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The Pirate's Pixie [MultiFormat]
eBook by Morgan Hawke

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica
eBook Description: Captain James Aloysius Houk had been the villain of a child's fantasyland for over two hundred years. As the only adult in a prepubescent boys' paradise, that's a long time to be trapped on a phantom island with not one single anatomically correct female. With the brats finally gone and the island sunk under the Caribbean waves, Houk is finally freed from his magical prison. Cast adrift in the twenty-first century, the pirate has only one thing in mind: revenge against the pixie that kept him there.

eBook Publisher: eXtasy eBooks, Published: www.extasybooks.com, 2004
Fictionwise Release Date: April 2006

391 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

She shook her head. "Not at all. You're quite a hottie, so it'll be my pleasure."

His brows shot up. "A hottie?"

"Oh, yeah." Julie licked her lips and reached for the hem of her shirt. "I haven't seen a man as fine as you outside of the movies." She pulled her shirt over her head and tossed it on the floor. Her breasts were full and round, and completely naked. She reached up and tugged her pink nipples. "Come and get it, sailor."

"Don't mind if I do." He reached out and cupped her breasts. He tugged on her nipples and licked his lips. "Very nice."

Julie sighed and pressed into his palms. "Oh, you have good hands."

A groan escaped Houk's throat and he knelt to take a nipple into his mouth. He suckled like a starving man with loud slurps of obvious enjoyment. His arm closed around her waist, pulling her closer to his mouth.

"Oh yeah, God, your mouth!" Julie lifted her short skirt, baring her butt. "Your mustache tickles!"

Houk slid his hand down and cupped her bare butt cheek. He squeezed, then slid his hand between her thighs.

"Oh yeah, that's the spot." Julie whimpered. "Keep that up and I'm gonna cum on your hand."

Houk lifted his lips from her breast. "I'm afraid that I do not have much control. It has been too long."

"That's okay." She smiled. "You have a whole hour, so go ahead and get off now. I'll suck you back to life for the next go around."

Houk smiled up at her. "Do you mind?"

"Are you kidding?" She smiled. "I'm ready for you right now."

Houk stood. "Very well, then." He tugged at the drawstring on his bottoms. The silk slid to the floor.

"Uncircumcised?" Julie licked her lips. "Now that is a lovely view."

The pixie gasped. She'd never seen anything like this. On an island full of boys, she knew a dick when she saw one, but she'd never seen one so ... enthusiastic, or so large. The whole thing was swollen and a deep purple, and curved stiffly upward with the cap poking past its sheath.

Her breasts suddenly tingled and ached. The pixie looked down inside her dress. Her nipples were hard and swollen. She stared at herself in dismay. This was not a good sign, not for a fairy. She looked up and discovered that Julie was completely naked but for her tall boots.

Julie gently pushed on the captain's chest. "Sit down, handsome, and I'll do you on the couch."

Houk dropped down on the couch and laughed. His cock rose hard and smooth against his belly. "You'll do me?" His voice was husky.

Julie set her hands on his shoulders and grinned. "Oh, yeah." She climbed onto the couch and straddled him on her knees. She tipped forward and presented her nipples to his lips.

Houk took the bait and sucked a nipple into his mouth, then wrapped one arm around her waist. He grabbed his shaft and pushed the head forward, rubbing against her slick and spread flesh.

The pixie frowned. What the heck were they doing?

Houk grabbed her butt with both hands and shoved her down onto him. He groaned as his cock disappeared.

The pixie tilted her head. Where had his dick gone? Was it actually in her? An odd throb started deep in her belly. Something she'd never felt before.

"God! You're big!" Julie moaned. "Oh, yeah, this is going to be a good fuck."

Houk released her nipple with a wet pop and sank his fingers into her butt cheeks. "Have I told you that you have a superlative ass?"

"Thank you, James." Julie grinned and rolled her hips. "I'm glad you like it." She pushed with her knees and his dick slid partway out. "I'm rather fond of this big fat cock myself." She sat down hard, burying him back in her body.

Houk arched back on the couch. He sucked in a breath and cupped his palms under her spread cheeks. "Damn! I'm sorry, but I simply must fuck you."

Julie moaned. "Do your worst, James, I can take it as hard as you can give it."

Houk smiled. "Music to my ears, my dear Julie." Houk held her still and bucked his hips, driving his cock up, and up, and up into her body hard enough make sharp slapping sounds against her ass. He grunted with the impact.

"God yes!" Julie writhed and moaned as he pounded into her. "Don't stop! Don't stop!"

Houk looked past her shoulder and stared straight at the golden cage hidden behind the mirrored glass. A smile of pure malice curled his full lips as he fucked the lovely girl in his arms.

The pixie couldn't tear her gaze from the two on the couch. She felt her pulse leap in her throat and couldn't take a full breath. His dick was in her--and the girl obviously liked it there. Her nipples burned. She rubbed against them but it didn't make the ache go away. It became uncomfortable to sit with her knees together. She spread her knees and discovered moisture wetting her thighs. She explored the moisture with her fingers and discovered the swollen nub at the top of her cleft. It was aching in time with her nipples. She pressed her fingers against it to relieve the ache, but something coiled tight in her belly instead. Sensual pleasure bloomed. A sense of danger bloomed with it.

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