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A Slave to Work [MultiFormat]
eBook by Powerone

eBook Category: Erotica/BDSM Erotica/Erotica
eBook Description: Submit or Lose Her Job! That's the choice one young woman had to make. To keep her plush job with benefits, she had to agree to become a slave and plaything to the corporate executives. Learn what happened to one office slave in this sizzling new novel from the bestselling author of Teaching the Au Pair to Submit.

eBook Publisher: Renaissance E Books/Sizzler, Published: 2006
Fictionwise Release Date: August 2006

194 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

New Job

"Come in Sandy." Michael and Frederick sat on the couch in his office, a large leather couch that sat up against her wall. They pulled the table out of the way, giving room for Sandy to stand in front of them. "Over here, in front of us." Michael's voice was more demanding than he was during the day, needing to set the mood right away that they were in charge and Sandy had no option but to submit.

She walked over to them, self conscious of the way her body moved, knowing they were following her with their eyes. She felt as if her breasts were bouncing more than usual and she couldn't control the swing of her butt as she walked. She finally made it in front of them, standing, waiting for their first command.

"You're very lovely Sandy." Frederick complimented her, his hand reaching down to straighten out his cock, his pants constraining it as it drew hard at the thought of Sandy naked in front of him. "A very lovely body."

At first it sounded like a compliment, and then more of an expectation of what was to come. "Thank you Frederick."

"Sir, it will be Sir, after work Sandy. During the day you may call us by our first name, but when you are in one of the private sessions, you will address us as Sir or Master."

"Yes Sir." It sounded so ominous now, not a sign of respect but of control.

"I think we can start with you showing us that lovely body of yours. Naked." He waited, seeing the look of resignation on her face as it finally dawned on her the reality of the situation. This would be the ultimate test. To strip naked for them. If she performed this, the rest would come naturally. "Now do it slowly. Tease us with what you have to offer." Michael sat back in the couch, waiting for Sandy to perform.

This was it, the time where she would have to ultimately decide her future fate. She had said yes before, but now they wanted action. And the act they wanted was for her to strip naked for them, a task she didn't even perform for Thomas after years of living with him. And they wanted her to do this slowly and sexily, teasing them as she revealed her most intimate body. She was sure that this was only the beginning, sure that they would want her to perform sexually for them before the night was over. She didn't want to fathom the depths of depravity that she would be forced to perform.

Her hands went up to the row of buttons of her white blouse, averting their eyes as she fumbled with the first button, finally feeling it pull loose, her blouse opening slightly. Her trembling fingers moved down, a shiver running through her as her fingernail traced lightly over her chest, grasping the next button, disappointed when it sprang open so easily. She felt the blouse begin to spread open, more of her chest revealed, her white lacey bra poking out between the parted blouse.

"Arch your back Sandy. You have very lovely breasts. Be proud of them. Stick them out for us." Frederick's voice broke the silence of her ragged breathing.

She obeyed, feeling the blouse strain, pushing against her breasts as she moved her hands down to the next button, the strain on it making it pop free with very little effort on her part. It was down to her bra, her hand moving down to the next button, quickly opening it, pulling her blouse out of her skirt to get the final button. She unbuttoned it, her hands frozen on the two halves of her blouse, holding them together, anything to prolong the inevitable. Even though she had already posed in the show in her bra and panties, this was so much different. She would have to strip down to her naked skin sure they would make her pose for them, the thoughts of how obscene the positions they might force her in rushing into her brain. She saw their look and knew she could no longer evade the inevitable. She let the blouse slip from her shoulders, her hands in front of her breasts still trying to protect them from their searching eyes. She then threw it onto the table near her and stood trembling before them, her hands crossed in front of her breasts. She put her head down, not wanting to see their looks as her hands hung uselessly by her side, her back arched for them, feeling their eyes burning her skin.

"Bend over and hold your head up. Let's see those lovely tits." This time it was Michael ordering her.

She was forced to look at them, staring at Michael with her pleading eyes as she bent over, feeling her pendulous breasts hanging down, feeling the cheap bra struggle to hold them in. She held her head up high, seeing their eyes staring down at her breasts.

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