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Trolley Square [MultiFormat]
eBook by Debra Laino

eBook Category: Mainstream
eBook Description: Eve Lamonte is a young woman who is searching for love and connection in all aspects of her life. She is very aware of her peers and how they behave when out in the social scene. Eve analyzes the "in crowd" with a bit of a psychological twist, learning that there are drug addicts, alcoholics, and counterfeit people all around her. She is stifled by this and begins to fall into the same patterns of those around her, only to realize she is different from the everyday popularity contest the social scene puts on. In this satirical, contemporary sexy series women will find hope and laughter as they view a young woman going though similar experiences we all go through as women. Men will find a connection and an understanding to the female perspective. Trolley Square is truly a story for all people interested in the lifestyles of young modern adults.

eBook Publisher: SynergEbooks, Published: SynergEbooks, 2006
Fictionwise Release Date: November 2006

Trolley Square

Besides the fact that Trolley Square catered to the young working professional, the functional cocaine addict, and the functional alcoholic, there was a bit of history. You see, above and beyond the many historic pubs that still resided in Trolley Square since the mid 1800's, Trolley Square housed the first trolley line ever in the United States. Now, where the trolleys use to be stored resides a host of specialty shops. These shops include antiques, specialty foods, gift shops, hair salons and spas. The original trolley tracks are still on many of the brick roads, which create a subtle romance in the area. Trolley Square is one of the perfect places to come on a first date or to find your first date. Dinner at one of the many restaurants, then a slow walk to another fine establishment for cocktails, then a slow romantic walk taking in all of the history this little town has to offer. Just one visit is enough before you know it you can get sucked in and become one of them. There are two beautiful parks surrounding Trolley Square both would serve very well for a make-out session. Wentworth park to the west of Trolley Square, which is, basically a large area of land with large stone water tower, and Hemin Mill park to the north. Despite the occasional dead body found, Hemin Mill was much more romantic then Wentworth because of its rose gardens, hypnotic river, and beautiful sitting areas alongside the rippling water. A couple could sit in a rose garden on a stone bench and watch the river flow, what a beautiful place to find two lips embracing or even indulging in a passionate love making episode when no one is around. There are many secret spots in Hemin Mill Park only able to be uncovered through long walks. There are waterfalls, walking paths, wooden bridges, and old mills surrounded by wild flowers and other exotic flowers, an artists dreamland. As a matter of fact, many artists sit on the hills of Hemin Mill Park and sketch the beautiful landscapes.

I would often dream of making love to Ben in Hemin Mill Park. I wished he would ask me if I wanted to go for a walk, a stroll by the river. I wished he would claim his love for me as the sun went down on a warm summer evening. I fancied he was my Romeo and I was his Juliet. I dreamed.

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