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24 Hours Bundle [Secure eReader]
eBook by Jo Leigh & Kimberly Raye & Cara Summers

eBook Category: Romance
eBook Description: Get 3 hot reads for one low price with the 24 Hours Bundle! Anything can happen in 24 hours--even love! Bundle includes Minute by Minute, Tall, Tanned, and Texan, and When She Was Bad? Minute by Minute: Veterinarian Meg Becker has found the perfect man--online. Newspaper columnist Alex Rosten is funny, sexy--and only a mouse click away day or night. He's exactly what vulnerable Meg needs in her too-frantic life. Never mind that the safest sex is typing from the heart....Alex wants to take their relationship to the next level--meet face-to-face. A romantic at heart, he sends Meg a ticket to a gorgeous tropical island--a place that has starred in the nighttime fantasies of both. The cybersex has been great. But Alex is convinced you can't beat the touch and taste of the real thing. Yet what happens in the next twenty-four hours might just leave them both at a loss for words.... Tall, Tanned, and Texan: Men have never given tomboy Deanie Codge a second look. But that's about to change. She's signing up for two weeks at Camp E.D.E.N., a notorious island retreat, to discover her inner sex kitten. And then there'll be no stopping her! When he offered to keep an eye on Deanie for her brother, cowboy Rance McGraw never dreamed that he wouldn't be able to take his eyes off her. His childhood nemesis has turned into a gorgeous woman--one he doesn't want fooling around with anyone but him! So he does everything he can to sabotage her--from directing her to the wrong island ... to kissing her on the beach ... to taking her for a roll in the sand.... And discovers that a tough Texas cowboy is no match for a sex kitten unleashed... When She Was Bad?: She should refuse. One minute, struggling P.I. Pepper Rossi and ex-CIA agent Cole Buchanan are sharing a wild, spontaneous kiss. The next, rough-edged Cole is propositioning her to spend the next 24 hours exploring all the sensual pleasures of the tropical island they're on ... with each other. She would say no, except they're in the Caribbean on a crucial case to track down a priceless stolen painting. She'll never prove her worth as a P.I. if Cole muscles in on all the action. And he promises to back off--if *she* promises him 24 hours to work this attraction out of their systems. Pepper knows she *should* turn him down. Then again, Pepper hasn't gotten this far by acting the way she's supposed to....

eBook Publisher: Harlequin/Bundles
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2006

22 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor


IT WAS NOON ON THE dot when the plane, a little propeller job that had flown so close to the ocean Meg could have jumped without a parachute, landed on the island. The view, of rocky cliffs, crystal clear blue waters, and vegetation so green it almost hurt, had stolen her breath, and she wondered if she'd ever get it back.

It didn't help that she was scared spitless. Not about the plane; she loved puddle jumpers. He was, theoretically, already here. Since her birthday, she'd hardly been able to think of anything else. She was going to meet Alex Rosten in the flesh. After an entire year of talking to him online in private chats, they were going to be face-to-face in, like, thirty seconds.

Meg waited until everyone else had cleared the aisle, and then she got her travel bag from the overhead compartment. Her body fairly quivered with tension. Although she was trying to be very Zen about the whole experience, she was failing miserably. She wanted to like him. She wanted to be attracted to him. She wanted him to sweep her off her feet.

Problem was, she also wanted not to like him so much, to find him more a friend than a lover, and she needed to keep her feet firmly on the ground.

For a woman whose biggest single risk up to this point was going to UC Davis instead of UCLA, this little vacation was monumental.

Her whole life had been swallowed by her work. Since her father had died and left her his veterinary clinic in Diamond Canyon, she'd been working six days a week. But because she was always on call, time off was more a concept than a reality. Her only personal time was when she was online with Alex.

If they blew this, if the chemistry wasn't there, then what? What would she do on those nights when by some mysterious grace he was there when she was there, and they talked until they both got stupid with tiredness? Until they laughed at the most ridiculous things ever?

She needed Alex. Needed to find him on the other end of the computer, needed the possibility that she'd find him. She'd been so fiercely protective of their relationship that they'd never even spoken on the phone. He'd asked, she'd debated, but in the end it seemed safer just to keep the status quo. Which this little trip shattered all to hell.

"May I help you, Miss?"

She turned to the steward, sharp in his khakis, thick eyebrows raised. "No, thanks. I've got it."

She pulled up the handle on her case and rolled it toward the door. Would Alex be on the tarmac or inside? Would she know him immediately, and he know her? And, oh, God, was she supposed to kiss him? Hug? Shake hands?

Pushing her hair back behind her shoulders, she straightened, took a deep breath and stepped onto the portable steps.

Blinking in the tropical sunlight, she scanned the small group of people standing in front of the terminal. The heat hit her hard, not because it was so different from the cold Los Angeles winter but because her fear and anticipation had chilled her deeply. When she thought of the things she'd told him in the late hours, the fantasies she'd revealed in lurid detail…It was hard to breathe as her gaze went from one face to another.

He wasn't there. The impatient noises behind her sent her forward. It was only eleven steps down, and not that far to enter the terminal, but she had to consciously make her legs move.

Maybe he'd chickened out. It was possible, right? She'd hear her name over the loudspeaker, a message at the desk.

Not likely. He'd sent her an e-mail yesterday with his flight information from Dulles. He'd sounded so excited. Which wasn't fair. Shouldn't he be sweating this, too? He probably figured in five days and four nights, he was bound to get lucky, so why worry? What she didn't understand was why she couldn't see things in exactly the same way.

Going by his picture—well, pictures—he was a nice-looking guy. Although the photo of him from the Washington Post was too grainy to see him fully, when she'd Googled him, she'd found others. Him with politicians, him getting awards, him being important. He rarely smiled, but there'd been this one…He was alone, leaning against a brick wall, and he looked happy. She remembered finding that picture and thinking about his smile. Such a good smile. Not to mention his expressive eyes and his dark, thick hair. She already knew the most important things about him—that he had a great sense of humor, and that he was really smart, and kind. She should be filled with anticipation—good anticipation, not this sick dread.

If only she hadn't been quite so open. If only she hadn't told him all of her secrets…

* * *

HE SHOULD HAVE GONE outside. Alex ran a hand through his hair as he paced underneath the huge circular clock above the terminal doors. The plane had landed, and he knew she was out there, so what was he doing in here?

He was behaving like an idiot, like a teenager. At thirty-three, he'd had his share of blind dates, and he'd never given them a second thought. They'd clicked or they hadn't. No sweat. Of course, he'd never been in a situation like this one.

He liked Meg more than anyone he'd met in a hell of a long time, but it was all online, and that wasn't the truest test. Not by a long shot.

His buddy Craig had met a woman online. Through Match.com. They'd talked for three months. She'd lived in Brussels, and Craig had liked her so much he'd paid for her to move to D.C. It was a disaster.

Copyright © 2006 by Jolie Kramer, Kimberly Raye Groff and Carolyn Hanlon.

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