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Titanic Lessons for IT Projects [Secure eReader]
eBook by Mark Kozak-Holland

eBook Category: History/Business
eBook Description: Building upon the popularity of the first book in the Lessons from History series, this book presents lessons for IT project managers harvested from the project that designed, built, and launched the H.M.S. Titanic. Full of practical advice, this book builds on the most notorious "failed project" in recent memory, the sinking of an "unsinkable" ship.

eBook Publisher: Multi-Media Publications Inc./Multi-Media Publications Inc.
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2005

Perfect for any manager as well as IT management. Having had my own business, I felt when I read this book that the advice applies not only to IT but can be offered as helpful hints and warnings to just about business, big or small. [...] Mr. Kozak-Holland's book should make us all look at our past downfalls and ensure we all learn from them. This book works well on many levels's being entertaining, insightful and a fun read for anyone interested in history. -- Al McGuinness, Calgary, Canada

A great analogy using the Titanic as an example of over-confidence in building and running a ship. If you don't plan to avoid ?IT Icebergs,? then you will likely hit one....and then what happens? -- James Chillingworth, Toronto, Canada

Being a history buff, I was intrigued with a book that could link a historic non-IT project with modern so-called new wave online IT projects. I was not disappointed -- it clearly demonstrated [that] the more things change, the more they [stay] the same. The flow was pragmatic, thorough, and easy to follow. The language was geek free and informs readers on what they should expect from their deliverables and why they are needed; more importantly, why certain decisions are made and their overall impact on any project. In the end, the book clearly demonstrates, through the Titanic reference, that it is rarely a single decision that creates the failure but a series of smaller seemingly unrelated decisions that cause us to fail. Failing to plan does cause your plan to fail. I would recommend this book to any non-IT person, and any IT professional who is about undertake a project that involves Information Technology. -- Tim Lalonde, Ontario, Canada

From where I sit, the themes of the book are even more relevant to wireless than the internet (if that is possible). The approach fits perfectly. Our project managers have been using some of the new language they acquired in presentation for project planning, and some templates to systematically address complete problems for system deployments. Our Systems Engineers and QA testers have been particularly vocal about the points [author Mark Kozak-Holland] made on testing scenarios, simulating real life prior the "hot patching" live systems. We bought about 8 books and following [the author's] presentation, they all disappeared from my office. Thanks again, and I'm looking forward to the next one! -- Richard Blasko, VP & General Manager, Mobile Systems Division

The use of historical reminders to present readers [with] some very practical lessons is both entertaining and insightful. The author has me looking forward to his next book in this "Lessons from History" series. [The greatest] value most of us in the IT industry can get from this book is the large number of practical reminders that (without the proper foundation) it is too easy to lose focus on the details that count and the result is often a failed project. Used properly, this book can help project management and participants "steer clear" of potential disaster. -- Tony Tolleson, The Colony, Texas

I've finished reading the book, and enjoyed it. Relating project management risks to the real life disaster of the Titanic is very effective, and especially so when [the author shows] that all the risks on the Titanic could have been avoided or mitigated. [His] analogies are a great reference to relate back to when explaining the project risks to others and trying to justify courses of action to avoid it. -- Al Magnanelli, P.Eng., PMP, Senior Project Manager

Mark Kozak Holland has really put things into perspective in this book. I found it entertaining and insightful. I could not put this book down after I started reading it. It's a fun read, pragmatic and unique in it's reflection on the Titanic as a perfect example of lessons learned from the past. As a CIO, I can really understand the messages and guidance the author is providing. The tools and guidance on best practices and "questions to ask today" are great. Well done, I'm looking forward to Kozak-Hollands follow-on book. -- Anonymous review on a book retailer's web site

Refreshing! Clear! This book is a breakthrough for non-techies who need to manage technology!! This book does an excellent job helping CIOs and other 'C' level, P, VP, and Director executives understand some of the key issues in managing a technology project. From requirements, to project management, to build, to testing, to deployment; without a lot of tech-talk, Mark has captured the issues an executive needs to be aware of to help ensure their technology projects succeed. As an architect, I am going to buy this for the executives that rule my life! It helps both sides of the organization (business, technology) understand more of each other's issues fostering a more educated communication between them. I know this book would be of great value to many of those whom I have consulted. I am sending a copy to three of them! -- Anonymous feedback on a book retailer's web site

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