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Circleforks [MultiFormat]
eBook by Trish Dozier

eBook Category: Family/Relationships/Mainstream
eBook Description: Meet Middle, the voice of Circleforks, a layered rarity of a woman who determined that she couldn't be that unique, and decided to unfold herself by pasting the naked-nonfiction of her life against self-preservation. Watch her weave through a world of quirky, unrefined, troubling, and hilarious characters with metaphorical labels as she diagnoses and defines what she coins the 'Middle Disease.' Circleforks turns self-motivation inside out and uncovers the ticking within; a sort of edgy inspiration, with Middle calling upon her audience to embark upon an important journey that replaces bullet points with intriguing expanse. Circleforks throws the concept of destination out the window and demands personal reflection from the reader. Whether you were born a middle child or not, this is an edgy, inspirational book.

eBook Publisher: SynergEbooks, Published: SynergEbooks, 2005
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2006

1 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"I found myself craving Circleforks!! It was so real, like reading your best friend's journal ... and somehow it made my own life seem like a sitcom. Maybe the real meat of life IS the drama which creates each of our own unique, re-creatable stories."--~Kerri Gedert, Owner, Shrewd Foods

"Edgy and aggressive, Middle demands a gut check with every turn of the page."--Dominic Fontana, Director Research & Development, Dreyers Grand Ice Cream



-"Love is what we're born with and fear is what we learned here."--Anonymous


Life before the middle was grand. Actually, I'm convinced that the middle must have always existed in some form within me, but life was seemingly ordinary until I filled in the marching ants covering my outline and found that I had accidentally captured me. To this day, I wonder what would have happened if I never united those tiny creatures into one populous family and instead, left "me" as a rough draft.


Before the middle discovery, nobody harassed me or marveled over my ability to connect with any human form. Nobody counted on me, nor looked to me with such nauseating hope in their eyes, or with such throbbing pain. I was different from all the kids who drew others to them in a normal, "I know how to do this because I live with it at home" sort of thing. And my difference equated to a strange encapsulation.


I wish I could have captured the essence of this middle state, but each definition that I found stuffed an entire range of emotions into simplistic absurdity. There is nothing wrong with these synonyms in theory, but in actuality, they are just too much like the pretty boys that never looked at me twice while growing up: superficial, much too attractive for life's reality, and not able to withstand a measly decade before falling apart into the very thing they exhibited such exemplary snobbery against:


Center, heart, focus, hub, focal point, inner, internal, median.


I couldn't stand the cozy nature of these and instead, came up with my own:


Draining, "Bitch" (as in She's my Bitch), Forced, Fucked, Caught between a rock and then body-slammed against a hard place.

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