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Male Chastity: A Novel of Muzzled Manhood [MultiFormat]
eBook by M. J. Rennie

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: A Novel of Muzzled Manhood! How does a modern woman keep a handsome, virile husband in deep submission? The answer for some wives is Enforced Male Chastity. M. J. Rennie's remarkable new novel of Feminine Domination reveals the discoveries of three contemporary couples who embrace the exalted highs, the deep, submissive lows, and the extreme ecstatic climaxes that Enforced Male Chastity produces. When they learn about the recent advent of safe, secure polycarbonate Male Chastity devices, Elaine, Cissy, and Jennifer begin to keep their otherwise restless husbands in a permanent state of subjection. Because they are locked in the one of the new Male Chastity devices, each custom fit for the individual man, Jerome, Raymond, and Brad desperately do whatever is necessary to keep their devoted, dominant wives happy and sexually satisfied. Will Male Chastity allow these three couples to achieve the most cherished intimacy, the most blissful happiness? Or will the Women, with their absolute power, take Male Chastity too far? In Male Chastiy: A Novel of Muzzled Manhood, M. J. Rennie's eloquent storytelling supplies the exquisitely erotic answer.

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler, Published: 2005
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2005

29 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

* * * *

"Man must learn that there is only one acceptable way, and that is Her Way. Obeying Woman must be Man's most sacred mission, the ultimate focus of his mind, the only reason for his existence on Earth.

He was put here to serve Woman, to do things Her Way. This holy mantra must be repeated constantly, until it is encoded into Man's very DNA:

Her Way. Her Way. Her Way.

Woman, when you find your Man, you must speak truth to him, in an infinite variety of forms, each day, and in every way. Let him know he is of a lower order, and you are of a higher order. Say this, and live this, until your Man can conceive of nothing that might interfere with the feminine directive to OBEY.

Get him in hand. Hold him in hand. Keep him in hand. You must control him, confine him, and restrain him, particularly in the realm of intimate behavior. Use whatever means necessary to accomplish this crucial goal, including mechanical devices, if indicated. Male Chastity is a reliable method of ensuring Male Submission, one that almost never fails.

You will be pleasantly surprised to learn that Man is greatly enamored of mechanical contrivances, no matter what their purpose. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

Be careful, though. Great power goes hand in hand with great responsibility. Mistakes may lead to unintended consequences."


* * * *

Walking briskly down the street, Elaine Beemis turned the corner at Fifth and Broadway to enter an expensive, tastefully decorated restaurant, Chez Ray.

Jerome was already waiting for her, as she knew he would be, at one of the window tables. A year to the day after their broken engagement, Elaine could still expect her former fiance to be at her beck and call.

A striking woman in her early thirties, Elaine wore her blue-black hair almost to her shoulders, with a slight curl-in at the ends. For some women, it might have seemed a dated style, but on Elaine, it looked just right.

She was, in fact, a true beauty. If you viewed Elaine straight on, you were instantly smitten by her perfect, high-cheekboned features, her bright, iridescent silver eyes, and the flawless ivory luster of her complexion.

They say that a youthful Betty Page had that same vivacious appeal, that same manner of comportment. Aficionados of the bizarre say that you can still see the look in those great pictures Irving Klaw took of Betty, those unforgettable monochromes that frequently depicted the famed model in fetish costume.

Indeed, Elaine looked beautiful in fetish costumes too. Very beautiful and very commanding, as Jerome knew all too well from personal experience.

The instant Jerome saw her, he stood up, to draw her eye. When Elaine noticed this movement, she smiled warmly.

Jerome Finegeld was a sturdy, sandy-haired man, blue-eyed, an inch over six feet tall. There was something of the wry intellectual about Jerome, offset to a degree by his strong, masculine frame.

Sedately, Elaine strolled to the table where Jerome waited, walking in a way that emphasized her trim but decidedly curvy figure. She was exquisitely dressed, in a dark blue mid-length skirt and jacket, matching high heels, and a soft, cream-colored blouse.

Jerome shivered with excitement, an automatic response to her physical presence that he could do little about. The intense erotic acts she had made him perform during the time of their courtship, a long series of singular sensual escapades, had left an indelible mark on his inflamed imagination. For as long as he lived, Jerome believed, he would be enthralled by Elaine. Totally mesmerized by her. He would do anything she asked, anything she wanted, anything she said.

With one exception.

Only one.

However, Jerome had come to a final decision on that point recently, had come to see things Elaine's way at last.

It all had to do with her personality.

Elaine had an intense personality, of that there was no doubt. The brilliant mind, the personal warmth, the sparkle and wit she constantly exuded, held him in thrall.

When Jerome was with her, he had no idea where would she lead him next. All was mystery.

Elaine's eyes quickly looked him over as she held her hand out for a kiss. Jerome smooched it lightly and they sat down.

"White wine please," Elaine said. "You know what kind."

"I've already ordered it."

"Very good."

"I know how you like efficiency and order," Jerome said.

Elaine did not trouble herself to deny his statement. It was a simple fact, nothing less. Making direct eye contact with him, she said, "You seem to have stayed fit."

"I try to keep in shape. You know, for you."

Elaine smiled again, her teeth a set of chalk-white pearls. The woman had a killer smile.

Dinner came and went while they, or rather she, talked a blue streak. Jerome interjected occasionally, as appropriate, to show that he was listening intently. It wasn't that difficult. Jerome enjoyed her conversation, as he always had, but he couldn't help thinking about what usually happened afterwards.

Other than a solitary glass of wine before the meal, Elaine eschewed alcoholic beverages.

"And don't you go having more than two drinks either," Elaine said. "I'm going to put that lovely body of yours to work tonight, darling, so don't even consider it."

Jerome made a blubbering noise in his throat. Already there was a swelling in his pants, the object twitching to and fro.

"Ask me how many?"

"How many what?"

"Ask how many times I'm going to make you cum tonight, darling."

His voice stammering, Jerome asked.

"I think three, maybe four times if I'm really in the mood," Elaine replied. "Think you can handle that?"

Jerome shivered again, once more responding automatically. The slab in his pants firmed up to granite hardness.

When she said things like that, Jerome knew he was truly her puppet. Then there were times when he really wanted to resist her. Really there were. Honest.

But he couldn't.

Yes, every once in a while, Jerome attempted to resurrect what little willpower he still possessed.

No use. It was an impossible task. Her personal charisma and magnetic personality were simply irresistible and, despite what she was likely to do to him financially, he was still pretty much putty in her hands.

Elaine effortlessly crashed through his carefully constructed defenses. There was only one area where he held back, much to her displeasure.

During dinner, Elaine described how she had split from her current lover, finding to her disappointment how insecure he really was, despite his veneer of self-confidence. Like all her lovers, he would do what she had told him, and yet somehow something was missing.

Elaine admitted that she felt a certain chemistry with Jerome that she could duplicate nowhere else.

"You turn me on," she said.

Nevertheless, Elaine made it perfectly clear that her future husband must abide by her rules, commands, decisions, hints, directives, suggestions, whims and even caprices, although not necessarily in that order. Elaine was a healthy, well-educated heterosexual woman with normal appetites, but still a pure feminist, and with a distinctly dominant turn of mind. Her man had to know that it would be Elaine's way or no way at all.


So what was the big issue? What was the sticking point? What was in the marriage contract Elaine proposed to Jerome that he refused to accept? What had caused him to balk?

One thing:

A Male Chastity device.

In truth, it did not come as a profound shock to Elaine that he might be difficult about this demand. Many men, even in this modern era, have trouble reconciling themselves to what the advocates of Female Dominance call "Male Submission."

But for Elaine, it was not a negotiable item.

If by marrying Elaine, Jerome was formally consecrating his body as her personal property, then she should be able to secure her property whenever she saw fit. Placing a husband in a Chastity device at his wife's discretion was a fundamental tenet of the Feminine Dominant matrimonial compact.

Men who rejected this compact were men who lived their lives without an intimate Female superior, and, as everyone knows, that's no kind of life.

Still, no matter how much Elaine tried to coax him into it, Jerome stubbornly refused to accept Male Chastity. Nor could Elaine bully him into it. Or manipulate him into it. Every time Elaine tried, she hit a blank wall.

A last resort was to punish him into accepting a Chastity device, but that method didn't work either. What Elaine wanted was total Male Submission, the kind that can only happen when a man has his penis and testicles WILLINGLY muzzled.

Otherwise, Jerome's submissive qualities were ideal.

He was compliant, generous, trainable, physically attractive, and gainfully employed. On the other hand, what good is it to have a submissive husband unless he is also perfectly Chaste?

In everything else, from accepting stern corporal punishment to prolonged oral services to doing household chores, Jerome was the perfect man. However, because he dug in his heels and refused the Chastity device, Elaine had been forced to break off their engagement.

Now, one year later, where was Jerome? After being deprived of her physical presence for a full year and being able to think of nothing else, his resistance collapsed.

To be with her again, Jerome would consent to anything. He finally promised her, in their last marathon phone conversation, before she finally agreed to meet with him again, that he would go through with it.

"Yes, I will wear a Chastity device," Jerome said.

"Please repeat those lovely words, darling," Elaine said.

"Yes, I will wear a Chastity device."

"Thank you. We will find for one you that is just right."

Of course Jerome would wear a Chastity device, whichever one Elaine chose, from morning to night if she demanded it, as she probably would. He would do it gladly, willingly, happily. Tossing and turning, restless in bed during his exile, thinking about her, about her body, about her lovely hair, her enchanting fragrance and the alluring strictness of her personality, the idea of Male Chastity had slowly gone from repulsive to desirable.

Maybe it wouldn't be so bad, submitting to Chastity, Jerome decided. At least he would be with her. Being in Elaine's presence was all that mattered. What she wanted him to be, he would be. What she wanted him to do, he would do.

After all, Elaine had already told Jerome that he would never have to wear the Chastity device at night, because she would want his body available to pleasure her.

"In our marriage, you will only wear your Chastity device in the daytime," she said. "Out in the world, particularly when you are at work, I will want you to be reminded that you are my property. I have no interest in denying you frequent, intense orgasms, darling. I simply want control of your genitals and to make sure you can't masturbate."

"Anything you say, my dear," Jerome answered.

She had finally won his heart, and on her own terms. Being the sort of person she was, Elaine knew that anything worth getting was worth waiting for. Though it pained Elaine terribly, she had abruptly broken their engagement, informing Jerome that they would have to be apart for a year. During that time, Jerome could have sex with other women, if he liked.

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