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Bad Hair Day [MultiFormat]
eBook by Nancy Darryl

eBook Category: Humor/Romance
eBook Description: Hannah Hailstone's split ends are a divining rod for disaster. Hannah just found a sexy man in the back seat of her car--semi-conscious and bleeding, but at least he has a pulse. Her father, a James Bond wannabe with a penchant for gambling, has disappeared. And there's a man in a pink Cadillac tailing her hippy artist mother. Hannah's plans to re-read her Nancy Drew Mysteries--the vintage, hard cover collection--have changed. Now she's got a real mystery on her hands. Cooper West is on a losing streak. Robbed, beaten and on the run from thugs, Cooper is down on his luck. Somebody just tapped danced on his face and stole his precious motorcycle. Now he's a drifter whose wings have been clipped, so he's got a reason to stay in town a while. And he just found another one. Hannah's funky hair and her talent for swan diving into hot water make a fascinating combination. And bad news travels fast. Someone is out to get Cooper, and Hannah's a sucker for strays. But when his bad luck tangles with her bad hair, it jump-starts a bumpy ride through the tunnel of love.

eBook Publisher: Treble Heart Books, Published: 2006
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2006

16 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"A Nancy Drew Mystery wrapped up in a ribbon of romantic, sexy fun!"--Lesley Crewe, author of Relative Happiness

"A fast, fun, fabulous read!"--Selena Robins, author of Sabrina's Destiny

"Hannah," Cooper whispered into the ear he was nibbling on, "can we go upstairs?"


He grabbed me by the hand and we charged up the stairs. When we reached the landing he pressed me into the door of my apartment with his body.

"Umm, you feel so good," Cooper said huskily as he lowered his mouth to mine again. His kiss was deep and hot and I responded eagerly. We explored each other with urgent hands. I rubbed the zipper of his jeans as he dug his fingers between my legs, over my pants, and I was certain I would melt in a puddle of desire at his feet.

I twisted in Cooper's arms and shoved the key in the lock. I turned the key and pushed, but nothing happened.

Cooper unclasped my bra, and his warm grip on my bare breasts took my breath away. He teased my nipples with his fingertips and I shuddered as heat shot through me.

I pushed on the door again. It wouldn't budge. I gave it a kick with my shoe. Nothing.

"Let's just do it here," I begged, twisting around to face him again. "Forget my apartment."

Cooper kissed me and grinned. "Let me try."

He turned his attention away from my breasts long enough to turn the key, jerk the doorknob to the right and push hard. The door opened a few inches.

"It's stuck," Cooper said, frowning. "There's something on the floor, blocking it. What is that?"

It was gloomy in the upstairs hall, so I groped along the wall and flicked on the light switch.

I let out an ear-shattering scream when I saw a hand wedged in the doorway.


"I know, I see it!"

We stared anyway, not believing.

"Go downstairs, Hannah."

"What for?"

"Why do you always argue with me?" Cooper cried. "I don't know who this is. I don't think you should see it, in case--"

"What a load of crap. This is my apartment. Help me open the damn door."

Funny how, in a matter of seconds we could go from kissing, groping and grinding to fighting again. It was mind-boggling.

We heaved and nudged the door until we could squeeze into the apartment. And there, on my welcome mat, lay a dead body. When I saw his face, my knees buckled and I slipped bonelessly onto the floor.

"Who is he?" Cooper demanded as he examined the corpse and felt around for a pulse.

"Oh, my God."

"Yup, this guy's stiff."

"Oh, my God."

Cooper knelt beside me. "Hannah, talk to me."

"I killed him." I waved my hand in front of my face.

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