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What Will Suffice [MultiFormat]
eBook by Barri Bryan

eBook Category: Mainstream
eBook Description: This collection of one hundred poems is charming and introspective with vivid and recognizable impressions, originality of diction and variations in tone. The author's devotion to craftsmanship lends immediacy and expressiveness to a wide variety of poetic images. The subject matter of What Will Suffice is diverse and varied. Each poem has a life of its own. The theme is that common thread of humanity that speaks to the heart through many forms, melodious language and personal emotions.

eBook Publisher: Hard Shell Word Factory/Hard Shell Word Factory, Published: 2006, 2006
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2006

"Barri Bryan is a talented word artist. The words flow effortlessly and musically to a poetic or non-poetic ear. I could not stop myself from reading all of them at once. I am a poetry lover, but I highly recommend it to anyone, especially readers that normally do not read poetry. You will be delighted and awed by Barri Bryan's skill and heart she puts into her work. I will revisit this work of art time and again. What Will Suffice is more than sufficient, in my opinion! Barri--It will suffice! Recommended Read!--Tracey, Fallen Angel Reviews


Like Sisyphus each morn I start
My task again with a heavy heart.
Each Genesis day I began anew
This endless chore I'm assigned to do.

Tying loose ends as I travel,
That before another sun, unravel.
My course is set, this is my fate.
How slowly the gods retaliate.


We browse in dusty places,
Pilfering through each pile,
Of secondhand and one-time-new,
Out-of-date and out-of-style.

The faithful optimists of this age,
The last of the true believers.
We recycle dreams, recover hope,
Defy brand-new deceivers.


He still stands in the agora
Where the sun warms the salty shore,
Marble columns line the way
To the open assembly door.

Barefoot against the sophistry
Of Reason's cruel waste.
The justice of injustice,
Hemlock's bitter taste.


In the mirror of memory
The future is cast
When we relive scenarios
Performed in the past.


The amber edge of memory
Sharpens my recollection,
Calling back a used-to-be
In silent retrospection.

It baffles my perception,
And spins my mind around,
When uninvited inception
Transmutes from lost to found.


Then I was young
And so naive,
Head in the clouds,
Heart on my sleeve.

How long has it been
Since I was she
Who believed
Vain possibility?

Now with altered perception
Tell me how do I cope?
When I find no mean between
Desperation and hope.


In my mind's mythology
She's always coming back to me.
Whispering her veiled intention,
Heart's desire, time's invention.

In the legend of my memory
Fusing fancy with reality,
She, no me—imagination
Erases the line of demarcation.


Imagination's artistry
Etched by diamond memory
Cuts across my reverie.
Severing bold reality
From unassuming fantasy.


There is a toxic loneliness,
The soul's own desolation,
That strikes in crowded places
With deadly devastation.

It coils on busy sidewalks,
Slithers through thoroughfares,
Hisses in congregations,
Takes you unawares.

With an instant isolation,
A poison in the bone,
Then in the midst of many
You are aching and alone.


Daylight couldn't shape it,
That dream that stayed the night,
Then vanished as the first rays
Of sun brought morning light.

Amorphous, then invisible
In my fading recollection
It dimmed like mist at midday
In the glow of introspection.

My day was rent with discontent
And a nagging sense of woe;
A dream that I couldn't remember
Left a sorrow that wouldn't let go.


I am a genie in a jar,
In a little space I've traveled far.
I do not know my destination,
Such is the fate of encapsulation.

Through a glass darkly, now I see,
I wonder, could some wizardry
Uncast the spell, unscrew the cap,
Give the vessel a gentle tap,

Copyright © 2006 Billie Houston.

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