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Monica's Manhunt [MultiFormat]
eBook by Honey Jans

eBook Category: Erotica/Erotic Romance/Romance
eBook Description: As April's nuptials approach, Monica Landers realizes her biological clock is ticking. She's decided it's time to find a real man and enlists April's help to compile a list of perspective mates. This sexually deprived woman is aching for someone who can see past her provocative profession and savor her sexy wares. Working obsessively to clear Will's schedule for his honeymoon, Matt Shepard is overworked, sexually frustrated, and bummed that he has to escort Modest Monica on a duty date. As Best Man it's his job, they're responsible for the pre-wedding festivities. When they meet at Spice, Monica literally falls into his arms and Matt decides his date is heaven in 3" heels. The instant connection and electrifying chemistry send the wheel of love spinning. When they get together who'll come out on top? Has Monica finally found the man to fulfill her fantasies? To find out, read Monica's Manhunt?

eBook Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press, Published: 2006
Fictionwise Release Date: May 2006

85 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Monica's Manhunt is marvelous! Both Monica and Matt have war wounds, so to speak. They've been burned by their previous partners and are cautious at first. But their instant attraction takes them by surprise. I loved Monica's first words to Matt, (no, I'm not telling!) which also set the tone for the rest of the story. Their interactions are realistic, and although their relationship develops quickly, it's also believable. Monica is strong, sexy, and independent. With a super hot, yet sensitive Matt chasing her, she quickly learns that what she wants most may be right in front of her, if she only has the courage to reach for it. Ms. Jans pens a positively sizzling story that you'll put in your keeper file. Enjoy! 4 Angels!"--Trang, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Ms. Honey Jans has written a hot chronicle of love at first sight. Monica is a strong, determined woman, standing on her own against an abusive ex-husband while Matt is a quiet presence exuding strength and caring. Their headstrong interactions add spice to their sexual encounters. I had to read it straight through to the happy conclusion. I enjoyed this book. 4 Cups!"--Kathy, Coffee Time Romance, Karen Find Out About New Books

Chapter 1

Matt Shepard walked up to Spice with all the grim determination of a man approaching a firing squad. Squiring Monica Landers out for dinner and conversation would be boring as hell but it was for the best. A little boredom would take the edge off his frustration. It'd been three months since he'd gotten laid; a record for him. To say he was tense was an understatement.

Working overtime to finish contracts and free Will up for his honeymoon had put a severe crimp in his social life. It was the least he could do as his brother's best man. Now he and Monica, April's maid of honor, had the bachelor party and bridal shower to plan. As far as he was concerned, a keg of beer and a stripper in Red's back room would suffice for the guys, but he had a feeling the mystery woman he was taking on this duty date wouldn't agree. It still didn't make sense to him that the wallflower he'd barely noticed in high school would own Spice, a shop that specialized in marital aids and slinky lingerie.

Sunset glittered off the plate glass window, showing off the lacy lingerie on display. Personally, he preferred bare skin to satin and lace, less to get in the way of his goal. It was the way he preferred his hook-ups these days; short and hot, with no strings attached. He wasn't walking into that minefield again.

An overhead bell tinkled as he opened the door. He forced himself to go inside. He'd never set foot in the place before, mainly because his kid sister Courtney worked here as a designer, much to his displeasure. Ms. Landers would insist on being picked up here, he only hoped she wouldn't prove as obstinate when planning the pre-wedding festivities. At least her shop was empty at closing time. In fact, he didn't see his date anywhere. Not that he expected to recognize her. She was three years older than him, and they'd never moved in the same social circles. He'd been into sports, fast cars, and girls. To the best of his recollection, she'd been into the library and home economics.

He approached the counter, his sex-starved gaze lingering as it passed over the sexy delights--lingerie, massage oils, and a wide array of sex toys. His eyes widened while his manhood stirred in reaction; the stimulation was enough to jump-start him into a hard-on. The swing on display in the corner caught his eye; it was just like the one in April's barn, a place he'd steered clear of. He quickly looked away. Thinking about his brother's possible love life wasn't something he'd do. Ignoring the toys and lubes, Matt's gaze strayed to the lingerie hanging on a rack nearby. Soft, shimmering in a rainbow of colors, tempting him to reach out and touch to see if they were as soft as they looked, it almost made him change his mind about preferring his lovers nude.

A quick footfall made Matt spin around in time to see a woman rush out of the back room carrying a big box. This had to be his date. What had April called her ... Modest Monica? Matt stood there transfixed by her intensity as she moved at breakneck speed in stiletto heels. She was beautiful, with tip-tilted green eyes. Honest to Pete, they were as green as the clovers growing wild in his paddock. He stared at her, entranced, having never seen anything quite like their color before. Her mouth was generous and sensual, ripe for kissing; her chestnut brown hair swept up in a twist. It left her swanlike neck bare tempting him to lean in and taste her sexy nape.

Her perfume, something light and floral, tantalized him, and he indulged in a deep whiff. She was dressed in a formfitting red dress with a row of small pearl buttons down the front. It enhanced her full curves; and it sent a jolt directly to his groin. He'd been celibate too damned long. His gaze drifted down her long bare legs to her feet arched in impossibly high heels.

"Whoa," Monica said with a gasp, spotting the quiet man standing in her shop at the last second before she collided with him, almost choking on the strawberry hard candy she was sucking on. Coughing, all she could do was stare at him as her heart skipped a beat. Wow! Perfect. He was positively the yummiest man she'd ever set eyes on, and he was staring at her with the steamiest look in his baby blue eyes. Tall, with dirty blond hair, and a dirtier smile on his handsomer-than-sin face, he brought out all her repressed desires.

Dressed in a butter-soft leather jacket and faded jeans, he looked like he'd just stepped off the pages of one of her favorite erotic romances. The Sundance Kid in the flesh. This had to be Will's kid brother Matt. Now she understood why April had urged her to add him to her manhunt list. Too bad he was too wild to be manhunt material. She stumbled, wobbling as her heels sank into the carpeting, and the box she was carrying toppled.

Sundance grabbed the box with one of his big hands and her bare arm with the other. Monica let out a startled gasp at the heat of that seemingly innocent contact. His hands were big, work-roughened, and warm. His fingertips sensually rubbing her arm, he looked deep into her eyes, making her shiver. It was as if he could read her errant thoughts, her desires. "Yummy," she murmured.

"What?" he asked.

"You," she said studying him. He broke into a startled grin that turned him from yummy to devastating.

"Thanks. I think you're pretty scrumptious, too. Care to take a nibble?" he asked, leaning forward to kiss her.

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