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The Boss's Christmas Seduction [Secure eReader]
eBook by Yvonne Lindsay

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: From inside her cubicle walls, Holly Christmas had secretly pined for Connor Knight, craving just one evening of incendiary passion with the elusive millionaire. So when Connor sought a few hours of solace in his virgin secretary's arms, she readily succumbed. Then, a few weeks after their clandestine encounter, Holly received a surprising late Christmas gift: she was pregnant. Connor quickly offered to take care of her, but Holly knew her scandalous past would never allow her to accept his proposal ... not even for the sake of their baby.

eBook Publisher: Harlequin/Silhouette Desire
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2006

96 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


Bile rose in his throat. Hot, bitter, acrid bile.

Connor Knight dashed the investigator's report violently across the mahogany surface of his desk, scattering papers like giant confetti through the air where they hovered briefly, before floating to the thickly carpeted study floor.

Through the open French doors behind him he heard the drone of the launch's engines as it pulled away from his private jetty, taking the bearer of bad tidings back across the harbour to Auckland city.

The vile taste in Connor's mouth rivalled the malevolence of his ex-wife's actions. He swallowed against it, but the irrefutable proof of her betrayal could not be as easily diminished.

As if her insatiable partying and gambling hadn't been enough, now he knew that six months into their marriage she'd knowingly destroyed their baby—the child she knew he'd wanted—and had then been sterilised rather than ever bear another child again.

If not for a careless comment from one of her friends at a recent fund-raiser he'd have been none the wiser. Yet the throwaway remark had been all he needed to start the investigation and to confirm that she'd lied about the miscarriage.

A tearing pain clawed at his chest.

The proof of her treachery now lay scattered on his floor—information that had come at a hell of a price, but which was worth every last cent.

A copy of her admission to a private hospital four years ago, the bills from the anaesthetist, the surgeon, the hospital. The procedures. Termination. Sterilisation.

And through it all he'd been oblivious.

So now she wanted more money? He'd have paid it just to be rid of her—until he'd received today's information.

It had been bad enough to realise back then that she'd emasculated him with her deceit, her avaricious need to grasp at everything in her path during their brief union, but this? This went way further than that.

The grandfather clock chimed the hour. Nine o'clock. Damn! The meeting had made him later in to the office than he expected.

He punched the quick dial on the speakerphone on the desk, connecting immediately to his office in the city.

"Holly, I'm running late. Any messages or problems?"

"Nothing urgent, Mr. Knight, I've rescheduled your conference call to New York." His personal assistant's gentle, well-modulated voice washed over him like a calming wave of sanity in the madness of his morning. Thank goodness he could still rely on some people.

Connor slipped into his suit jacket, adjusted his tie and, oblivious to the crunch of the report underfoot, stalked out the open French doors and towards the chopper waiting to take him from his island home and into Auckland's central business district.

* * *

If Holly Christmas received one more tartan-beribboned poinsettia she would scream.

So what if her birthday fell on Christmas Eve? She was used to that. After all, it was the same day every year. She blinked back the unbidden rush of tears that pricked her eyes, and gave herself a mental shake. Toughen up, she growled silently. Self-pity was so not her style. Survival—whatever it took—that was her key. Then why did she feel different this year? Empty. Alone.

At least her colleagues had remembered today was her birthday, and not just the last day of work before Knight Enterprises closed for the Christmas break. She straightened her shoulders, stiffened her spine and, with the plant clutched tightly to her aching chest, summoned a smile.

"The poinsettia is beautiful, thanks. I really appreciate it." The words sounded normal, thank goodness, coloured with just the right amount of enthusiasm.

"See you at the party tonight, Holly?" one of the girls asked.

"Oh, yes, I'll be there," she confirmed with a wry twist of her lips. Someone had to see to it that the annual bash ran smoothly, that the grossly inebriated were tactfully withdrawn from the proceedings and inserted into taxis and that spills and breakages were swiftly dealt with. For the third year in a row she was that someone.

She loved her job and she was darned good at it. No, she was better than good. She was the best. And that's why, after working her way through the secretarial pool here at Knight Enterprises she'd risen to Executive PA to Connor Knight, head of the corporate law department.

A "ping" from the elevator bank down the hall heralded the tall, imposing figure striding along the carpet-lined corridor, and sent the small group of women scurrying back to their respective workstations. Holly turned and put the lush red-leafed poinsettia on the credenza behind her desk—next to the one from the finance department and the two that had come up from security and personnel. She caught her lower lip in between her teeth, tugging at its fullness. How on earth was she supposed to get them home on the bus?

"Good morning, Holly." His voice, as rich and dark as sinful chocolate, made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. From the day she'd interviewed for her position as his personal assistant, her reaction to him had always been this painfully immediate, although she'd schooled herself to hide it well.

She'd given up asking herself why his presence made every nerve ending in her body stand on full alert, and learned instead to knuckle down and do her job, masking the flush of warmth that suffused her body. Some people didn't believe in love at first sight, but Holly knew from sudden and lasting experience that it happened.

She clenched her jaw slightly then slowly released it and the tension that bound her muscles, and turned to face him secure in the knowledge he'd never have an inkling as to the thoughts that raced through her mind or the sharpened awareness that brought her senses to screaming attention when he was around.

Copyright © 2006 by Yvonne Lindsay.

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