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Brief Encounters: The Women's Guide to Casual Sex [Secure eReader]
eBook by Emily Dubberley

eBook Category: Family/Relationships/General Nonfiction
eBook Description: You don't need to be in a relationship to have sex and this ultimate guide to no-strings sex ensures that single doesn't have to mean celibate.

eBook Publisher: Vision Paperbacks/Vision Paperbacks
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2006

Most sex, love and relationship manuals are put together on the understanding that everyone is after a long-term relationship; you need an ?other half ? to be a whole person. While true love is all very nice, a third of the population is single at any one time. Some people have just come out of long-term relationships. Others have just started university and been confronted with a seething mass of testosterone-packed (or oestrogen-stuffed) humanity to work their way through. Some are so busy with their careers that the idea of maintaining a relationship is anathema; they simply don't have the time. Others are waiting for Mr or Ms Perfect, but in the meantime don't want to be celibate. And some are simply commitmentphobes; a disparaging term but if you're honest about your desire for nothing more than no-strings sex then what?s the harm? This book is for all those people, and anyone else, who, while quite liking the idea of getting laid, isn't entirely sure that they 're ready for a full-on, loved-up, monogamous ? and possibly libido-sapping ? relationship. It covers all the essentials: knowing whether you're able to cope with no-strings fun; stopping yourself from looking (and feeling) desperate; how to pull ? and push them out the door without embarrassment the morning after; looking presentable in the office after a hot and unexpected night with a stranger; how to make sure that a sex-packed life doesn't lead to STI-packed pants; dealing with fuck-buddies, one-night stands, bi-curious dabblings, sex with an ex and all other types of brief encounter. And, of course, no sex book would be complete without a section on masturbation. Knowing how to please yourself in the sack is the best way to make sure that you have a good time with other people, so it?s well worth devoting time to self-love. Forget diamonds; Jessica Rabbit is a girl?s best friend. When it comes to getting laid, it?s sad to say the way that you look will have a massive impact. Confidence goes a long way but add cleavage and you'll probably get further. With this in mind, there?s advice on how to go from grim to gorgeous without breaking the bank. It?s amazing how effective a few body language tricks can be ? and even more amazing what a gel bra can do for a girl?s pulling chances. Being a sex manual, this book?s also stuffed with info on what to do once you get your object of desire into the sack. Forget being patronised with explanations of how to get into the missionary position. This book has all the advice you really need; what to do if your date?s a crap kisser, dealing with a bloke with a tiny tool or huge horn, how to make sure you're the best fuck your partner?s ever had, dealing with someone whose kinks are too out there for you, and how to introduce your own preferences without scaring the horses (as long as you don't actually want horses involved ? it?s illegal after all). There?s advice on how to do all the dirtiest things you?ve ever imagined, whether foreplay or fantasy. And while cheating ? or having sex with someone else?s man ? is something that you really shouldn't do, it sometimes happens, so you can discover the common pitfalls, along with tips on how to manage as a mistress or avoid getting caught if you fancy a bit of loving on the side.

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