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Branded! [MultiFormat]
eBook by Madison West

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: Sex, Sizzling Sequel to Best-selling Novel of B&D! In Branded, Sarah (heroine of Bonded) descends further into the world of bondage and submission after losing to Kate in the "Rite of Retribution". Embarrassed by her promiscuity, but aroused by the slightest touch on her sensitive skin, Sara is sold by the cruel Master Devon to Master Jason and assigned to the Society's training ranch under the care of an apprentice master, Dom Max. From the moment she steps out into a grassy paddock, her body and mind are taught to respond to a master's every whim. Strict discipline and tortuous training, artfully entwined with tender care and attention, become a way of life amid the tantalizing and sometimes terrifying attentions of the other barn slaves. As Sara and Dom Max proceed toward presentation at the Society's upcoming Festival, unsettling information is discovered; Sara's contract is invalid. The Society's required removal of Sara from training jeopardizes Dom Max's ascension to full Master and threatens to force Sara to abandon a way of life that her body and mind have begun to demand. Only Master Jason can ensure Dom Max becomes a master and restore Sara's way of life, renewing her hope that she will one day earn her master's coveted Brand.

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books, Published: 2005
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2005

57 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


Sara lay gasping for breath on the mat as raucous applause and laughter filled the air. She closed her eyes as she heard the words, "I'm sorry Sara, you'll have to call me Mistress," mumbled in her ear. She knew then that her hooded opponent was her best friend Kate. One part of her wanted to cry from the embarrassment of being used so publicly, yet another part of her, thrilled by the encounter, begged for more.

Sara loved the feeling of Kate's slippery, hot flesh pressing down on her own. Her love hole still twitched with her climax. Only now was she beginning to believe Kate about how pleasurable sex could be. She had always thought Kate was just being lewd simply to annoy her and certainly never imagined herself as anyone's sex slave, even for a weekend. But after a night and a half of unbelievable stimulation and satisfaction, Sara found herself beguiled by Devon and agreed to belonging to him, a naive participant in the world of bondage, dominance and incredibly satisfying sex.

Just as Sara's breath slowed, Kate was lifted off. Sara quickly opened her eyes to find Devon shaking his head with disappointment. Her heart began to race as she remembered his words. She had thought he was only trying to scare her, but now, the look on his face told her that she was going to be severely punished.

She rolled on her side and crunched into the fetal position, hoping he would take pity on her. How could he hold her responsible for losing a challenge that was called for by his misbehavior? Suddenly Devon stepped back and dozens of black gloved hands grabbed Sara. Side by side they covered her arms and legs and began stretching her body out. Sara panicked and began thrashing and screaming.

"Let me go. It's not my fault. Master Devon, help me. I promise I'll be good. Don't let them do this to me." Sara sobbed and tried to twist her naked body free, but the hands clenched tighter on her arms and legs, digging their finger tips deep into her flesh. A last desperate thought crossed her mind and she screamed around her sobs.

"Kate!" Sara couldn't see her, but she screamed anyway. "Kate, help me. Don't let them do this to me. You're supposed to be my best friend. Make them let me go."

As they carried Sara to the side of the room and placed her on one of the strange tables from the dungeon, she caught a glimpse of Kate kneeling next to her master, Jason. Her black leather hood had been removed and she knelt with her head bowed and her hands tucked between her knees. She didn't move as Sara called out to her.

"Kate!" Sara screeched. "It's your fault that I got into this, now save me. Don't let them do this to me."

Sara saw Kate raise her head just far enough to see her through her eyebrows. Tears were dripping down her cheeks as Jason, who was engaged in a conversation with another master, gently laid his hand on her head to remind her of his presence. Without a word, Kate lowered her head. Sara's shriek of frustration was suddenly muffled by a large ball gag as she was strapped to the bondage table. Thrashing her head back and forth only delayed the inevitable hood that slid down over Sara's head, plunging her into her own dark world.

Sara continued to strain and whimper behind her gag and hood as hands cinched restraints onto her body. Her arms and legs were stretched far from her body leaving her erogenous zones and her tenders completely exposed. Two final straps, one just under her ample breasts and one across her hips, secured her completely and brought her final surrender. Sara panted as she listened intently for any hint of what was to come.

Suddenly a loud male voice pronounced Sara's agony. "Let the punishment begin."

At once, six leather flogs began biting into her hands and feet. She screamed behind her gag and tried to free herself, but the flogs kept biting her skin. Slowly they moved in and up, leaving no inch of her arms and legs un-stung, moving on to her torso without pause. Deliberately and without rhythm they bit into her captive, spread-eagle body. Sara quivered as her ample breasts and tender folds burned with the punishment.

Without warning, the speed of the lashes doubled giving her no time between the stinging leather bites. She could hardly breathe as pain overwhelmed her mind and she passed out.

Sara awoke to Devon's voice. "Breathe my slave, breathe." She instinctively took a deep breath and realized that the gag had been removed from her mouth. "That's it. Good slave."

Sara's mind seized on Devon's voice as a soothing salve to the burning of her skin. "Please Master, no more. I promise I'll be good," she whispered.

"Sshhh, drink now." Several drops of ice cold water trickled into Sara's mouth and she eagerly swallowed. Suddenly something warm and salty dropped onto her tongue. She swallowed before she realized what it was. As recognition dawned on her, she began to gag.

"Good slaves take everything that their Masters give them, now swallow," Devon's voice commanded near her ear.

The speed of the drops into her mouth increased. Cum and ice water were alternately dropped into her mouth and Sara quickly learned to swallow whatever was dropped into her mouth. After several minutes the liquids were stopped.

"Good slave, now for more punishment," Devon's voice whispered in her ear. He stepped away and then called aloud, "Okay, flip her over."

Suddenly padded supports like those at her back were placed across her front above her breasts and the strap across her hips was replaced with a similar pad. She felt a second pad placed so that her breasts protruded from two holes. Sara startled as she felt the table click and nearly lost her stomach as the table swivelled her head down and flipped her onto her stomach. The pads at her back were quickly removed, exposing her back completely and the flogging began again. Sara was left un-gagged and another slave sat by her head encouraging her to be brave, assuring her that her punishment would end sooner if she cried out less. But each time Sara would manage to keep from crying out, the leather was brought down harder on her skin until she finally howled in pain. Just as she thought she could stand no more, she felt someone penetrate her love hole and begin to pump her. She was surprised to find how wet she was and found it strange that she could find such delicious pleasure while she was being tortured. The flogging continued until she felt the man climax and then the lashing paused, only to continue as another man penetrated her love hole. Sara was appalled when the third man dipped his swollen member into her juicy wet love hole and then pulled out and pressed his stiff rod into her puckered hole. She screamed in agony as her tight skin yielded to the intrusion, but only moaned with discomfort as the next man did the same. While some part of her churned with disgust at being so used, another part of her mingled the pain and pleasure, leaving her hungry for more. Somewhere after the sixth master took his pleasure with her, Sara succumbed to the pain and the pleasure and drifted into a state of half consciousness after she wailed with her own fulfillment.

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