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Loving Lola [MultiFormat]
eBook by Lena Matthews

eBook Category: Erotica
eBook Description: Welcome to the Bayou, where the mornings are hot but the nights are hotter... Plus-size cutie Lola Chiasson has spent her entire life sparring with Marcus. The small town heartthrob has been the bane of her existence for as long as she can remember, but something about their banter has changed lately, and it's got Lola running scared. Marcus Boudreaux isn't sure when his good natured teasing turned into something more, but after an interrupted moment of passion, he can't get Lola out of his mind. When he discovers Lola's secret sexual thrill, Marcus vows to have much more then a taste of her. Lola's running days are over, because Marcus is willing to fight for what he wants, even if he has to fight Lola herself.

eBook Publisher: Loose Id, LLC, Published: 2005, 2005
Fictionwise Release Date: November 2006

208 Reader Ratings:
Great Good OK Poor

"Loving Lola is a fun, erotic read. The word sparring between Marcus and Lola had me hooked from page one. If you're looking for a fast, sweet, fun and sexy read, pick up a copy of Loving Lola and enjoy!"--Luisa, Cupid's Library Reviews

"Loving Lola by Lena Matthews is a sensational short story that showcases a great, luscious, spicy hot romance that will capture your heart from the first page. Ms. Matthews did a fantastic job of creating dynamic sparks that Lola and Marcus, try as they might, could not ignore."--Contessa Scion, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"Loving Lola is the perfect feel good story. Lena Matthews pens a powerfully funny tale incorporating people of every color, shape, size, and background."--Chrissy Dionne, Romance JunkiesThe heart of Loving Lola lies in its characters. Ms Matthews does an excellent job of capturing Lola's insecurities, and how they underline her need to leave her home town. Woven throughout the story is a touch of Southern flair, in the dialect and the descriptions. Supporting characters are limited but include a meddling mother, a good friend, and a lovable father, who all add interest to the plot."--Patricia Green, Romance Reviews Today

"No. No more words." Pulling her close, Marcus crushed her mouth under his. Sliding his tongue through her parted lips, he stroked his tongue against hers, and despite herself Lola began to respond to his kiss. It was impossible not to. The man was gifted. There were just no two ways around it. He tasted just as she would have expected him to--like sin.

Her nipples tightened as her pussy began to swell. Everything was crying out inside of her to reach down, unzip his pants, and claim his body as hers. To worship his cock, to take it deep inside of her mouth, tasting his flavor and drinking in his essences. Lola wanted to feel him hard and deep inside of her, but she knew it was wrong. Wrong to like this, wrong to feel this way about him, all wrong. Marcus was the last thing she should want, but she couldn't stop kissing him.

Lifting her up, Marcus set her on the counter and moved between her legs, all without breaking away from her mouth. Trying to pull back, knowing she should, Lola wedged her hands between them, trying to separate their bodies but instead ending up placing her palms against his nipples, which hardened at her touch.

Marcus inhaled and broke away from her mouth as she ran her fingers loosely down his chest. Grabbing her hands, he pulled them behind her and gripped both with one of his. The position forced her back to bend a little, making her breasts push up. Throbbing and aching, her nipples hardened against her bra. Poking through her thin shirt, they betrayed her, revealing her arousal to him.

"Marcus, we can't."

"Not only can we, but we will, because I'm done with pretending. I know you watch me, Lola, the same way I watch you. I know that it's this," he said, eyeing her aching breasts, "I think of every night when I'm jerking off. It's your name I cry out when I finally find my release."

Lola moaned her denial, but Marcus wasn't listening. Instead, he tightened his hold on her wrists. Lola couldn't help the way her body responded, any more than she could help Marcus seeing the way her pupils dilated and darkened with passion. She was turned on beyond belief by his words, and creaming from the feel of his fingers around her wrists.

There was an awed quality in voice as he spoke. "Who would have ever thought my little sadist liked a little pain herself?"

Licking her lips nervously, Lola tried to steady her rapidly beating heart. "No, I don't."

"Little liar." He chuckled, releasing her hands and digging his fingers into her hips. The feel of his nails biting into her jean-clad thighs sent a chill of desire running down her back. The quick, sharp, tingling pain caused her nipples to harden further and her clit to swell. It was like Marcus had found a secret trigger that made her want to come, and come quickly. Marcus must have sensed her arousal, because he chuckled and squeezed a bit harder. "You like that, baby?"

"No," Lola lied. She would rather die a slow, painful death than admit she liked it.

"Really? 'Cause I could have sworn that you did. Let's try something. You continue to play hard to get, while I sit here getting hard, and we'll see who breaks first."

Running his hands up her thighs to her full chest, Marcus squeezed her breasts through her thin cotton shirt. Palming her heavy mounds, Marcus sought out one nipple with his thumb and index finger while his mouth moved over the other one. Capturing the peak, he circled it, pinching it gently at first, increasing the pressure while he sucked her other one through her shirt.

The feel of her nipple, hard and aching, scratching against the lace as he sucked steadily, had Lola arching up into him. Never had she felt this good from mere nipple stimulation. Maybe it was because guys were always careful, never wanting to hurt her by tugging too hard, but with Marcus that wasn't even a question. He wasn't treating her like a china doll, with soft kisses and caresses. Marcus was touching her the way she had always wanted to be touched--with more pressure and with an intensity she couldn't describe. Lola wasn't able to deny the way her eyes had glazed over with passion the more dominating he became, any more that she could deny the way her body craved his touch.

An involuntary moan escaped her lips as she pulled his head closer to her breasts. She wanted to cry out with pleasure, but despite how moist she was growing between her thighs, she couldn't let go enough to get into it, because of who was doing it. It was Marcus, the man who had besieged her days and tormented her nights. She couldn't understand how she could be enjoying this as much as she was. Why was her body betraying her like this?

Gripping his ears with her fingers, Lola tugged, pulling his mouth from her aching nipple. His breathing was just as harsh as hers, leaving no doubt that he was just as turned on as she was. "Marcus..."

Marcus moved his hands down her waist and gripped the bottom edge of her T-shirt, moving to pull it off of her.

"Wait." Lola pushed him back so she could slide off the counter. This was going too fast and too far.

"For what? For you to come up with another reason to push me away?"

"Marcus, we're bad for each other. You bring out the worst in me, and I know I bring out the caveman in you," Lola said pointing out the obvious. "We'll kill each other in a week."

"But what a way to go." He chuckled, nipping her earlobe between his teeth. "Just admit it, chére--you're mine."

"I'll never be yours," she said breathlessly as Marcus released her breasts and slid his hand down her stomach to the waistband of her jeans. Unfastening her pants, he slid his hands into her panties, slipping past her trimmed mound and centering on her clit.

"You've been mine for years, Lola; it's just taken you this long to figure it out," Marcus replied as he found and teased her clit with his thumb. It was a tight fit with her jeans still on, but Marcus managed to slip his hand far enough into her pants that he was cupping her sex with his palm while he fingered her at the same time.

"What do you want?" she moaned, her knees almost buckling from the intense pleasure. Marcus used his free hand to cup her breasts and torture her nipples with pinches and pulls, working her up to an intense climax.

"Just you," he replied, pulling her tightly against him as he fingered her.

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