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Troublemaker: April 3, 3153--[A Short Story from the Shards Universe] [MultiFormat]
eBook by Peter W. Prellwitz

eBook Category: Science Fiction/Fantasy
eBook Description: The Shards Universe, like all universes, is an expanding collection of literary works that center around a group of characters and historical events. Or as the authors states: These short stories are a part of a vast universe that covers literally thousands of years and light-years... Double Dragon Publishing will be releasing on a regular basis (every two weeks) a new installment to The Shards Universe. Instead of serial numbers or book numbers we will be using dates to convey a sense of sequential order. Like pieces in a puzzle, each short story will contain information about The Shards Universe and the people that live within it. In addition, you will see that all of the author's works take place within this universe, and that it's all connected.

eBook Publisher: Double Dragon Publishing/Double Dragon eBooks, Published: DDP, 2006
Fictionwise Release Date: March 2006

8 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


April 3, 3153

This short story is part of a vast universe that covers literally thousands of years and light-years. An ever growing collection of short stories, novellas, novels, and a website filled with information, timelines, research (both real and fictional), glossary and more, the tapestry that makes up the Shards Universe follows mankind's exploration of space and their settlement of dozens of planets.

Regardless of its length, from short essay to epic novel, all stories in the Shards Universe have two things in common. While some have happy endings, others sad, and others bittersweet, each story stands on its own as a complete tale. And every story is part of a greater, multilayered tapestry. Stories do not have to be read in any sort of order, chronological or otherwise. The more you read, the clearer and grander your view of the Shards Universe. Oftentimes, rereading a story at a future date will reveal even more to you. (And it doesn't cost any money to reread stories. That's nice.)

On the next page you'll find a quick timeline to help you place where this story falls into the grand scheme of the entire storyline. To further expand your experience, go to the Shards Universe on the internet and explore all that is offered there, including more detailed timelines. You will not be disappointed!

Well, so much for the boring opening. Now it's time to get to the good stuff! So in closing, I'd like to welcome you to my universe…

The Shards Universe

The Author - February, 2006


Earth date: April 3, 3153

Renee didn't know what she wanted, but she knew she wanted it. And right now Carl Grady was keeping her from it. People who didn't understand always seemed to be in the way.

She planted her foot into the ground and balled her fists. For as possible as it was for a nine year old to look intimidating, Renee looked intimidating.

"You say that again, Carl Grady," she threatened, "and you'll need more than a school nurse to stop the bleeding." She'd heard that from an older kid the previous year and thought it very dangerous sounding.

Her classmate was not impressed. Neither were his three friends.

"Oh, yeah?" he sneered. "And what are YOU going to do about it Renee Runaway? Cast a spell on me?" He giggled and Renee's eyes - already pitch black, the flecks of blue in them only accenting the depth of obsidian they were - flared then narrowed. Carl didn't notice.

"Oh, yeah!" he repeated. "You can't cast a spell on me, can you? 'Cause that's against the rules!" He and his friends continued to laugh.

Renee smiled and touched her fingers together. In her mind's eye, she quickly split the difference between the cube root of i and added it to a perfect eleven sided cube.

"Who said it was against the rules?" she replied nastily and coded in seventeen fives, eleven threes and twenty-three zeros.

Carl's face went blank, then shifted to terror as a ball of crackling energy formed at Renee's hands.

"Lightning Ball!" she shouted and threw it at the boys.

Copyright © 2006 Peter Prellwitz

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