice Investigator to the Force was unsuccessful..."

Kyli cringed at the still crystal-clear memory. For a woman who had happily faced down armed rebels, traveled through space for years on end to secure outlying posts and free slaves, she had been surprised at how badly upset she had felt hearing the cold, unyielding words from the monotonous drone of the rejection-hologram the Force Recruiting Department had sent her.

Tempted as she had been to beam the damn hologram, disintegrating it with one well-placed shot into its mouth and out the back of its nonexistent head, she had resisted the urge, not wanting to piss the Force off. Besides, with the way modern technology continually advanced nowadays, she had no idea if her fit of pique might have unforeseen ramifications later on.

She had, however, made childish faces at the sightless hologram, and flipped it the bird a number of times. Immature, sure, but it had made her feel soooo much better!

Though she would place a lot of credits on the guess hundreds of people had wasted holograms before, particularly disgruntled ex-mercs being denied access into the Force's team, she didn't want to go groveling for a job with that sort of temperamental black mark against her name. And so she had restrained herself and dismissed the holographic messenger once it had said its piece.

And then the second note had come.

The one that had brought her here to the crappy bar instead of keeping her locked away in her small lodgings for a pity-party and consequential tipsy but intense replanning session with her own bottle of Blue Vodka or maybe Red Whiskey.

Heard you were back. We missed you. Meet at the Corner Pub, 2100 hours.

It was unsigned but then only a small group of people knew about the Corner Pub and what it meant. The "Corner Pub" was in reality a sleazy bar with the name The End of the World, and resided on a very dilapidated street, which unlike most of its neighboring roads, hadn't seen any of the more common renovations.

Back when Kyli had been a new recruit, wet behind the ears and eager to explore and save the entire galaxy, she and a small group of their wet team had frequented the place after the taxing nights of training.

All two hundred of the new recruits, much like the old style armies back in the past few millennia, had been sectioned off into groups of eight, forming the wet teams, and thrown into training together. All their basic skills were taught, along with many of the fundamentals recruits in numerous different areas of the army and their assorted affiliated groups needed.

Their training session would often take more than twenty-four hours straight to complete and, well past their second or even third wind, the small group of eight would head to the bar before crashing in their respective lodgings.

Kyli smiled into her drink as she recalled more than one occasion she could feel her then-much-younger body aching from pure exhaustion, yet still thrilling with excitement as she and her buddies dared each other with half-priced Green Vodka shots.

Being new recruits they didn't have the money, or stomach, for the far more expensive and more potent Blue Vodka. Shot after shot they had drunk, spurring each other on, dreaming and boasting of even more impossible feats.

Kyli chuckled softly as she recalled many nights where she had teased and taunted her fellow wet team members, both with the shots and other juvenile dares. But the times that stuck most particularly in her mind were bittersweet.

All new recruits were warned of the dangers of close proximity and the stresses they underwent, both as individuals as well as the entire team. Physical relationships were a hazard on many levels. More than one heartbroken recruit left the wet team, never to return to any segment of the Force again.

Kyli smiled to herself a tad cynically. She had survived not one broken relationship, but two.

Gregor had been her first. Her first in many different respects. Not only had he been the first man for her to sleep with in their wet team, but he had also been the first man for her to share her deepest, darkest fantasies with late at night and often as dawn crept over the horizon.

He had been the first man whom she truly loved, and the first man who had taken her full surrender. Through coaxing and skill he had tempted her beyond reason, tempted her to let him bind her to their bed and pleasure her as none had previously. She had screamed for him many nights, both to continue as well as to stop.

It felt odd to be reminiscing about him and the times they had happily, even eagerly, shared after all these years. She still couldn't label the mix of feelings he had raised inside her. He had taunted her sexually, but in such an erotic, dark manner she hadn't been able to help herself, hadn't been able to stop the roller coaster of lust she had ridden with such abandon.

It had been Gregor who had awakened inside her the love of sexual bondage. Oh, she could happily have a relationship outside the dominant and submissive games. However, she had learned under his erotic training that underneath the sexual being she knew existed, there also lay in wait deep within her heart and body a sexually submissive side of herself.

With the games he played, and they played together, he had blended such an erotic mixture of pleasure and pain, often she didn't even know which she screamed for more of. For the pain, she discovered, enhanced the pleasure. And the pleasure, under his skilful hands, cock and mouth, had easily been the most erotic, powerful feeling she had ever indulged in.


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