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Hints on Etiquette--And the Usages of Society [Secure eReader]
eBook by Longman

eBook Category: Humor/History
eBook Description: Well-bred people arrive as nearly at the appointed dinner hour as they can. It is a very vulgar assumption of importance purposely to arrive half an hour behind time; besides the folly of allowing eight or ten hungry people such a tempting opportunity of discussing your foibles. It may be a hundred and fifty years since this essential etiquette bible was first published, but within its pages is timeless advice on all manner of matters, from the dinner table to marriage, and from smoking to fashion.

eBook Publisher: Summersdale Non Fiction/Summersdale Humour
Fictionwise Release Date: October 2006

1 Reader Ratings:
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Etiquette is the barrier which society draws around itself as a protection against off ences the ?law? cannot touch ? a shield against the intrusion of the impertinent, the improper, and the vulgar ? a guard against those obtuse persons who, having neither talent nor delicacy, would be continually thrusting themselves into the society of men to whom their presence might (from the diff erence of feeling and habit) be off ensive, and even insupportable. Many unthinking persons consider the observance of Etiquette to be nonsensical and unfriendly, as consisting of unmeaning forms, practised only by the silly and the idle; an opinion which arises from their not having refl ected on the reasons that have caused certain rules to be established, indispensable to the well-being of society, and without which, indeed, it would inevitably fall to pieces, and be destroyed. Much misconstruction and unpleasant feeling arises, especially in country towns, from not knowing what is ?expected?, or necessary to be done on certain occasions, resulting sometimes from the prevalence of local customs, with which the world in general are not supposed to be acquainted. Besides, in a mercantile country like England, people are continually rising in the world. Shopkeepers become merchants, and mechanics manufacturers; with the possession of wealth they acquire a taste for the luxuries of life, expensive furniture, and gorgeous plate; also numberless superfl uities, with the use of which they are only imperfectly acquainted. But although their capacities for enjoyment increase, it rarely occurs that the polish of their manners keeps pace with the rapidity of their advancement: such persons are often painfully reminded that wealth alone is insuffi cient to protect them from the mortifi cations a limited acquaintance with society will entail upon the ambitious. Pride often deters people from seeking the advice of the experienced, when the opportunity of receiving it is presented. It is to be hoped that the following remarks will furnish a guide through the intricacies of conventional usage, without risk to the sensitive, or the humiliation of publicly proclaiming the defi ciencies of an imperfect education. In all cases, the observances of the Metropolis (as the seat of refi nement) should be received as the standard of good breeding.

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